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    General Sale No. 5

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    Lot 746
    Estimate: $500T

    1953-1990s QEII accumulation of commercial covers (240+) assembled over many years for the purpose of studying stamp usage and rates, majority to Australia by airmail, noted many stamps which are scarce on cover, including higher denomination commems, definitives to $5, Framas, harder rates (Forces, airmail postcard, Second Class, etc), many registered, some duplication naturally, also meter/post paid covers (130+) of same period. Noted early 1950's Second Class airmail rates, high rates, Express and registered, airmail postcards (Singapore Airlines etc), Officials, also Postal History oddments including Malaysia used in Singapore, R.T.S. items, P.O. forms used, etc, some with faults, generally good commercial quality (370+)

    Lot 747
    Estimate: $500T

    Companion and complement to the previous lot comprising stamps on cover (240+) and meter/post paid covers (120+), composition similar in nature although obviously not identical, noted piece with 1955 $1, $2 (4) and $5, 1968-73 10c glazed paper pair (SG 105a), cancellations with nice 'POPPY DAY/PLEASE GIVE/GENEROUSLY' slogan (on 1955 8c), 1965 SERANGOON GARDEN cds (on pair of registered receipts), high rates (1976 $7.60 meter, etc), also bundle of many Telecom covers (approx half registered) to Australia

    Lot 748
    Estimate: $150T

    First Day Cover selection (72) commencing with Straits 1937 Coronation set (2) used in Singapore, 1949 UPU set, 1955 and 1962 Defins to 50c, 1959 New Constitution set (3, one uncancelled), 1971 Satellite Earth Station set, later to 1980s, mostly addressed, some duplication in form of different cacheted covers, some with faults (which suggests better to treat these as fine used - which we note Tan tends to value higher than FDC!), also various early Malaysia FDC's (17) used in Singapore, (89). Cat RM$1100+

    Lot 749
    Estimate: $100T

    Selection of Flight covers (12) to early 1970s, including 1934 QANTAS to Australia and 1937 to Penang (2, one special envelope), odd tear in these, a few Exhibition covers, and Presentation packs (11) of mostly early 1970s including 1973 National Day and 1974 Tropical Fish

    Lot 750
    Estimate: $175T

    Postal Stationery: Selection comprising Postal cards (9) with 1955 6c unused and 1964-65 6c (2, unused and uprated 4c cancelled SINGPEX 73), Registered Envelopes (4) with 1956 20+10c (endorsed 'FORCES AIR MAIL' to Australia) and 1964 40c+10c used, and Aerogrammes (41, some both unused and used/CTO) with 1957 30c unused, etc, also a few Maximum cards, generally fair/fine (60 items)

    Lot 751
    Estimate: $400T

    Postal Stationery: Selection of formular Air Letters/Aerogrammes earliest 1950s 'N2 (4)' series unused, later with series '71995' (3), 'S' (10), 'AL' (21), also generic 'Apsley' (3) and 'Tulip' (4), seven unused, amongst the used noted 10c Forces concessional rate and a 'RTS' handstamp, moderate duplication usually in the form of different franking configuration, generally fair/fine (42 + front). G

    Lot 752
    Estimate: $400

    Postal History: 1905-1946 commercial selection of Straits Settlements used in Singapore with 1917 Raffles Hotel to Australia, 1919 to Bangkok, useful 1930s/1940s airmail to Australia at various rates including 8c Empire Air Scheme (and a double rate to U.K.), Official cover-front with Nee Soon cds, 1934 registered air to U.K., frankings including Silver Jubilee 25c, various Censor cachets, Posta

    Lot 753
    Estimate: $350T

    Postal History: 1913-41 commercial selection including 1917 to Denmark (unusual Chinese handstamp on reverse although sender is European?), others mostly to Australia (usually at airmail rates) with 1934 early 25c rate, 1937 registered airmail, 8c rates to Penang and Australia (Empire Air Scheme), 1941 F.P.O. cancel, various Censors, Postage Due 12c on 1934 taxed cover, etc, some mixed

    Lot 754
    Estimate: $250

    Postal History: 1940s-1950s selection comprising B.M.A. opts used in Singapore and the first (KGVI) series mostly to Australia and by airmail, moderately duplicated, opts with most values to $1, various air rates including 10c Forces and 20c Second class, registereds (noted Kampong Glam - fault), etc, condition mixed at places, majority fair/fine (44)

    Lot 755
    Estimate: $300T

    Postal History: 1940s-1950s selection of B.M.A. opts used in Singapore and the first series mostly by airmail to Australia, including opts to $2 (with $1 to U.S.), various air rates with 10c Forces (one Dempsey R.D. cancel) and 15c Printed matter (2, W.H.O. inscribed), registereds (noted North Canal Road), etc, little duplication, condition mixed at places, generally fair/fine (50)

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