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    Lot 1184
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    1858 (8 Apr) registered cover Raymond Terrace to England franked pair 3d Diadems, four margins - close to large and 6d Registered stamp cut-to-shape all cancelled and tied by ray type numeral ''57''. GB ''6'' handstamp representing the 6d registration fee due on arrival and London GPO dated registration marking on face. Backstamped Raymond Terrace, Sydney and Royston cds. Carried on the ''Victoria'' and ''Cambria''. Slightly soiled though a scarce franking


    Lot 1185
    Estimate: $900 Realised Price : $850

    1858 (12 Jun) cover Sydney to London 'per Supplementary mail per Australasia via Marseilles' franked 1/- and 6d Diadems both four margins and well tied by N.S.W concentric ovals representing the ˝oz. via Marseilles rate and 6d supplementary fee for carriage to Melbourne to meet a ship that already departed Sydney. Small tear at upper left and a few pinholes otherwise fine and scarce


    Lot 1186
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $900

    1858 (10 Jul) small mourning cover Sydney to New York franked 1/- and 2d Diadems both with margins very large to cut-into and tied by Sydney Duplex. Endorsed 'exceeds ˝ oz.' and sent transpacific via San Francisco where struck with the STEAMSHIP/20 marking. Attractive


    Lot 1187
    Estimate: $120

    1858 (11 Aug) cover 'per RMS Columbian' Sydney to England franked 6d Diadem four margins (close to large) with Preston and Fleetwood cds on rear. Also bearing Sydney cds on rear (White Type S20 - late use) with unrecorded code letter 'A' plus 1858 (10 Nov) cover 'per Emeu RMS' to London (arrival b/s) bearing tied 1/- Diadem four margined hough creased representing the double ship letter rate. Both slightly soiled and with peripheral faults (2)


    Lot 1188
    Estimate: $500

    1858 (11 Sep) large part outer Sydney to Liverpool 'pr European S Supplementary' and franked 1/- Diadem and centrally cancelled N.S.W. concentric ovals (not tied) representing the ship letter plus 6d supplementary fee for carriage to Melbourne to meet a ship already departed Sydney. Few file folds though a scarce example of this service


    Lot 1189
    Estimate: $750

    1858 (1 Oct) cover Sydney to England franked 6d Diadem margins touching to large and well tied by Sydney concentric ovals. Backstamped Sydney and Leicester cds. Carried on the 'Victoria' which began leaking near Ceylon; the passengers and mail transferred to the 'Oneida' at Galle who broke her screw approaching Aden. The mails then transferred to the 'Bengal' who arrived uninterrupted at Suez. A remarkable double disaster cover yet very clean and fine


    Lot 1190
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $180

    1858 (1 Oct) cover Sydney to England 'p "Victoria" via Marseilles' franked 1/- Diadem with margins small to huge and well tied by N.S.W in concentric ovals. Rear with Sydney backstamp and Worcester arrival cds. The 'Victoria' sprung a leak near Ceylon and mail and passengers were transferred to the 'Oneida' who broke her screw near Aden. A scarce example of mail from this double disaster. Fine


    Lot 1191
    Estimate: $150

    1859 (16 Feb) cover franked 1d Diadem variable margins tied by Sydney duplex and addressed locally. Scarce town letter rate


    Lot 1192
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    1859 (3 Mar) mourning cover Singleton to Dublin (arrival cds on face) franked 6d Diadem, four margins and tied by ray type numeral '66'. Singleton and Sydney cds on rear. Carried on the 'Emeu' bound for the Suez but who broke her main shaft 1000 miles from King Georges Sound and diverted to Mauritius under sail. The passengers and mail transferred to the 'Granada' to Suez then by rail to Alexandria to meet the 'Pera'. Faint file fold though attractive


    Lot 1193
    Estimate: $1,500

    1859 (1 Aug) registered cover Braidwood to Switzerland franked 6d and 1/- Diadems both cut-into and 2 x (6d) bicoloured Registered stamps - one hinged in place and cut into, the other with closed tear. Each cancelled '36' ray type numeral and the face with 'REGISTERED/BRAIDWOOD', London Paid cds, Calais cds, oval 'PD' marking, CROWN/REGISTERED and French 'CHARGE' markings. The rear with Braidwood, Basel and Locarno cds. Closed tears at left and on rear flap and peripheral faults though a rare example of two Registered stamps used on the same cover


    Lot 1194
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,500

    1859 (16 Nov) cover endorsed 'via Marseilles' franked 2 x 6d (two shades; olive-grey and fawn and unusual in combination) & 3d Diadems all cancelled Sydney obliterator and addressed to Edinburgh where redirected to Rome and GB 1d red, 4d and 6d surface printed issues affixed over NSW adhesives and cancelled with Edinburgh duplexes. The rear with Sydney, Marseilles, London, Edinburgh and Rome cds and them face with Calais and 'PD' markings. Minor flap damage though a remarkable six colour combination franking. RPSL Cert (1970)


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