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    Australasia 2007

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    Lot 33
    Estimate: $200

    1835 (22 Aug) entire letter Sydney to Glasgow, rated '4', 'POST PAID SHIP LETTER/ SYDNEY' in red, framed '1/3' in black, reverse with framed 'INDIA LETTER/DEAL' and '18' in black, arrival backstamps including boxed '18' village type, slight soiling


    Lot 34
    Estimate: $2,500

    1838 (13 Oct) entire letter Port Macquarie to England showing 'PORT/MACQUARIE/ PAID' in red octagon (White type P16a), overstruck in black 'T.P./Rate}2D', rated '7d' and '1/4', reverse with circular undated 'PORT MACQUARIE/N.S.W./*' in black (type C17), Sydney GPO backstamp, 'INDIA LETTER/FALMOUTH' in red and arrival datestamps. Only five examples are recorded. Ex Garvan Thomas


    Lot 35
    Estimate: $250

    1842 (May) cover-front to England rated '1/1' and '8', showing framed 'GOULBURN/POST PAID' (White type P11), and oval 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' in red


    Lot 36
    Estimate: $100

    1843 (12 Jul) entire letter to UK with framed 'BATHURST/POST PAID' (White P11) in red, rated 8, 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' and arrival backstamps in black, some soiling


    Lot 37
    Estimate: $100

    1844 (28 Sep) entire letter Sydney to Maitland, rated '4' for ship mail, crowned Sydney GPO and Maitland oval backstamps in black


    Lot 38
    Estimate: $100

    1849 (15 May) entire to Goulburn from 'W M Manning' showing fair strike of corned 'FREE/MY*15/1849' (F7) in red, small blemishes


    Lot 39
    Estimate: $100

    1849 (Jul) entire letter to Yass rated '11' for 170-230 miles inland rate, Sydney backstamp


    Lot 40
    Estimate: $350

    1862 (30 Jul) flapless cover with faults to Sydney rated '2' with framed 'BRAIDWO(OD)(curved)/POST PA(ID)' (type P12), backstamps of Braidwood and Sydney, minor faults. Very rare late usage of a 'PAID' marking


    Lot 41
    Estimate: $400

    1863 (16 Aug) cover to Upper Canada bearing 2d and Diadem 6d (2) tied by Rays '160', 1/2d oz rate via U.K., Bega, Sydney, Drumbo B.C. backstamps. A little soiled


    Lot 42
    Estimate: $250

    1871 (4 Nov) cover Sydney to London bearing Diadem 6d tied by double-circle code 'B' duplex, fine 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE 6/FINE_____6} 1/-' handstamp in black, manuscript '1/-', arrival backstamps, minor flap fault. Scarce


    Lot 43
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $180

    1880 (14 Feb) cover to Leipzig Germany bearing Diadem 8d (SG 218) tied by Sydney concentric rings duplex, handstamped in violet '1D.', London and 'Ausg/No.8' backstamps, tiny blemishes. An attractive and scarce single franking


    Lot 44
    Estimate: $300

    1886 (22 Aug) inwards cover with original contents from USA bearing 5c pair (tiny fault) and 2c tied by New York duplex, San Francisco transit and Sydney backstamps


    Lot 45
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $80

    1891 (7 Dec) cover to France 'Per SS 'Arcadia bearing d on 1d and 2d tied by Stock Exchange duplex cancels


    Lot 46
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $150

    1894 (10 Mar) use of 1d Postal Card from Sydney to Shanghai, with Hong Kong transit and Shanghai backstamps. Attractive


    Lot 47
    Estimate: $600

    1894 (20 Oct) envelope (monogram of Grand Central Coffee Palace on flap) from Sydney to Hawkes Bay (NZ) showing very fine strike of 'Saved from wreck of the/ 'WAIRARAPA.' ' in blue, backstamped Danevirke. Accompanied by earlier write-up stating 'The wreck of the steamer was sold at auction on the 6th of November for 70 pounds, slightly less than a single cover now brings at auction.'(!)(photo)


    Lot 48
    Estimate: $100

    1895 (6 Jul) cover Sydney to Finland bearing 2d blue, St Petersburg transit (in blue) and Helsingfors backstamp. Scarce destination


    Lot 49
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $75

    1899 (26 May) cover to 'West Branch/River John/Nova Scotia' bearing d and 1d (2) tied by rays '208' of Waverley


    Lot 50
    Estimate: $150

    1905 (20 Jul) PPC Dapto to Wollongong bearing d tied by '24' rays, manuscript 'T1d' in blue crayon, 1d postage due affixed, tied by straight-line 'WOLLONGONG' cancel in violet


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