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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 82
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $240

    1838-51 selection of stampless entires, one used locally from Sydney to Newcastle, others to U.K., various Ship Letter markings, endorsements, rates, etc, mixed condition, poor/fine (7)


    Lot 83
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $90

    1841 (28 Jan) entire to Wesleyan Missionary Society, London with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/(crown)/SYDNEY' in red, rated '6' and '8'


    Lot 84
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1850s-1913 range of entires/covers, the earliest being Sydney View 2d used to Collaroy, few Laureate types including 2d with framed 'TOO LATE', 1858 to Rocky River bearing 2d Diadem (2), 1886 pen-illustrated front to Tasmania, range of later 'Tatts' covers bearing 1d pairs or 2d from various offices, few advertising types, mixed condition, poor/fine (88)


    Lot 85
    Estimate: $150

    1854 (10 Feb) small cover from Liverpool (backstamped) to Sydney, adhesives unfortunately fallen off, address deleted and 'FORWARDED/---/FE*11/1854/*N.S.W.*' applied (White type V17). Very scarce marking


    Lot 86
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1864-1910 range of covers to overseas destinations including Austria, Bosnia, China, France, Germany (7), Italy, Newfoundland front, N.Z. (2), South Africa, Switzerland, U.K. (10), U.S.A. (12, one front), few registered, interesting markings, mixed condition, fair/fine (39)


    Lot 87
    Estimate: $100

    1885 (23 Mar) mourning used Drummoyne to Wollongong bearing Stamp Duty 3d Grey, transit (Sydney) and arrival backstamp, minor faults


    Lot 88
    Estimate: $350

    1890-1905 attractive selection comprising 1890 flapless cover Sydney to Ceylon bearing 2d and 4d (Cook), 1895 Newcastle to Finland bearing 2½d with St Petersburg transit, 1897 private wrapper ½d Grey pair Albion Park to Belgium, 1903 printed 'OHMS' registered cover for 'Postal and Electric Telegraph Department' Sydney to USA bearing 5d and ½d, 1905 PPC Summer Hill to Sweden bearing 1d with 'T/5' in shield (5 items)


    Lot 89
    Estimate: $250

    1890 coloured, hand-illustrated cover of Japanese master, used to Austria bearing 6d tied by Sydney duplex, Brindisi and Ala backstamps, slightly reduced at left. Beautiful piece


    Lot 90
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    1893 (6 Mar) inwards cover to Sydney from Adelaide bearing 2d, handstruck '4D.' in black, Postage Dues 2d pair affixed though uncancelled, some toning


    Lot 91
    Estimate: $500

    1896-1910 Advertising covers, all different selection used within Australia (4) and overseas (12, including Canada, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand - two, U.S.A. - seven), including hotels, photography, maritime, produce/agriculture, general traders etc, mixed condition, fair/fine (16)


    Lot 92
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $380

    1897 (11 Aug) use of private Letter Card printed by John Sands with all-over advertising, used at Sydney, addressed to a passenger at 'Circular Quay/S.S. Weimar', advertising mostly maritime related though does including 'STAMPS - Old Australia Stamps and Collections bought./Best prices given. D.COLLINS, 65 Oxford Street, Sydney.' slight filing crease and selvedge at left missing


    Lot 93
    Estimate: $125

    1898 (21 Jun) inwards use of Peru 5c Postal Card, from Lima to Sydney, uprated with 1c and 2c, San Francisco F.D. transit datestamp, some staining though scarce origin


    Lot 94
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    1899-1913 range of PPCs, many in colour, addressed to overseas (30, mostly U.K.), sighted Canada, China, Germany, used within Australia (55), range of datestamps, numerals, few railways, etc, mixed condition (83)


    Lot 95
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $270

    1899 (4 May) registered cover to Germany bearing the scarce franking of 12½d on 1/- (SG 268e) tied by rays '170' of Germanton (backstamped) together with Albury, Sydney and Potsdam arrival datestamps


    Lot 96
    Estimate: $200

    c.1900 stampless tinselled PPC to Tokyo with 'N.S.W./T/15' within shield, provisional label affixed at left with manuscript 'Insufficient Charge/?? 12', Postage Due applied in black on arrival. Scarce


    Lot 97
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1901-1912 selection of mainly postcards, few covers or postal cards with various deficient postage or tax markings, some with Dues added at destination including Austria, France (3), Germany, N.Z., U.K. (4), U.S.A. (5, one an advertising cover). Interesting group (15)


    Lot 98
    Estimate: $200

    1902, 1905 and 1907, the trio of 'PRESCOTT' advertising covers in different colours to the one address in U.S.A., two with cachet 'ONE HUNDRED POSTED', generally fine (3)


    Lot 99
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $440

    1904 (25 Aug) registered use of Postcard Sydney to USA bearing ½d green and 4d Capt. Cook, 'R' within oval, San Francisco and Altoona arrival datestamps. Very scarce registered usage


    Lot 100
    Estimate: $200

    1905 cover to U.S.A. reduced at left bearing 1d Red block of eight cancelled by framed 'PACKET BOAT' four strikes in black, alongside Auckland 10MR05 datestamp, arrival backstamp


    Lot 101
    Estimate: $125

    1907 (16 Jul) printed advertising cover for 'ALBERT & SON' (music stores) bearing ½d and 2d used Sydney to USA. Great thematic cover


    Lot 102
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $360

    1911 (17 Jul) advertising cover headed 'CHEAP STAMPS.' for T.H. Nicolle bearing 1d used Sydney to Sweden with Jönköping arrival backstamp, flap unsealed indicating 1d paying for printed matter rate. Very rare


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