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    Lot 87
    Estimate: $70 Realised Price : $55

    Selection comprising 1884/5 registered cover fronts to the Isle of Wight, 1889 cover to England franked 3 x 2d Emu, 1893 (23 Dec) Sydney to USA franked ½d concessional rate, 1892 (2) and 1894 covers to UK or USA franked 2½d, 1900 and 1902 covers to Switzerland each franked 2 x 2½d with LATE FEE PAID/G.P.O and framed ''TOO LATE'' markings respectively plus an 1883 Victoria Education Frank stamp cover to Tasmania. Mixed condition (10)


    Lot 88
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1831 (9 July) outer Sydney to London carried on the 'Earl of Liverpool' and struck with the framed 'SYDNEY/POST PAID' and the first type Sydney cds, struck in red to indicate late mail and late use on ship letter mail as this marking replaced mid 1831. Rated '4'(d) ship letter paid and rated '1/3'(d) upon arrival. Framed 'INDIA LETTER/LIVERPOOL' and arrival cds on rear. Neat and clean


    Lot 89
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    1833 (6 May) outer Sydney to London carried 'pr Mary' and rated '4'(d) ship letter $80 paid and a total of '1/-' due on arrival. The face additional struck with framed 'INDIA LETTER/DEAL' and rear with arrival cds. Back panel endorsed "...Joseph Orton Advice of three drafts. Order Intended Departure for New Zealand". Joseph Orton (1795-1842), Methodist Minister spent ten preaching in New Zealand in 1833. Wax seal intact and otherwise fine


    Lot 90
    Estimate: $100

    1833 (27 Sep) Entire to London 'p Children' apparently carried privately and without Sydney markings, entering the mail system with framed 'INDIA LETTER/DEAL' on face and arrival cds on reverse, Rated a total of '2/4'(d) comprising double 8d inwards ship letter and double 6d Deal to London rate. Contents refer to goods damaged in transit; "the Society's books and publications were injured by salt water" Central crease and some discolouration plus 1833 (22 Nov) part entire carried by the same vessel Sydney to London and rated '6'd ship letter and '1/8'(d) due on arrival with 'INDIA LETTER/DEAL' and arrival cds on reverse. Torn, creased and stained in places though an interesting pair (2)


    Lot 91
    Estimate: $120

    1837 (19 Sep) part entire Sydney to London per 'Hebe' from Salting & Garrard struck with the oval POST PAID SHIP LT./SYDNEY cds in red and noted in PHNSW (1988) at page 253 as the last day of use before being recut. Rated '4'(d) pre-paid and a total of '2/4'(d) due. The rear with framed 'INDIA LETTER/FALMOUTH' and arrival cds. The contents listing an order for barber/toilette supplies inc '2 doz whiskers', '30lbs of hair pins' '4 doz Bears Grease', '6 doz Macassar Pomade' and '12 doz Best Silver Wire Tooth Brushes' etc. Two vertical creases though another unusual account of colonial commerce


    Lot 92
    Estimate: $3,000

    1839 (1 Feb) entire (repaired at edges and folds) from Yass to Sydney and struck with the undated circular 'YASS/NSW/POST OFFICE' and framed 'FREE' markings. The contents are a detailed petition with multiple signatures to the PMG to have mail bags made up at Sydney and Melbourne for overland delivery to the Murray River Region. Very rare Yass marking and with an extraordinary reference to contemporary Colonial postal history. One of the signatories, Joseph Hawdon, was later awarded the first contract to carry the mail overland from Yass to Melbourne


    Lot 93
    Estimate: $300

    1843 (14 Jun) outer to Edinburgh carried on the 'Talent' bearing framed 'PAID AT/EAST MAITLAND' marking on front, Sydney transit marking and rated '7'd inland rate ship letter rate and '8'(d) inward charge. File folds at top otherwise fine


    Lot 94
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    1843 (10 Jul) small wrapper Sydney to Bathurst struck with the framed 'POST PAID/AT SYDNEY' and b/s Sydney GPO datestamp. Rated '9'd for a letter carried 80-120 miles under the 1835 Act. Heavily stained however the letter is endorsed by Thomas Walker (1804-86) member (for Port Philip) of the Legislative Council of NSW and who signed the 1845 petition for separation from NSW. The contents state "...when you have occasion to write to me, address T.W; M.C. and I shall get your letter free of postage....". An interesting and direct association to privileged mail plus 1850 (20 Jul) and 1851 (28 May) covers to Raymond Terrace and West Maitland each bearing the ‘Crown/PAID’ date handstamps of Sydney GPO (PHNSW Type P5) used for mail postage paid in cash and endorsed ‘2’(d) pre-paid. Few faults though uncommon markings (3)


    Lot 95
    Estimate: $1,500

    1844 (8 Nov) OHMS outer sent without colonial postage from Sydney to London 'per Thos Lowry', rated '1/4'd for a double inwards ship letter, with London arrival backstamp, file folds and few minor stains. Routed via St Helena, the ship struck a sunken rock(s) upon arrival in Dartmouth when in charge of the pilot. The mail was recovered with little delay, but the pilot committed suicide the next day. A new discovery, with mail unrecorded by Peace (1997) at page 17. An important and possibly unique wreck cover


    Lot 96
    Estimate: $300

    1846 (21 Oct) small mourning cover (rear flap defective) Parramatta to Raymond Terrace via Sydney. The rear with datestamps for each of these and the face struck with the oval 'MID-DAY MAIL' to indicate the afternoon delivery of mail from Parramatta. Rated '8'(d) due consisting of the 4d inland rate plus 4d for a coastal vessel from Newcastle to Sydney, few stains though still attractive


    Lot 97
    Estimate: $300

    1847 (23 Feb) entire Sydney to London, rated '3'(d) prepaid and '8'(d) on arrival, tape stains at sides and ironed out horizontal crease. The contents written on 21 September 1846 at Leone, to the south of Tutuila (Samoan Islands), by missionary Thomas Bullen (1816?-1848) seeking a bill drawn on his salary. Bullen was later buried on the island in the same plot as his infant son who died 12 months earlier. An uncommon example of missionary mail from Polynesia, typed transcript included


    Lot 98
    Estimate: $100

    1847 (21 Apr) part entire Sydney to Glasgow carried on the 'William Hyde', rated '8'(d) on arrival, with London transit and Glasgow box arrival backstamps, minor stain at left, otherwise fine. Contents from William Walker & Co regarding the importation and saleability of tobacco


    Lot 99
    Estimate: $300

    1847 (30 Oct) outer 'per Ganges' Sydney to London (Coutts & Co - manuscript note on rear concerning mortgages) rated '3'd ship letter rate and '1/-' inwards packet letter rate deleted and re-rated '8'd. Redirected to Bonn, Prussia and rated '1/-' with '6'd British and '4'd Prussian accountancy shares with a total of '12' sgr due. Two soiled file folds however a very unusual redirected cover and one of four NSW pre-stamp covers sent to the German States believed to exist


    Lot 100
    Estimate: $500

    1848 (16 Sep), 1849 (14 Apr) and 1849 (19 May) small mourning covers all addressed to Maria Windeyer and all endorsed by Dr (later Sir) Charles Nicholson, member of the NSW Legislative Council for his entitlement to franking privileges and each struck with the 'CROWN/FREE' dated handstamp plus a further example to the same addressee of 1848? (14 Dec) unendorsed and apparently disallowed with the free marking overscored and rated '4'(d) in manuscript. Fair to fine (4)


    Lot 101
    Estimate: $400

    Selection of registered mail comprising 1849 (11 May) small mourning cover endorsed 'Registered' from Raymond Terrace to Wollomooloo without any indication of levies though addressed to (Dr and Sir) Charles Nicholson, member of the Legislative Council and entitled to free delivery, possibly unique as a registered example; 1860 (13 Aug) outer Goulburn to Sydney franked 2d Diadem and (6d) Registered stamp and 1895 (24 Jan) 3d registration envelope Sydney to Wauchope franked 2d Emu, the face with two strikes of the POSTAGE PAID SYDNEY N.S.W cds normally used on bulk postage and high values. Mixed condition (3)


    Lot 102
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    1854 (29 Dec) cover Newcastle to Scotland, 1857 (6 Mar) cover Orange to England, 1857 (1 Jun) cover Sydney to London, 1857 (14 Jul) cover Sydney to London and 1859 (13 Apr) cover Sydney to England. The majority franked 6d Diadem - margins cut-to-shape to full and condition poor to fine and carried by ships the 'Argo', 'Omar Pasha' 'Star of Peace' 'European' and 'Malta' (5)


    Lot 103
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $320

    Selection of mail bearing the 2d Diadem comprising imperforate; single on 1859 (10 June) OHMS cover Sydney to Armidale and redirected to Gloucester, vertical pair on 1859 (14 Mar) OHMS cover to the same addressee in Armidale and strip of three (cut into in places) on 1856 (24 Oct) cover Wagga Wagga to England plus perforated; three singles on separate 1860/61 covers to within country towns. Mixed condition (6)


    Lot 104
    Estimate: $120

    1857 (10 Sep) cover 'per Emeu' Sydney to England bearing 6d Diadem four margins however top left corner torn tied by Sydney dumb obliterator. London cds on front and Beverley arrival cds on rear. The 'Emeu' ran aground on a reef in the Red Sea opposite Jeddah on 22.10.1857. The mails were eventually picked up by the 'Madras' on 18.11.1857 and transferred to the 'Ripon' which arrived at Southampton on 6.12.1857. Horizontal crease at top however still a scarce example from this Incident


    Lot 105
    Estimate: $100

    1857 (24 Oct) linen lined cover 'pr Orwell' Sydney to London bearing 1/- Diadem (four close to huge margins) cancelled by Sydney dumb obliterator. London arrival cds on front and Sydney cds on rear. Some discolouration though an uncommon double ship letter rate


    Lot 106
    Estimate: $50

    1858 (5 Jun) cover to Melbourne bearing Diadem 6d (four margins) tied by 'NSW' in concentric ovals, Sydney backstamp; also USA 1902 'BOYD'S CITY DISPATCH' advertising cover to England bearing 1c green (5). Few cover faults


    Lot 107
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    1858 (11 Aug) cover 'per RMS Columbian' Sydney to England bearing 6d Diadem (four close to large margins), reverse with Preston and Fleetwood datestamps, as well as Sydney cds (White Type S20, late use) with unrecorded code letter 'A'; plus 1858 (10 Nov) cover 'per Emeu RMS' to London bearing tied 1/- Diadem (four margins, creased), representing the double ship letter rate, London arrival backstamp. Both covers with slight soiling and peripheral faults (2)


    Lot 108
    Estimate: $500

    1858 (1 Oct) cover Sydney to England franked 6d Diadem margins touching to large and well tied by Sydney concentric ovals. Backstamped Sydney and Leicester cds. Carried on the 'Victoria' which began leaking near Ceylon; the passengers and mail transferred to the 'Oneida' at Galle who broke her screw approaching Aden. The mails then transferred to the 'Bengal' which arrived uninterrupted at Suez. A remarkable double disaster cover yet very clean and fine


    Lot 109
    Estimate: $150

    1869 (29 Jan) cover Sydney to Antigua bearing pair & single 6d Diadem perf 13 cancelled or tied by Sydney duplex. The face with '1d' credit marking and London transit and Antigua arrival markings. Reduced in places and peripheral faults at top and left, though still a presentable example


    Lot 110
    Estimate: $150

    1870 (6 Sep) cover Wilcannia to Manchester bearing single and strip of three 2d DLR tied by Wilcannia cds. Struck with the framed 'INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/FOR BRINDISI ROUTE/DEFICIENT POSTAGE d3' in London. Rear flap damage and reduced at right and therefore missing a 2d stamp however a scarce example of this famous deficiency marking of which seven examples are recorded on NSW mail


    Lot 111
    Estimate: $350

    1877 (14 Aug) cover (repaired tears at top) Newcastle to Bordeaux inscribed 'Via Galle & Italy) and franked 1/- DLR and 8d Diadem representing double 10d rate. Backstamped Sydney and Brisbane where incorrectly routed and struck with the framed 'MISSENT TO BRISBANE'. Only one other example (on a piece) recorded by Campbell (1990). Ex Beston


    Lot 112
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    1881 (8 Aug) inwards cover from GB to Sydney bearing 6d tied by Tewkesbury datestamp, reverse with Sydney (22 Sep) datestamps, re-addressed 'C/- H.M. Consul/San Francisco' where on arrival (2 Nov) struck with 'DUE 12' in black and oval 'PAID ALL' in violet, with Postage Dues 10c and 2c affixed and cancelled. Minor blemishes, still a very scarce taxed cover


    Lot 113
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    Postal History: 1886 (22 Aug) inwards cover with original contents from USA to Sydney bearing 5c pair (tiny fault) and 2c tied by New York duplex, San Francisco transit and Sydney arrival backstamps


    Lot 114
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $38

    1893 (22 Apr) 2d Emu printed envelope used Sydney to Bathurst mss endorsed at left 'Not Known...' and struck with both unframed and framed UNCLAIMED markings. The former smudged yet unrecorded in PHNSW (1988) at pages 212-13 and possibly applied at Bathurst where reposted (30.6.1893), presumably to the DLO. Peripheral faults and some stains though uncommon undeliverable mail


    Lot 115
    Estimate: $50

    1899 (4 Feb) Large cover (255 x 105mm) bearing 'GOVERNOR/NEW SOUTH WALES/FRANK STAMP' used at Sutton Forest addressed to the Chief Secretary at Sydney, also four cut-outs (two unused and two used) of the frank stamp (5)


    Lot 116
    Estimate: $50

    1900 (23 Mar) PPC (Wentworth Falls) bearing 1d Shield franking and tied by Pyrmont numeral to England. Underpaid and struck with the 'NSW/T/5' within shield marking and London '1D/F.B./G.' upon arrival


    Lot 117
    Estimate: $700 Realised Price : $625

    Registered Mail: 1855 (16 Apr) OHMS registered wrapper (opened out) from Sydney to Camden with imperf 6d Greenish-grey (clear to large margins) and 2d Laureate (large margins) tied by dumb obliterators, and with handstruck 'Registered/Sydney' in red and mss '2d'. Reverse with Sydney, Campbelltown and Camden (AP 17 1855) d.s. Very attractive, ex Butler


    Lot 118
    Estimate: $500

    Registered Mail: 1855 (4 Jun) entire from Newcastle to Sydney with 6d Greenish-grey in combination with 2d Blue Laureate tied by '55' numerals and with boxed 'REGISTERED/NEWCASTLE', Sydney arrival d.s (JU 5 1855) on reverse. Addressed to a Castlereagh Street pawnbroker, enclosing £1 in payment of interest on a loan secured against a ring. A scarce franking showing use of the 6d Diadem to pay the registration fee prior to the issue of the (6d) Registration stamp on 1 January 1856


    Lot 119
    Estimate: $700

    Registered Mail: 1858 (2 Jan) envelope with imperf 6d Greenish-grey and imperf (6d) Registered (folded over left edge of envelope but still fine) cancelled dumb obliterators used from Sydney to Farringdon, U.K., endorsed 'p Mail Columbian' and with oval 'REGISTERED/SYDNEY N.S.W.' d.s. partly overstruck by 'Crown/REGISTERED' in red and handstruck 'd6' in black (also tying 6d Diadem). Very fine, ex Butler


    Lot 120
    Estimate: $4,000 Realised Price : $3,000

    Registered Mail: 1859 (12 Mar) envelope with imperf 6d Olive-grey and imperf (6d Registered both very fine and tied by dumb obliterators used from Sydney to Edinburgh, endorsed 'per R Mail Ship Emeu' with oval 'REGISTERED/SYDNEY N.S.W.' d.s. in red, oval 'REGISTERED/LONDON' d.s in red (24 MY 59), and manuscript '6' in black. Edinburgh arrival d.s. (MY 22 59) on reverse. Carried on the 'Emeu' which broke her shaft in the Indian Ocean and proceeded under sail to Mauritius; there the mail was transferred to the 'Granada' and then to the 'Bengal' at Aden, eventually arriving in London on 20 May. Rare and in superb condition, ex Trevor Davis


    Lot 121
    Estimate: $500

    Registered Mail: 1867 (24 Oct) registered envelope from Balmain to Scotland bearing 6d Purple Perf 13 and (6d) Registered Perf 13 cancelled (not tied) by '179' ray type numerals. reverse with Balmain despatch, Sydney, and Dalbeattie arrival d.s. (DE 20 67). Some light soiling, otherwise fine, with 1983 Holcombe cert


    Lot 122
    Estimate: $400

    Underpaid Mail: 1881 (24 Jun) envelope to Germany bearing 1871 8d Yellow Perf 13 tied by Sydney 'N.S.W.' in concentric ovals duplex, and endorsed 'Via Naples per John Elder'. The correct rate to Germany at this time was 9d, and the boxed 'INSUFFICIENTLY/PAID' was applied, also the rare diamond 'GB/1F66c' Anglo-French accountancy mark. The latter would seem to be an error, as this cover was not routed through France. An unusual usage


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