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    The 2003 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 156
    Estimate: $10,000

    1818 (5th Mar) entire letter headed "Enfield Highway 5th 1818" addressed to 'John Drummond Esq/Naval Officer/Hobart Town/Van Diemens' Land', 'PAID SHIP LETTER (crown)/7 MR 7/1818/LONDON' datestamp in red, mss. '1/9' in red (paid) paying the single rate to N.S.W. [The second earliest inwards cover to Tasmania]


    Lot 157
    Estimate: $20,000

    1822 (9th Nov) entire letter to Great Britain cancelled by Launceston type I, rated in mss. '1/11' and then at 2/-, the additional 1d being for Glasgow to Milngarvie, stepped 'SHIP LETTER/PLYMOUTH'. This is the earliest example of any Tasmanian postmark


    Lot 158
    Estimate: $8,000

    1823 (2nd Sep) entire letter to London with 'HOBART TOWN' type I handstamp, endorsed at lower left 'Per Skeleton', rated '1/4', stepped 'PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER' in red. Four or five examples known


    Lot 159
    Estimate: $25,000 Realised Price : $19,000

    1823 (12th Sep) entire letter to Launceston with 'GEORGE TOWN' type I handstamp. Two examples known, this being the earlier. One of the most famous and important of all Australian pre-stamp markings


    Lot 160
    Estimate: $2,000

    1827 (18th May) entire letter to Tamar East with very fine strike of 'HOBART TOWN V.D.L. type I handstamp


    Lot 161
    Estimate: $1,500

    1827 (25th Sep) entire to London with 'HOBART TOWN V.D.L. type I handstamp, 'SHIP LETTER/LIVERPOOL' backstamp, arrival backstamp 7 April 1828 and carried on 'The Admiral Cockburn' via Rio De Janerio


    Lot 162
    Estimate: $1,200

    1829 (23rd Oct) entire letter to Edinburgh with 'HOBART TOWN V.D.L.' type I handstamp, carried on 6th November by the "Iona", framed 'INDIA LETTER/PORTSMOUTH' in red, boxed '' struck in black, arrival backstamp 5th March 1830


    Lot 163
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,300

    1830 (26th Feb) entire letter Hobart to Elizabeth River with fair strike of 'HOBART TOWN V.D.L.' type I handstamp, note on reverse states 'Complaints having been made of/delay in the delivery of Mr. Leakes'/letters, it is requested that the/fault may be remedied in future.' endorsed 'Gen. Post Office' and signed 'J.T.C.' (John Thomas Collicott) - Postmaster and future Postmaster General. An early example of an instructional marking


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