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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 553
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $420

    c.1890 (25 Nov) registered cover used at Fremantle bearing Telegraph Form 1/- Brown(?) cut-out cancelled by 11-bar 'F', filing creases. Unusual


    Lot 554
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $500

    1892 (5 Aug) cover to England bearing Swan 2d (2) and 1d tied by indistinct obliterator with 'BROOMEHILL' datestamp alongside, backstamps of Albany and London. Attractive double rate cover


    Lot 555
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $160

    1895 (30 Mar) cover to G.B. bearing Swan d and Postal Fiscal 1d pair tied by 'ALBANY' duplexes, London arrival backstamp in red


    Lot 556
    Estimate: $150

    1895 (2 Apr) cover to New Zealand bearing Postal Fiscal 1d pair tied by 'FREMANTLE' duplexes, arrival backstamp


    Lot 557
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $270

    1895 (31 May) double-oval 'TELEGRAPH OFFICE/NEW NORCIA', eight strikes in magenta on 3d Brown corner block of 16 (4x4), minor creasing. Scarce


    Lot 558
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    1896 (21 Jul) use of d Swan Postal Card with printed meeting advice on reverse for 'The Coolgardie Chamber of Mines & Commerce.' used locally with DxPO-b (index nil) cancel, minor blemish


    Lot 559
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    1897 (1 Sep) cover to Ireland bearing Swan 1d + Postal Fiscal 1d pair tied by 'BUNBURY' duplex, endorsed at top 'Per R.M.S./'Orotava', backstamps of Perth and 'H&K PACKET'


    Lot 560
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $380

    1897 (16 Dec) cover to Italy (slightly reduced) bearing 1d (3) tied by 11-bar 'B E' and Beverly datestamp alongside (Ob BL, and 2b), Albany backstamp (3b-c in A) in blue, small portion of TPO in blue and Lucca arrival. Scarce and short-lived datestamps


    Lot 561
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    1898 (19 Aug) 'Bank of Australasia' envelope used locally at Perth bearing Postal Fiscal 1d, SG F1, tied by 'L.C.R. ROOM/PERTH' duplex


    Lot 562
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $200

    1900 (27 Jan) b&w PPC with half-view of aboriginal group used to Austria, bearing Swan 1d and d tied by Fremantle datestamp (type DxPO-b) with short arcs, Albany and Wien datestamps


    Lot 563
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1901-11 range of covers, fronts, PPCs, including registered (3), with Fiscals (4), hand-coloured 'Appleby' (4, two being fronts), various destinations incl Austria, N.Z., Portugal, U.K., U.S.A., various frankings and markings, origins incl Boulder, Broad Arrow, Coolgardie, Fremantle, Guildford, Karridale, Laverton, Lenora, Northam, Perth, Vasse, mixed condition (34 items)


    Lot 564
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $230

    1901 (27 Aug) registered cover to Germany bearing Swan d block of 20 tied by multiple 'R' within oval, double-oval Perth datestamp in violet alongside, Milano and Kenzingen backstamps, minor blemishes


    Lot 565
    Estimate: $150

    1903-10 group of underpaid PPCs, two used locally with Dues 1d pair or 2d affixed, USA with 2c values affixed and tied, others to Germany or G.B., various handstruck tax markings, mixed condition (6)


    Lot 566
    Estimate: $250

    1903 (10 Jun) cover to England bearing 1d pair and d tied by Midland Junction datestamps (3b index), backstamps of Perth S.M.R. and Brighton arrival


    Lot 567
    Estimate: $125

    1903 (3 Nov) use of 2d Envelope (roughly opened) to Perth cancelled by '(KEL)LERBERRIN' datestamp, Perth LCR backstamp


    Lot 568
    Estimate: $150

    1904 (12 Dec) spiked envelope to Tasmania bearing 2d Yellow tied by 'MT MAGNET' datestamp, Hobart backstamp


    Lot 569
    Estimate: $250

    1904 (20 Dec) OHMS registered cover from Titles Office used at Perth, bearing 4d punctured 'OS' tied by 'R' within oval, framed with chamfered corners 'REGISTERED/PERTH W.A.' handstamp in violet, straight-line 'UNKNOWN BY LETTER CARRIER' and 'UNCLAIMED' in black, adhesive partly covered by 'Re-sealed at General Post Office...' tape, two different D.L.O. backstamps in blue


    Lot 570
    Estimate: $250

    1905 (26 Jan) OHMS cover to U.S.A. bearing 2d tied by Perth datestamp, oval 'MONEY ORDER OFFICE/PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA' violet cachet, New York and St. Louis backstamps


    Lot 571
    Estimate: $150

    1905 (13 Apr) registered OHMS cover used at South Fremantle bearing 4d punctured 'OS' (SG 98) tied by 'R' within oval, Perth framed registered handstamped in violet, framed 'UNCLAIMED', returned to South Fremantle where 17.5.05 datestamp applied and Perth DLO handstamps applied in blue on next day


    Lot 572
    Estimate: $300

    1905 (11 Aug) OHMS registered cover from Titles Office, used Perth to White Peaks, bearing 5d punctured 'OS' tied by indistinct 'R' within oval, double-oval '(REGISTERED)/PERTH W.A.' handstamp in violet, framed 'UNCLAIMED' and 'NOT KNOWN/BY LETTER CARRIER' in black, mss. 'Not Known at/White Peak', backstamped 'REGISTERED/GERALDTON' framed in violet, chamfered framed 'D.L.O. and oval handstamps in violet


    Lot 573
    Estimate: $150

    1905 (15 Aug) envelope with ends deliberately trimmed, endorsed 'Legal/Document/only' used to Fremantle, bearing Swan d pair tied by Collie datestamps, backstamps of Perth (machine type) and Fremantle. Attractive


    Lot 574
    Estimate: $200

    1905 (29 Sep) OHMS registered cover from Titles Office, used Perth to Kalgoorlie, bearing 5d punctured 'OS' tied by 'R' within oval, double-oval '(REGISTERED)/PERTH W.A.' violet handstamp, framed 'UNCLAIMED' in black, backstamped 'REGISTERED/KALGOORLIE' in blue and framed 'DLO' with chamfered corners and oval 'DLO/PERTH' in black


    Lot 575
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    1906 (24 Apr) PPC to Argentine bearing Swan 1d pair cancelled by Perth machine cancel. Scarce destination


    Lot 576
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    1906 (17 Jul) coloured PPC to Antigua bearing d and 1d Swan tied by 'CUE' datestamps, with 'St John's arrival at left


    Lot 577
    Estimate: $150

    1907 (12 Apr) coloured PPC to Cottesloe bearing 1d Swan tied by Wagin datestamp, another alongside and straight-line 'TOO-LATE' in black


    Lot 578
    Estimate: $125

    1907 (28 Sep) coloured PPC to Portugal bearing Swan d and 1d tied by 'VICTORIA PARK' datestamps, Lisbon arrival


    Lot 579
    Estimate: $250

    1907 (Dec) coloured PPC Perth to Tokyo bearing Swan d and 1d incorrectly handstamped with Japanese deficiency framed chop in violet and circled 'DUE/Sen' both defaced with blue crayon, Nagasaki transit in violet and arrival datestamps


    Lot 580
    Estimate: $150

    1907 (21 Dec) coloured to Tokyo bearing d and 1d Swan tied by 'SHIP ROOM' datestamp, Nagasaki transit in violet and arrival datestamp


    Lot 581
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    1908 (5 Aug) use of 1d Blue Postal Card (Pope PC13) uprated with d used Fremantle to Kobe, Nagasaki transit datestamp and Kobe arrival in violet


    Lot 582
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1909 (15 Oct) advertising (on reverse) cover (191x141mm) for 'MAGNOLIA ANTIFRICTION METAL' used from Spencer St to USA bearing 1/- Yellow and 1d Pink overpaying the 2oz rate by d, backstamps of Sydney and Worcester, minor cover faults. The 1/- is very scarce on cover


    Lot 583
    Estimate: $125

    1910 (31 Aug) cover to USA bearing Swan 2d and 1d tied by 'DONNYBROOK' datestamps, minor tone


    Lot 584
    Estimate: $350

    1912 (8 Mar) hand illustrated in colour 'Appleby' cover to England, depicting 'tobogganing' with caption' Here they come!' bearing 1d Swan tied by Kalgoorlie datestamp


    Lot 585
    Estimate: $125

    1912 (16 May) coloured PPC addressed to Adelaide, picture side bearing 1d Swan tied by 'ISRAELITE BAY' datestamp in violet


    Lot 586
    Estimate: $125

    1912 (4 Oct) registered OHMS Titles Office cover used at Perth, bearing 2d Yellow punctured 'OS' pair tied by oval datestamp, red registration label, cachets in black 'UNCLAIMED' and in violet 'NOT KNOWN BY LETTER CARRIER' and double-framed DLO, minor soiling


    Lot 587
    Estimate: $400

    1912 (16 Nov) hand illustrated 'Appleby' cover in charcoal and black ink, address incorporated into the design of bull mastiff, with caption below 'Too hot here/I'm off to/England', bearing 1d Swan tied by 'SAVINGS BANK/MEREDIN' datestamp, another alongside


    Lot 588
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    1912 (13 Dec) hand coloured illustrated 'Appleby' cover to England bearing 1d tied by 'NEWCARNIE' datestamp with address incorporated into the design of a 'couch potato' inscribed below 'YOUNG AUSTRALIA IN HIS HOME'. Very attractive


    Lot 589
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    1913 (4 Feb) hand illustrated in colour 'Appleby' cover to England, address incorporated into the rooster design, with caption 'Now Mrs Minorca/What's all that cackling about?/Are you laying or lying', bearing 1d Swan tied by fair 'NEWCARNIE' datestamp


    Lot 590
    Estimate: $350

    1913 (24 Mar) hand illustrated in colour 'Appleby' cover to England with scene of a young lad, with caption 'Oh! You're the lady that that old humbug talks about-/so that he sulks and wont work on our farm, bearing 1d Swan tied by indistinct 'NEWCARNIE' datestamp


    Lot 591
    Estimate: $175 Realised Price : $150

    1913 (4 Apr) coloured PPC - 'Hauling timber in/The Western Australia bush' bearing 1d tied by Katanning type A25 datestamp, written side some soiling. Great railway item


    Lot 592
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    1923 (19 Jun) late use of 2d Envelope in N.S.W., in colour between yellow and yellow-orange. 'Sold as is'


    Lot 593
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $525

    Picture Postcards: Range, many in colour, used from various Post Offices including Boulder, Broome, Bunbury, Cookernup, Fimiston, Fremantle, Gwalia, Kalgoorlie, Katanning, Norseman, Perth, South Boulder, Southern Cross, Williams, interesting topics, some addressed, overseas, mixed condition (approx 100)


    Lot 594
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $140

    Picture Postcards: Rare coloured card 'Bowling Green, Coolgardie, W.A.', slightly mis-cut, written on message side


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