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    Special Sale No. 17

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    Lot 278
    Estimate: $400

    Interesting range comprising 1854 Imperf 1d Black pair cut-into, 1861 perf 14 4d mint few short perfs, clean-cut perf 14-16 2d, 6d and 1/- used, 1882-85 perf 14 1d mint block of 4 (two thinned), 1882 3d mint block of 4, 1885-93 to 1/- with both shades of latter mint, 1902-11 5d mint (gum faults), also Reprint sheets of 1854 4d and 1/-, together with imperf and perf Fiscal blocks

    Lot 279
    Estimate: $750

    1854-60 Imperforate selection (15) comprising 1854 1d (2, one unused, also a Forgery), 1854-55 4d, 1857-59 2d (3, one cut-to-shape) and 6d (3, one cut-to-shape, another unused - defective and not included in catalogue value), 1860-64 2d unused and 6d (3), generally with thins or repairs, reasonable appearance, also Imperf Colour Trial for 1/- in Green (thin). Cat 5000+


    Lot 280
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $150

    1860's-1912 accumulation, noted 1885 1d on 3d, 1905-12 8d Green unmounted mint corner block of 15 (some perf separation - cat 270), few punctured 'OS' and 'WA', range of Internal Revenues to 2/6d, etc, poor to fine (approx 170)

    Lot 281
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $420

    1854 Imperf 1d Black, SG 1, major re-entry ('Double tailed swan'), unused, margins in places, small thin. 1985 BPA Certificate


    Lot 282
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $240

    1854 Rouletted 1d Black, SG 2, roulettes evident four sides, dealer guarantee handstamp on reverse


    Lot 283
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $320

    1854-55 Imperf 4d Pale Blue, SG 3, extensive pre-printing paper crease, unused, large margins


    Lot 284
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $210

    1854-55 Imperf 1/- Deep Red-Brown, SG 4a, large margins three sides with portion of adjoining unit at right, touching at top, corner crease. Strong colour. 1979 RPSL Certificate


    Lot 285
    Estimate: $250

    1854-55 Imperf 1/- Pale Brown, SG 4c, unused, close to large margins


    Lot 286
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    1857-59 Imperf 2d Brown-Black/Red 'Printed both sides', SG 15a, margins close/shaved, attractive example. Cat 800


    Lot 287
    Estimate: $450T

    1857-59 Imperf 6d Grey-Black, SG 19, margins just touching in places, showing transfer flaw at upper right corner and frame at top, grid cancel '14' of Albany in brown


    Lot 288
    Estimate: $250

    1860-64 Imperf 4d Blue, SG 26, margins four sides, unused


    Lot 289
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $135

    1882-85 Wmk Crown CA perf 14, 6d Lilac handstamped 'SPECIMEN', SG 80s, fresh mint


    Lot 290
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $65

    1882-85 Wmk Crown CA perf 12, 6d Lilac pair, variety 'Wmk Crown to right of CA', SG 85, odd blunt perf. Scarce multiple


    Lot 291
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $550

    1902-12 Watermark V over Crown single-line perf 11, 2d Yellow, variety 'Watermark Upright', BW W18B, SG 130a, very lightly cancelled. Superb


    Lot 292
    Estimate: $3,500T Realised Price : $3,000

    Postal Fiscals: Extensive range in stockbook containing Internal Revenue, Stamp Duty types with values to 100 in Mauve or bi-colour to 10, some blocks, strips or pairs of lower values, few Impressed Duty - mainly 5/- values, documents, etc, worth checking (680+). STC in Dzelme AU$9700

    Lot 293
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $290

    Local Stamps: Coolgardie Cycle Express 1894 1/- and 2/6d fine mint, and 1896 Camel set unused, 6d and 5/- a little soiled (5)


    Lot 294
    Estimate: $800T Realised Price : $850

    Postal Stationery: 1902 2d Red-Brown/grey Lettercard, H&G A2, uprated with d for 1902 (15 Oct) use to Germany, impression and adhesive cancelled by dumb oval grid, fine strike of datestamps for Mulwarrie (to left) and 'T P O E.G.F./1' (on reverse), both receiving highest rarity rating in Goulder Compendium


    Lot 295
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $525

    1893-1925 selection of covers, the earliest being 1893 registration form black/grey-green used at Perth, others largely Official Mail, Land Titles Office, Returned Letter Envelopes, etc, nice range of markings, mixed condition (18 items)


    Lot 296
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $380

    1900 (Nov) d Brown Postal Card printed on reverse for Mayoral Election, cancelled 'L.C.R./PERTH' w/o day or month slugs, alongside 'NOT KNOWN/BY LETTER CARRIER' in black and 'UNKNOWN ON/No....WALK' with pencilled initials. Scarce and fine


    Lot 297
    Estimate: $175

    1901 (2 Sep) cover to Utrecht bearing Swan d and 1d (2) tied by 'SHIP MAIL ROOM' duplex, arrival backstamp. Scarce destination


    Lot 298
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $460

    1902 (14 Jan) cover to Norway bearing nine values d to 1/- tied by individual 'BUNBURY' datestamps. Rare and attractive, albeit philatelic, nine colour franking


    Lot 299
    Estimate: $300

    1903 (23 Jun) registered OHMS cover with enclosure from Titles Office used Perth to North Fremantle, bearing 1d and 4d tied by 'R' within black oval, framed 'UNCLAIMED', reverse with three different DLO markings


    Lot 300
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $420

    1905 (2 Sep) registered advertising cover for H.J. Cooper, used to London bearing 2d and 2d (2) tied by 'WILUNA' datestamps, 'R' with thick black circle, backstamps of Perth square in violet and London registered


    Lot 301
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $240

    1907 (10 Oct) OHMS regd cover to Melbourne bearing 5d Swan punctured 'OS' tied by Perth cds, instructional markings 'UNCLAIMED', 'NOT KNOWN BY/LETTER CARRIERS/ MELBOURNE', DLO Melbourne red cds and Perth DLO violet oval


    Lot 302
    Estimate: $200

    1910 (16 Sep) OHMS regd cover to Kalgoorlie bearing punctured 'OS' Swans 1d and 4d tied by Perth cds, 'UNCLAIMED' and 'UNKNOWN BY LETTER CARRIER', 'R' within circle in black, Kalgoorlie registration panel and DLO handstamps in violet. Fine

    Lot 303
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $120

    1913 (8 Mar) cover to USA bearing 1d Swan pair tied by 'LAWLER' datestamps, framed 'T/10' and 'DUE/2/CENTS' in circle applied on arrival with New York datestamp


    Lot 304
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $100

    Picture Postcard: Coloured card depicting flag and 1d Swan stamp in red, inscription in Italian by Achille Brioschi, unused


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