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Sale No. 65

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    The 2005 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 256
    Estimate: $600T

    1966-73 QEII 5c Blue, block of 20 (10x2) from bottom of sheet showing portion of Plate No. '-3', BW 444zb. Only a few examples are recorded


    Lot 257
    Estimate: $1,250T

    1966 Birds 15c Galah, positional vertical strip of five with variety on lower unit 'Grey partly omitted (branches and stump)'. This partial omission previously unrecorded


    Lot 258
    Estimate: $6,000 Realised Price : $4,600

    1966 4c Dirk Hartog, positional strip of four, error 'Orange-Red omitted, one partly omitted', others normal, BW 472ca, SG 408a


    Lot 259



    Lot 260
    Estimate: $800T Realised Price : $850

    1970-73 Floral Coil 2c Sturt's Desert Rose, coil strip of three with lower unit only partly guillotined, showing gross miscutting resulting in a partial imperforate between error. An unusual and possibly unique variety


    Lot 261
    Estimate: $3,000T

    1971 6c Australian Natives Association, error 'Black omitted' (except for "RBA"), BW 555ca. Seldom seen and the last example offered (by Rodney A Perry) was in 1998


    Lot 262
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    1971 Aboriginal Art 20c, error 'Blue omitted', BW 563cd. Cat AU$1000


    Lot 263
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,150

    1971 Aboriginal Art 35c, pair with error 'Black completely omitted, one partly omitted', SG 497a, BW 570ca variant


    Lot 264
    Estimate: $2,000T Realised Price : $1,900

    1972 Rehabilitation 18c, strip of five with error 'Orange (inscription and value) partly omitted on two', BW 597cc. Spectacular due to the colour on the third unit being almost completely omitted. Cat AU$3500


    Lot 265
    Estimate: $2,000

    1972 Pioneer Life 15c Food, marginal pair with error 'Black omitted and adjoining unit partly omitted', BW 610ca variant. Cat AU$4000+


    Lot 266
    Estimate: $1,500T Realised Price : $1,150

    1972 Pioneer Life 80c Paddle Steamer, error 'Black omitted', BW 618c, SG 529ab. A fine marginal example


    Lot 267
    Estimate: $2,000T

    1973 Metric 7c Volume, error 'Olive-Brown omitted', BW 623cb, SG 533a. Spectacular


    Lot 268
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1973-79 Marine Life 1c Banded Coral Shrimp, strip of three, right unit with error 'Black (inscriptions and value) omitted', adjoining two with 'Black misplaced to left', BW 635c variant


    Lot 269
    Estimate: $8,000

    1973-75 Marine Life 1c Coral Shrimp, marginal block of ten, error on six units 'Yellow completely omitted', BW 635cb, few minor tone spots which do not detract from appearance. Cat AU$24000. The error in this format is previously unrecorded


    Lot 270
    Estimate: $1,250

    1973-75 Gemstones 8c Opal, block of four, error 'Ultramarine (shading) omitted', BW 610ca, SG 525a


    Lot 271
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $750

    1973-75 Gemstones 10c Star Sapphire, corner strip of six, upper three units error 'Black omitted, adjoining partly omitted', others normal, SG 552ab, BW 648ca


    Lot 272
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1975 Prime Ministers 10c Lyons, vertical strip of four, error 'Printed on gummed side', BW 694c, SG 591a. Cat $AU1000


    Lot 273
    Estimate: $750T Realised Price : $575

    1977 Performing Arts 30c Drama, corner pair with error 'Black largely omitted on 10th unit, partly omitted on 9th unit, BW 762ca


    Lot 274
    Estimate: $750T

    1978 Aviators 18c Hawker, vertical marginal pair, error 'Upper unit imperforate, lower unit imperforate at top', BW 790b. Cat AU$1500


    Lot 275
    Estimate: $600T

    1978 Aviators 18c Hinkler, block of four, error 'Completely imperforate', SG 659a, BW 791b, minor blemishes. Cat AU$1200


    Lot 276
    Estimate: $750T

    1978 Aviators 18c Hinkler, vertical pair, error 'Imperforate between stamp and margin', BW 791bb. Cat AU$1500


    Lot 277
    Estimate: $1,250 Realised Price : $1,250

    1978-79 Birds 20c Little Grebe, marginal strip of five with colour bars, each with error 'Yellow (beak and eye) omitted', BW 805cb, SG 673a. Great piece for any 'Birds' exhibit


    Lot 278
    Estimate: $1,250T

    1978-79 Birds 20c Little Grebe, marginal strip of ten, upper two units with error 'Black partly omitted', BW 805cg. Cat AU$2000


    Lot 279
    Estimate: $1,000

    1978 20c National Stamp Week, Imperforate Chemical Proof printed in Red, Green, Pale Green and Dark Blue, BW 823PP(1), marginal block of four from top of sheet. Cat AU$2000. Wonderful item for 'Birds' thematic exhibit


    Lot 280
    Estimate: $2,000

    1980 Community Welfare 22c St Vincent de Paul, upper left 'imperforate' corner block of four, tiny wrinkle as always found, BW 871b. A key positional piece


    Lot 281
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $750

    1981 Fungi 24c, upper left corner strip of five, error 'Imperforate between stamp and margin', BW 912a. Ten strips are recorded


    Lot 282
    Estimate: $1,250 Realised Price : $1,350

    1984-86 Marine Life 55c Bennett's Nudibranch, error 'Cyan (inscription) omitted', BW 1053c, SG 930a, tied to maximum card by Gladstone (Qld) pictorial datestamp, as are all the recorded examples. Eight cards are believed to exist. Cat AU$2500


    Lot 283
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,800

    1992 Threatened Species 45c peel and stick, strip of six with major error 'Black (background colouring and animal name) omitted', BW 1553-57Bcb, with usual marker's red line through centre of each, with normal for comparison. Cat AU$3000


    Lot 284
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $625

    1992 $2 Wetlands white paper, overprinted for Kaohsiung Exhibition, error 'Reversed pane', with normal for comparison, BW B185ce


    Lot 285
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $850

    1995 45c Medical Scientists, gutter block of ten showing incorrect sequence of sheet layout for Type I sheet, BW 1881ze


    Lot 286
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $700

    1997 $4.50 Wetland Birds, variety 'IMPERFORATE', BW B230. Twenty examples are recorded


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