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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 42

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    Lot 161
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $135

    2d Indigo punctured large 'OS', also unpunctured d and 1d both Inverted Wmk, few perf faults on latter two. Cat AU$300


    Lot 162
    Estimate: $2,000

    3d Die I Plate Proof pair in Black on unwatermarked blue wove paper, BW 12PP(1). Extremely fine and one of few known proofs without faults


    Lot 163
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $60

    3d Olive Die I irregular block of five affixed to small part of parcel label tied by individual strikes of 'BOWRA/MR 13/1913' datestamps, commercially used. Very early use


    Lot 164
    Estimate: $250

    3d Olive Die I 'WATERMARK INVERTED', commercially used block of four, uneven perfs, though a rare multiple. Cat AU$400 as singles


    Lot 165
    Estimate: $300

    3d Olive Die I punctured small 'OS', well centred. Premium stamp


    Lot 166
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    5d Chestnut, superb centring and perfs. Premium quality


    Lot 167
    Estimate: $35,000

    5/- Grey and Yellow, THE UNIQUE MINT PAIR from lower left corner with 'Doubly printed frame plate', showing a second impression of the frame plate 5mm above the design, BW 42c. [A First Wmk 10/- single with minor doubling of the frame plate realised AU$28750 in August 2008 and an example of the same variety on a Second Wmk 5/-, of which four are recorded, realised AU$24000 in 2007]. An outstanding exhibition piece


    Lot 168
    Estimate: $175 Realised Price : $145

    5/- Grey and Yellow, CTO at Melbourne with gum hinged


    Lot 169
    Estimate: $75,000

    10/- Die Proof in Black, BW 47DP(1), printed on folded over scrap paper (100x65mm) showing albino impression on reverse of left fold. Of the six recorded proofs this is the only example in black, the others being in grey (two recorded) and in purple (three recorded), one of which is in the Australia Post archival collection. An item of great importance and upmost rarity, being unique in this colour. Ex Samuel Reading Estate, Arthur Gray and 'Western'


    Lot 170
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $3,800

    10/- Grey and Pink punctured large 'OS', fine mint


    Lot 171
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,700

    1 Brown and Blue, well centred, redistributed gum


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