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Sale No. 65

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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 677
    Estimate: $80,000

    The Rodney A. Perry ‘KGV Heads Usage Collection’, mounted on 185 exhibition pages (though never exhibited), featuring many scarce to rare commercial only items, solo frankings including Single wmk ½d orange, 1d red vibrant Patriotic covers (2 types), scarcer shades with Smooth bright rose (formerly ACSC G13½), bright brown-red, ‘brick’, pink, Rough damson and deep rosine, 1½d red to Noumea, New Caledonia postage dues (3), 4d violet cover and card (rare), 4d bright ultramarine Harrison printing, 1/4d (two solo covers recorded), LM Wmk 1d red, SM Wmk perf 14 2d on wrapper and 4d registered package, perf 13½x12½ ½d, combination/multiple frankings including superb ½d ‘Cyprus’ green advert cover, ½d orange pair ‘Comorin’ wreck cover, 1d red Die III pair, 1d violet pair with indigo Herald label, 1d green Die II, 1½d green rare early 1924 QANTAS jusqu’a airmail to U.S.A., 4d violet reg’d cover, 4d olive (SM Wmk perf 14) x2 reg’d advertising covers, 1929 KGV/Kangaroo/U.S. stamp combination reg’d airmail cover, probably the most spectacular of the small number of genuine commercial usages of this reciprocal postal agreement, 1/4d pair (Single Wmk) reg’d airmail tag, 1/4d (SM Wmk perf 14) on 3/11d rate airmailed cover and 1938 record late usage airmail to Germany, other late (and early) usages, punctured ‘OS’ with 1d violet solo, 1d green No Wmk, 1½d pink/salmon shades reg’d covers (2), 4d ultramarine solo and ‘milky-blue’ shade (rare) covers, 4d olive (SM Wmk perf 14) (2, one rare solo), 4½d solo, 5d Rough paper solo (latest recorded date of use), 5d optd ‘OS’ (2, one bluish opt), spectacular and unique frankings on parcel-fronts (2), with Single wmk 1/4d (a) in combination with 1/- Lyrebird ‘OS’, and (b) strip of 3, and on 1931 airmail cover. 370 items, many the only or best example of their kind, generally of very good exhibition quality.

    Would condense into a powerful eight-frame exhibit. Please note that generous terms are available for the purchaser of this wonderful collection. [A complete set of scans on CD is available; AU$50 posted]


    Lot 678
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $380

    Cover range with solo frankings, mixed values and in combination with KGVI issues, individual values to 5d, sighted few 1d red shades, 1d green Die II, 4d blue, few 'OS' and state perfins, some used overseas, mixed condition (approx 120 items)


    Lot 679
    Estimate: $1,000

    Punctured 'OS' collection on leaves comprising Single Wmk ½d to 1/4d, both 1d red dies, smooth and rough papers, with 'Substituted cliches' both dies on rough paper, LM Wmk ½d to 1½d, No Wmk 1d and 1½d, SM Wmk Perf 14 ½d to 1/4d, Perf 13½x12½ ½d to 1/4d with 1d green Die II, mixed condition (71). Scarce assembly


    Lot 680
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $650

    'Prancing Horse' Essay, lower corner block of six in Red, printed on thick paper, minor blemishes


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