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    Online Sale No. 62

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    Lot 272
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $675

    Duplicated mint range on hagners including a few pairs, with Single Wmk d to 1/4d incl 4d Orange Inverted Wmk (2) and 4d Blue pair MUH; Large Multiple Wmk incl 1d Red; No Wmk 1d and 1d; Small Multi Wmk Perf d to 4d; Small Multi Wmk Perf 13 x 12 d to 1/4d incl 1d Die 2 (4) and 1/4d pair; C of A Wmk d to 1/4d; and OS Opts to 5d. Includes range of OS punctures and a few with listed plate varieties. Condition generally fine to very fine, with many MUH (166)


    Lot 273
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $575

    Range of imprint blocks and pairs, with Single Wmk 3d Harrison imprint block of 4 (some perf separation, and two units with creases); Small Multiple Watermark Perf 14 1d Mullett imprint block of 4, 3d Mullett imprint pairs, 4d Olive Ash imprint pair, 4d Ash imprint pairs (2); Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13 x 12 d Orange (2), 1d Golden Scarlet, 1d Red-brown (2), 2d on 1d, 5d Brown Ash imprint blocks of 4, and 3d Blue Die 1a, 3d Blue Die II, 4d Violet Ash imprint pairs; C of A Watermark 3d Blue Ash imprint pair. Few with minor perf separation, otherwise generally fine and lightly hinged (few MUH) (58)


    Lot 274
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $500

    Range of multiples on hagners, with Single Wmk d Green, 1d Black-brown, 1d Green, 2d Orange, 2d Red-brown, 4d Orange blocks of 4, 1d Red block of 7 (punctured OS/NSW), d Orange and 1d Black-brown block of 8 and 1d Black-brown Harrison imprint block of 10 with Inverted Wmk (some faults); Small Multi Wmk Perf 13 x 12 1d Red, 1d Red-brown (3), 3d Blue (punctured OS) blocks of 4, 2d Red block of 4 and strip of 4; C of A Wmk 1d, 1d, 2d (2), 3d, 4d, 5d blocks of 4, and 1d OS opt Blocks of 4 (4) and 6. Fine to very fine and mostly MUH (137)


    Lot 275
    Estimate: $150

    Used accumulation on hagners with some duplication, with Single Wmk to 1/4d incl 4d Lemon, Small Multiple Wmk Perf 14 to 1/4d (2), Small Multiple Wmk Perf 13 x 12 incl 4d Die II CTO (few tone spots), C of A Wmk to 1/4d. Few CTOs , and generally fine (104)


    Lot 276
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $460

    Stockbook containing 1d Red and Green duplicated used range of Panes I-VIII plated varieties including original flaws in Red, and retouches, re-entries and substitutions in Green. Most major varieties are present incl Die I (2) and Die II (2) Substituted Cliches in Red, and VIII/25 'NY Joined' (3) in Red, as well as a good representation of the so-called minor varieties (often more difficult to plate). A fine lot in good to fine used condition (560 plated plus some unplated at back of stockbook)


    Lot 277
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    1d Black-brown and Brown small collection of Single and Large Multiple Watermarks, mostly mint with shades, and including Black-brown Single Wmk Inverted M (2, one punctured 'OS'), Brown Single Wmk Inverted M & U, Large Multiple Wmk Black-brown and Brown Wmk Inverted M, and a few listed plate varieties on the Brown Single Wmk U. Generally fine with a number MUH (23M and 8U)


    Lot 278
    Estimate: $250

    1d Red Small Multiple Watermark Perfs 14 and 13 x 12 blocks of 4 (3), pairs (11) and singles (21) showing various non-constant inking flaws, all large part OG and lightly hinged (few units MUH), an unusual group (43)


    Lot 279
    Estimate: $80

    2d Red accumulation on hagners, with Single Wmk M (31, three punctured 'OS'), and punctured 'OS' U (7); Small Multiple Wmk Die 2 M block of 4, strips of 3 (2), pairs (2) and singles (3), and punctured 'OS' M & U; Small Multiple Wmk Die 3 M block of 4, pairs (2, one punctured 'OS') and singles (12, two punctured 'OS' and one punctured 'OS/NSW'); C of A Wmk M (2). Some small faults, but most with large part OG and generally good to fine (71M and 8U)


    Lot 280
    Estimate: $250

    1/4d used selection with Single Wmk (6, one cancelled in Honolulu), Small Multi Wmk Perf 14 (3), Small Multi Wmk Perf 13 x 12 (4, incl pair, and CTO (2, one punctured 'OS'), and C of A Wmk CTO (2). Range of shades, few with minor faults but generally very fine (17)


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