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    Australasia 2009

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    Lot 903
    Estimate: $100

    World War I: 1915 (7 Jan) inwards use of postcard to Sydney from an Australian interned as POW in Germany, with double-circle cachet in red '*FREIGEGEBEN*/RUHLEBEN', somewhat stained. A rare survivor [Includes photocopy giving details of this camp]


    Lot 904
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $380

    World War I: 1917 (Feb) and (Apr) use to N.S.W. of India Field Post Cards, used in Mesopotamia by 'ANZAC WIRELESS SQN 9' (blue cachet and 'PASSED BY CENSOR' in violet on earlier item), cancelled by F.P.O./No. 57 and 55 respectively, some faults as to be expected (2)


    Lot 905
    Estimate: $200

    World War I: 1917 (15 Nov) use of POW Free printed envelope [Emery PSPE.5] Liverpool Camp to South Australia, Col. Holman censor cachet in violet at left [CA.235], 'PASSED BY/CENSOR.' oval cachet, complete with enclosure being a sheet of 'CONCENTRATION CAMPS, AUSTRALIA' stationery [PSNP.2]. Letter in English, envelope a little roughly opened


    Lot 906
    Estimate: $30 Realised Price : $23

    World War II: 'The Postal History of Internees and Prisoners of War in Australia During World War II' (1982) by P. Collas, 82 pages, hardbound. New


    Lot 907
    Estimate: $75

    World War II: Northern Territory A.I.F. Field PO '25' selection comprising usages by 19 Bde 6 Div (2, one registered) and NTF PU, very good strikes of datestamp (3)


    Lot 908
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    World War II: 1941 (23 Sep) censored Red Cross printed envelope Melbourne to Switzerland bearing KGVI 1d, 9d, 1/-, Robes 5/- and 10/- (minor blemishes), censor tape at left, Lisboa Sector transit backstamp, minor creasing. Attractive example of triple rate cover, 5/8d for first oz and 5/7d per additional oz. Red Cross covers received a concession of 2d per d (usually 5/10d) for covers routed in this manner


    Lot 909
    Estimate: $200

    World War II: c.1942 P.O.W. air mail envelope issued by the Australian Army to families of prisoners interned overseas, fine unused. Scarce


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