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    Lot 400
    PS ]
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $145

    1920-24 George V 'Star' Embossed Post Office envelopes cancelled-to-order for U.P.U. distribution, comprising 2d Orange (BW EP21w), 2d Red (EP23(1)w), 1d on 2d Red (EP26w), and 1d Red (EP28(1)w (2, one with 'SPECIMEN' receiving authority handstamp applied in Bechuanaland, but the envelope unfortunately spoiled by an offset of a registration envelope as a result of poor storage conditions). BW cat AU$600+ (5)


    Lot 401
    PS ]
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $380

    1928 George V Oval Embossed Dies d Orange, 1d Green, 1d Red, 2d Brown cancelled-to-order with 'G.P.O./MELBOURNE' cds 20 DE 28 for U.P.U. distribution, few tone spots on three lower values. BW EP29,30,31w,32, cat AU$1250 (4)


    Lot 402
    PS ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1930 'TWO/PENCE' on 1d 'Star' envelope uprated with 3d KGV for airmail surcharge used 1930 (2 Dec) from Perth to Carnarvon, trifle stained lower right, scarce and unusual usage. BW EP34(1), cat AU$200


    Lot 403
    PS ]
    Estimate: $250 Purchase Price : $222

    1916-1918 d Green 'Star' Embossed stamped-to-order envelopes on stock similar to that used for the Post Office envelopes prepared for U.P.U. distribution, but without any user identification and almost certainly for the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Victoria, comprising superb unused in yellow-green shade, and three uprated examples in dull green shade, with 1d and 2d rates to Rev Graebner in Unley (SA) (one taxed but with postage due removed), and a 1d rate to Rev Darsow in Toowoomba, Qld. Very fine and a scarce group BW ES25, cat AU$800 (4)


    Lot 404
    PS ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $46

    1919-20 2d Indigo envelope cut-out on wove paper, cancelled Melbourne cds, 31 MY 20. Two small tone spots, but very scarce with only two entires and a handful of cut-outs recorded


    Lot 405
    PS ]
    Estimate: $350 Purchase Price : $315

    Stamped-to-Order Envelopes: 1930 1d Green + 1d Green George V Oval Embossing stamped-to-order on Texas Company window envelope, used at Melbourne 1 October 1930 (the earliest known date). The envelope has been somewhat roughly opened, but scarce. BW ES66, cat AU$1000


    Lot 406
    PS ]
    Estimate: $1,200 Purchase Price : $1,049

    Stamped-to-order Envelopes: 1938 1d Green George V + 1d Green George VI Oval Embossing uprated with 1d Green Queen Elizabeth Die 1 for the 3d foreign rate, used from Hobart to Los Angeles, 2 May 1939. A single order of 1,000 was printed of this doubleton, of which it is thought about six examples survive. Torn flap extending to a small tear into the face of the envelope, couple of small marks but otherwise good. BW ES68, cat AU$4000


    Lot 407
    PS ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $46

    Group of used Official envelopes, comprising 2d Red 'Star' Embossed with 'OS' in die used by Commonwealth Sub-Treasury Melbourne (22 MY 23) and Commonwealth Treasury Melbourne (3 MY 24), 1d Red 'Star' Embossed with 'OS' in die used by Commonwealth Sub-Treasury Adelaide (25 OCT 28), and 2d Oval Embossed with 'OS' in die used by Commonwealth Sub-Treasury Melbourne (29 MY 31) and by an unknown user. Few small faults but generally fine and a useful group. BW EO12(2),EO15,EO19(2), cat AU$225 (5)


    Lot 408
    PS ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    Group of large (approx 228 x 102mm) Education Department envelopes, comprising 1d Brown Sideface with 'OS' in electro (2, Type 1 electro used from Charlton to Melbourne 11 MR 26, and Type 2 electro used Barongarook to Melbourne 20 MAR 24), 1d Red 'Star' Embossed with 'OS' in die used Rutherglen to Melbourne 14 AU 24, and 'THREE/HALFPENCE' on 2d Red 'Star' with 'OS' in die used Cape Clear to Melbourne 29 SE 24. Condition fine, and a scarce group. BW EO7A,EO7B,EO14,EO15, cat AU$650 (4)


    Lot 409
    PS ]
    Estimate: $150 Purchase Price : $134

    1920 2d Orange KGV Sideface with 'OS' in electro stamped-to-order window envelope for Commonwealth Treasury, Melbourne, used 19 SEP 1921. Small portion of back flap missing, otherwise fine. BW EO9, cat AU$500


    Lot 410
    PS ]
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $125

    1921 2d Orange 'Star' Embossed with 'POSTAGE' added and 'OS' in die stamped-to-order on window envelope for Commonwealth Treasury, Melbourne, used 15 DE 21, very fine, BW EO10, cat AU$350


    Lot 411
    PS ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1923 'THREE/HALFPENCE' on 2d Red 'Star' Embossed with 'OS' in die, large (228 x 102mm) Education Department envelope used from Thornbury to Melbourne, 21 AU 24, fine. BW EO14, cat AU$250


    Lot 412
    PS ]
    Estimate: $300 Purchase Price : $268

    Military Envelopes: 1916-1919 group of 1d Military Envelopes, comprising 'AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE' 1st setting (ME1) mint (somewhat grubby); 'A.I.F., ABROAD' 1st setting used from Campbelltown (Tas) with pencil endorsement indicating the addressee was a prisoner-of-war (minor peripheral damage, and stamp impression damaged at top left), 2nd setting mint (3, one addressed but not posted); 'AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE, ABROAD' 1st setting mint. BW cat AU$1900 (6)


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