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Sale No. 67

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    General Sale No. 55

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    Lot 832
    Estimate: $175

    Selection of unused stationery comprising Envelopes KGVI 2d, 3d, QEII 3d, 5d Blue, 5d Red (2), 4c, 5c, 7c, 10c, 20c (2); Postcards KGV 1d (ASC P10, P30, P31) 1d (2), KGVI 1d, 2d, 3d, QEII 3d; Lettercards QEII 5d Blue, 4c, 5c, 7c, 18c, 20c on 18c, 20c; Wrappers KGVI 2d (2), QEII 5d Blue, 7c, 25c on 7c (5); Aerogrammes KGVI 7d, 10d on 7d, 10d, plus QEII Pre-decimal (7). Very fine (47)


    Lot 833
    Estimate: $80

    Postal Card: 1920 KGV 1d Brown with footnote deleted, CTO 'G.P.O. MELBOURNE' 5 NO 20 for UPU distribution. Small natural inclusion, otherwise fine


    Lot 834
    Estimate: $80

    Postal Card: 1925 KGV 1d Green Die III, CTO 'G.P.O. MELBOURNE' 1 MY 25 for UPU distribution. Fine and fresh


    Lot 835
    Estimate: $80

    Postal Card: c.1990 pre-paid AP Postal Card depicting 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge sheet on reverse, with large gold 'P' in NPC logo omitted. Scarce


    Lot 836
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $80

    Lettercard: 1911 1d KGV Fullface in Sepia on thick greenish stock, first line of text ends with 'to', view 'MOSMAN'S BAY./SYDNEY,N.S.W.' in oval, fine unused


    Lot 837

    Lettercard: 1915 1d KGV Die I in Black-brown, view 'MURRAY RIVER WEST AUST.' in oval, fine AU$100 unused


    Lot 838
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $100

    Lettercard: 1915 KGV 1d Die II in Dark Blue, off-white within, view 'GEELONG HARBOUR' in oval, ASC L8, fine unused


    Lot 839
    Estimate: $120

    Lettercard: KGV 1d in Brown, with 'REPLY' barred out in red, view 'GIANT RED GUM VIC.' in oval, fine unused


    Lot 840
    Estimate: $100

    Lettercard: KGV 1d Black-brown, view 'PINEAPPLES/QUEENSLAND' in oval, fine unused


    Lot 841
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $90

    Lettercard: KGV 1d Grey-green, view 'GIBBERABONG CREEK, N.S.W.' in oval, fine unused


    Lot 842
    Estimate: $125

    Wrapper: 1918 KGV 1d Pale Red [no text], ASC W6; and 1922 KGV 1d Deep Violet 'NEWSPAPER ONLY', ASC W8, fine unused (2)


    Lot 843
    Estimate: $100

    Wrapper: c.1949 large part 4d 'ARMY MEDAL SECTION' Wrapper used to Blackburn, Vic, with 'BULK POSTAGE/MELBOURNE,C.1,Vic.' registration label, the indicia cancelled by indistinct 'REGISTERED' cds in red. Some tape stains where sealed, still a scarce used example


    Lot 844
    Estimate: $250

    Air Letter: 1945 7d KGVI Deep Blue on grey/buff (ASC A2, A2A) unused (6) and used (14, one as damaged front), incl usage to Sth Africa (2), Singapore and Italy (unclaimed), all showing considerable variations of shade in printing and paper (20)


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