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    Lot 545
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $210

    Postcards: 1911 Coronation postcards unused range on hagners, with George V in oval oak leaf frame (2), in oval laurel wreath frame, in unframed rectangle, in ornate shaded rectangle, and in ornate unshaded rectangle; Queen Mary in unframed rectangle (3), and in oval oak leaf frame; and Prince of Wales in unframed rectangle, and in rectangular oak leaf frame. Various colours, some small faults and a few with surface rubbing but generally fine. BW cat AU$1200 (12)


    Lot 546
    Estimate: $40 Realised Price : $30

    Postcards: 1911 1d Full Face Postcard with 'SPRING ST. MELB.' view in purple-brown, used from Carnegie to Cheltenham 25 JA 12, superb used. BW P21(6)


    Lot 547
    Estimate: $75

    Postcards: 1930-37 1d Red-brown postcard on flimsy cream stock uprated with 1d Green 1937 (11 Nov) to USA. BW P68(2), cat AU$100


    Lot 548
    Estimate: $120

    Postcards: 1938-41 KGVI 1d Red-brown (2) uprated for 9d airmail postcard rate to same correspondent in Palestine, two types of Sydney censor handstamp, one card with 'No Stop after "added" ' (BW P70d). Scarce rate and a nice duo (2)


    Lot 549
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $1

    Postcards: 1941-46 KGVI 1d Green Oval Embossed stamped-to-order on Shire of Eltham postcard, fine unused. BW PS20, cat AU$200


    Lot 550
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Lettercards: 1911 King George V Full Face 1d Brown on Pale Green Card Setting 1 (first line of admonition ends 'any') with framed oval 'ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS/PERTH W.A.' view, spotted by foxing on both sides. BW LC1(143A), cat AU$400


    Lot 551
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    Lettercards: 1911 King George V Full Face 1d Chestnut Setting 1 (first line of admonition ends 'any') on off-white chalky card with oval framed 'ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS/PERTH W.A.' view, fine unused. BW LC3(143A), cat AU$300


    Lot 552
    Estimate: $90 Realised Price : $70

    Lettercards: 1911 King George V Full Face 1d Chestnut Setting 2 (first line of admonition ends 'to') on grey surfaced card with framed oval 'THE GORGE,/LAUNCESTON, TAS.' view. Few small blemishes, unused. BW LC10(55A), cat AU$150


    Lot 553
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Lettercards: 1913-14 1d Kangaroo group, comprising Original Die 'LORNE/VICTORIA' framed rectangle in Purple-black, 'ST. GEORGE'S TERRACE PERTH' Unframed without Sky in Purple-brown, Die I 'CAIRNS RAILWAY/QUEENSLAND' Unframed Oval in Greenish-black, Die II 'AVON RIVER YORK WA' in Dull Purple, and 'TOWN HALL, SYDNEY' in Bright Pink. Some toning, especially around edges, but of fresh appearance. BW LC14(72)E, 14(119D), 15(28B), 16(7) and 16(133), cat AU$760 (5)


    Lot 554
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    Lettercards: 1913 Kangaroo Die I 1d Brownish-purple with unframed oval 'CAIRNS RAILWAY/QUEENSLAND' view, very fine unused. BW LC15(28B), cat AU$120


    Lot 555
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $1

    Lettercards: 1914-18 1d George V Die I Perf 12 with 'SUBMARINE AE.1 (now sunk)' view in Deep Violet-blue, fine mint. BW LC27(M10B)


    Lot 556
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $1

    Lettercards: 1914-18 1d George V Sideface Die I Perf 12 with '2nd A.I.F. EMBARKING' view in Greenish-black, fine mint. BW LC27(M1B)


    Lot 557
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $1

    Lettercards: 1914-18 1d George V Sideface Die I Perf 12 with 'MARCH PAST through the streets of MELBOURNE/of A.I.F.' (wide view) in Black, fine mint. BW LC27(M5b)


    Lot 558
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Lettercards: 1914-18 1d George V Sideface Die I Perf 12 with 'SIGNALLING EXERCISE' view in Blue-black, fine mint. BW LC27(M9B)


    Lot 559
    Estimate: $350

    Envelopes: 1920-24 George V 'Star' Embossed Post Office envelopes cancelled-to-order for U.P.U. distribution, comprising 2d Orange (BW EP21w), 2d Red (EP23(1)w), 1d on 2d Red (EP26w), and 1d Red (EP28(1)w (2, one with 'SPECIMEN' receiving authority handstamp applied in Bechuanaland, but the envelope unfortunately spoiled by an offset of a registration envelope as a result of poor storage conditions). BW cat AU$600+ (5)


    Lot 560
    Estimate: $600

    1928 King George V Oval Embossed Dies d Orange, 1d Green, 1d Red, 2d Brown cancelled-to-order with 'G.P.O./MELBOURNE' cds 20 DE 28 for U.P.U. distribution, few tone spots on three lower values. B EP29,30,31w,32, cat AU$1250 (4)


    Lot 561
    Estimate: $100

    Envelopes: Kangaroo envelope used stamped-to-order cut-outs, comprising 2d Grey Die IIA, 2d Blue, and 6d Chestnut Die IIA, the latter creased but rare. Only two complete envelopes each of the 2d and 6d are recorded. (3)


    Lot 562
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    Envelopes: 1916-18 d George V 'Star' stamped-to-order embossing in a yellow-green shade cancelled with Adelaide machine of 7 April 1918, with '20 POSTED' handstamp, and the handstamped return address for Rev. Wm. Janzow, 227 Wakefield Street, Adelaide. A nice example of this scarce envelope. BW ES25B, cat AU$200


    Lot 563
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,250

    Envelopes: 1930 1d Green + 1d Green George V Oval Embossing stamped-to-order on unused envelope with printed address for H.R. Willcox in Sydney. A scarce envelope, BW ES66 cat AU$2500


    Lot 564
    Estimate: $600

    Envelopes: 1930 1d Green + 1d Green George V Oval Embossing stamped-to-order on Texas Company window envelope, used at Melbourne 1 October 1930 (the earliest known date). The envelope has been somewhat roughly opened, but scarce. BW E66, cat AU$1000


    Lot 565
    Estimate: $300

    Envelopes: 1918 1d Red + d Green George V Sideface OS, and 1d Brown + d Green George V Sideface OS stamped-to-order cut-outs used on Deputy Commissioner of Maternity Allowances envelopes. Six complete envelopes of the former, and three complete envelopes of the latter are recorded. BW EO5, EO8 (2)


    Lot 566
    Estimate: $200

    Envelopes: 1933 2d Red + 3d Blue George V Sideface used stamped-to-order cut-out from Hobart Savings Bank registered envelope, the 3d impression damaged at lower left. The Brusden-White catalogue records three cut-outs dated between 1935 and 1938, this piece is a new discovery cancelled by the REGISTERED/HOBART' cds 24 MAR 42. BW ES18, cat AU$500 for cut-outs


    Lot 567
    Estimate: $75

    Envelopes: 1956 3d Orange stamped-to-order envelope for Peters 'Health Food of a Nation' products (advertisement on reverse), mint (flap gummed). BW ES93, cat AU$100


    Lot 568
    Estimate: $800

    Envelopes: 1916-1919 group of 1d Military Envelopes, comprising 'AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE' 1st setting (ME1) mint (somewhat grubby); 'A.I.F., ABROAD' 1st setting used from Campbelltown (Tas) with pencil endorsement indicating the addressee was a prisoner-of-war (minor peripheral damage, and stamp impression damaged at top left), 2nd setting mint (3, one addressed but not posted); 'AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE, ABROAD' 1st setting mint. BW cat AU$1900 (6)


    Lot 569
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Registration Envelopes: 1913 4d Orange Die II Kangaroo envelope with boxed 'REGISTERED' at left, two examples showing the two different types of CTO cancellations for U.P.U. distribution - 'MELBOURNE' cds with blank base AP 24/13 (partly illegible), and 'MELBOURNE/24/VIC' cds 4P 25AP13. The former very fine, and the latter with minor peripheral toning. BW RE1x, cat AU$400 (2)


    Lot 570
    Estimate: $100

    Registration Envelopes: 1915 4d Orange George V (Setting 1 with vertical dividing line through 'ny' of 'Half-penny') uprated with 1d Red for double letter rate, used from North Sydney (13 OC 15) to London. Vertical crease barely affecting the appearance of this attractive usage. BW RE5A, cat AU$200


    Lot 571
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $1

    Registration Envelopes: 1923 George V 'FOURPENCE/HALFPENNY' on 5d Brown with address lines at left, very fine mint. BW RE16, cat AU$300


    Lot 572
    Estimate: $60

    Registration Envelopes: 1928-50 George V Oval 4d Violet mint. BW RE21, cat AU$100


    Lot 573
    Estimate: $75

    Registration Envelopes: 1959-62 2/5d Provisional on 1/7d stock selection, comprising 10 lines (2, one distinct greenish stock), and 11 lines (greenish), BW RE40A (2, one variant) and 40B, fine used (3)


    Lot 574
    Estimate: $60

    Wrapper: 1949 4d 'POSTAGE PAID' Army Medal Section Registered Wrapper for delivery of medals to Australian servicemen, fine unused


    Lot 575
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    Lettersheets: c1930 1d Green Oval George V embossed on stamped-to-order lettersheet on pale green paper for the Victorian Education Department, with printed form for return by School Principals regarding defaulters. Unfolded and fine apart from on mild horizontal crease and a few other minor creases. BW LSSS11, cat AU$500


    Lot 576
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $200

    Aerogrammes: 1967 10c V-jet design, P.O. Training School examples (3), with 'SPECIMEN ONLY' handstamp in blue, 'CANCELLED/SPECIMEN ONLY' handstamp in violet, and with '5c' surcharge and 'SPECIMEN ONLY' handstamp in blue. The latter is believed to be related to the issue of the 5c Forces Aerogramme for Vietnam, and is scarce. With toning of the top flaps, and two with small creases in the flap (3)


    Lot 577
    Estimate: $100

    Official Post Office Stationery: 1945-62 Official Returned Registered Letter (2) and Returned Letter (2) covers, different editions, former from Melbourne with Bulk Postage registration labels (two types), latter Sydney Dead Letter Office, some opening faults, scarce group (4)


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