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Sale No. 65

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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 1
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    Australian Colonies range on hagners, mostly Queensland with values to 1/- mint and used, possible postmark interest, few oddments in other States, Australia including decimal booklets, Tasmania postal stationery including postal cars used, PTPO Envelopes unused, and various PPCs, etc, mixed condition (100s)


    Lot 2
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $150

    Airmail cover range from 1930s-70s, Canada and U.S.A. only, the best appears to 1930 cover with cachet 'Salvaged From/Burned Air Plane/Jan 10 1930' in violet, etc, mixed condition (over 90 items)


    Lot 3
    Estimate: $600

    Asia large accumulation sorted into sleeves incl China, mostly People''s Republic including some M/Sheets, reproductions, Republic of China, Korea, mostly South with large quantity part sheets c.t.o., more modest ranges of Hong Kong, Ryukyu Is, Vietnam, Laos, etc, mostly issues from 1960s onwards, mixed condition (1000s)


    Lot 4
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $170

    British Commonwealth selection on leaves including Canada exploded booklets annotated, various airmail etiquettes, South Africa range of covers used at Exhibitions, air graphs, etc, also various WWII period covers, etc


    Lot 5
    Estimate: $200

    British Solomon Islands range of 1960s inter/intra-island mail to Hon. E.V. Lawson, M.L.C., and associated in Honiara, noted 1d Printed matter through to 3d/3c Airmail rates, smaller Post Offices, uncommon 'WORLD UNITED/AGAINST MALARIA' handstamp, advertising covers, Official covers incl Dept Franks, Telegram envelope with double-oval 'POSTS & TELEGRAPHS DEPT/HONIARA' datestamp, etc, generally good commercial quality (110)


    Lot 6
    Estimate: $500

    Cinderellas selection of 'De Landre' labels of 1914 propaganda labels for French, Italian, and Spanish patriotic types and Red Cross types (2), all in imperf pairs, 1917 Red Cross 1d+1d labels for Montserrat imperf (5, incl pair) and perf (2). (18 items)


    Lot 7
    Estimate: $200

    Cover range including Australia 1931-34 flight covers (3), 1932 2d Bridge cover with gold foil, 1936 S.A. Centenary set on registered with Exhibition cancels, Ireland 1865 entire letter Ireland to Wales, Tonga tin can cover, Switzerland 1915 Red Cross card, and others, mixed condition (12 items)


    Lot 8
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $380

    Exchange sheets, circulated and uncirculated, excellent variety, including Australia with Kangaroos, KGV, pre-decimal, FDCs, other British Empire, etc (few 1000). Vendor PTSA over AU$3000


    Lot 9
    Estimate: $200

    French Colonies selection of Imperforate Deluxe Proofs for 1970 U.P.U. Headquarters from Afar Issas, Cameroon - both, Congo, Gabon, Niger - both, Senegal, Tchad, 1950 Welfare Fund - Polynesia, 1963 Human Rights - Polynesia and Somali Coast, 1965 F.A.O. - Mauritania, 1969 Travel - Afar Issas (signed). Attractive group (14)


    Lot 10
    Estimate: $400

    French Antarctic Territory 1975-89 sheetlets ten of se-tenant or regular issues comprising SG 96a, 177a, 190a, 195, 205, 206a, 214a, 250a and 270. All fresh unmounted. Retail AU$1100


    Lot 11
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $320

    Germany 1850-1961 range of covers including stampless (34), all appear to be used locally, stamped pre-1900 including, States, stationery etc (21), 1900-61 covers/cards, etc, including two Zeppelin covers to U.S.A., etc, few items addressed to Australia


    Lot 12
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $270

    Japan range from early 1900s with used definitives to 10Y in blocks, etc, various later mostly mint with blocks, sheets, M/Sheets, etc, mixed condition (100s). Excellent variety


    Lot 13
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $420

    Mining collection annotated on leaves with share certificates, postcards, covers, stamps, etc, early to modern, sighted paste-up proofs for Nauru Phosphate Mining set, etc. (few 100). Interesting lot


    Lot 14
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    Netherlands range in stockbook including 1852-63 10c, 1872-91 values to 50c, 1923 Accession 1g and 2g (torn), 1928 Olympics, various Child Welfare and Cultural Fund issues, 1956 Rembrandt, later issues, also few Curacao, Antilles, etc, mixed condition (100s)


    Lot 15
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $2,500

    New Zealand: Accumulation in carton containing albums, ranges on leaves, covers, postcards, etc, mostly 20th century, including Proofs, booklets, stamps, M/Sheets, good range of Officials, Postal Fiscals including Law Deeds, Railway stamps, documents with Arms values, few handbooks, etc, condition, very mixed (few 1000)


    Lot 16
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $140

    New Zealand: Duplicated accumulation in shoebox containing 1898 Pictorial low values and 1d Universal, mixed on and off piece, another shoebox containing KGVI-QEI off sorted into envelopes, (1000s). Postmark potential


    Lot 17
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    New Zealand: Modern selection including 1995 America's Cup souvenir folder, Emirates Team sheetlet of 20, QEII and Prince Phillip 40c Golden Wedding Anniversary set of the se-tenant panes 1-6 and QEII 90c Visit Imperforate sheet of 25 - ex stamp points program


    Lot 18
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $270

    New Zealand: Dependencies on leaves, various remainders of Aitutaki, Niue and Penrhyn Island, 1902-60s issues, sighted Niue d 'Overprint inverted', mint - off centre, various d to 1/- values, KGV issues, mixed condition throughout (100s)


    Lot 19
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Omnibus 1937-78 range of issues on leaves, hagners, etc, most issues represented except 1948 Wedding, some series only missing a few values, mainly mint, with some used, later issues in some cases unmounted, mixed condition (100s)


    Lot 20
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $480

    Pacific Islands large modern range of sets in stockbook including P.N.G., few pre-decimal, Pitcairn Island, Norfolk Island and modest selection of Christmas Islands, numerous complete definitive and commemorate sets, M/Sheets, sheetlets, etc, issues to mid-2000s, appears to be unmounted (many 100s). Inspection recommended with some of these difficult to obtain. Thematic appeal


    Lot 21
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $125

    Postal Stationery range in folders, largely aerogrammes with some lettersheets including Australia, Christmas Islands, Fiji, Nauru, P.N.G., Samoa, some CTO with FDI postmarks, etc, unused/used (few 100)


    Lot 22
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $85

    Turkey range in stockbook 1865-1955 issues, various overprints, few Persia, etc, very mixed condition (few 100). Needs careful checking


    Lot 23
    Estimate: $150

    U.S.A. interesting selection of perforation 'freaks and oddities', definitives (15, incl 2 block of six), commemoratives (5) and revenues (3), mixed condition (23)


    Lot 24
    Estimate: $500

    World collection in 'The Ideal Postage Stamp Album' (5th edition) sparsely filled with both British Empire and Foreign to 1912, strength largely in New Republic Arms issues (11) with values to 1/6d and Transvaal, few earlier types, later to 5 (doubtful), St Petersburg, etc, stamps poor to fine (few 100). Album while having minor blemishes, is well above usual condition


    Lot 25
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $200

    Box with Australia 1966-87 used collection in album, Territories on S.S. leaves A.A.T. 1957-88 mint, few in blocks, P.N.G. 1952-84 complete, toning in places, France 1961-81 'Art' issues on illustrated leaves, stockbook, packets of miscellany, mixed condition (100s)


    Lot 26
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $380

    Carton containing diverse range in stockbooks, albums, leaves, packets and loose, useful Australia, New Zealand, covers, etc, few handbooks, etc, very mixed condition (few 1000)


    Lot 27
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $110

    Miscellaneous group including various publications by Richard Peck (10), by Sparks (10, mostly on Framas), 'Slogan Postal Cancels of Canada' by Proulx, 'The Squared Circle Postmarks of Yorkshire' by Walton, 'Postal Stationery of W.A.' (2) by Juhl, 'Queensland Revenue Proofs' by Dave Elsmore, 'Commercial Perfins of Australia' by Grant & Matthews, etc, some duplication, toning/soiling in places (26)


    Lot 28
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $38

    Auction Catalogue: 'The Philatelic Collection formed by Sir Gawaine Baillie, BT' (2005) Sotheby's in Melbourne. Invaluable reference


    Lot 29
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    'The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue' (1999-2004), loose-leaf set of nine volumes in four binders (KGV 2nd edn, KGVI and QEII 1st edns). Valuable international award-winning references, published by Brusden-White. New. Normal retail over AU$600


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