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Sale No. 65

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    The 2002 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 252
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1856 (1st Apr) entire bearing 2d Queen-on-Throne pair, SG 39, Stone D, used Melbourne to Maryborough, with appropriate backstamps. [About twelve Stone D covers are recorded]


    Lot 253
    Estimate: $3,000 Realised Price : $3,600

    1859 Perf 12 by Robinson, 1/- Blue (shades) 'Octagonal', SG 81, partial reconstruction of 29 units of 40, including pair [13-14] and rejoined pair [17/25], few with small faults, part/large part o.g. A remarkable assembly.


    Lot 254
    Estimate: $10,000T Realised Price : $7,500

    1863-74 'Laureated' series: 8d Orange, SG 112, fresh block of four, with full o.g., lower units being unmounted, the record multiple. Kellow records this as the only unused multiple and comments "probably the most desirable unused multiple of the middle Victorian issues" - illustrated in colour. When sold at auction in Switzerland in 1980 it realised 11,000SFr.
    [Provenance: Purves, Perry]


    Lot 255
    Estimate: $5,000T Realised Price : $3,800

    -: 1/- Blue/Blue 'IMPERF BETWEEN', pulled perf at top, SG 113ab. Unique. [Illustrated on colour plate 11 in Kellow].
    [Provenance: Purves, Perry]


    Lot 256
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    1867-81 3d Grey-Lilac (SG 133a) and 1/- Blue/Blue tied by Melbourne duplex to 1869 (24th Apr) cover to New York via Marseilles, with '2/CENTS' U.S. Accountancy marking. The 3d rare on cover.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 257
    Estimate: $2,000

    5/- Blue/Yellow, SG 139, superb unused. Seldom encountered this nice


    Lot 258
    Estimate: $1,500T Realised Price : $1,200

    1867-70 Emergency printings Wmk V over Crown, 2d Mauve on lilac paper, SG 167, block of four with large part o.g. [Kellow records only two blocks of four outside the Royal Collection].


    Lot 259
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $1,150

    1873 Bell 1/- rare Die proof in black on India paper showing unfinished portion of crown.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 260
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1878 Emergency printing d Rose-Red/Pink, SG 195, large part o.g., block of six, illustrated Kellow Plate 12 in colour.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 261
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $550

    1884-96 Lithographed Stamp Duty Series 1d Blue-Green, SG 235 pair tied to 1900 (22nd Dec) cover Yarraville to Sydney where backstamped. Rare on cover.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 262
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1/6d Rosine, SG 236, large part o.g. and superb. Rare in such quality


    Lot 263
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    6/- Apple-Green, SG 239, large part o.g. and grossly undercatalogued at 200.


    Lot 264
    Estimate: $750

    10/- Brown/Rose Wmk upright, SG 240c, unused part o.g. Unpriced


    Lot 265
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $900

    6 Blue/Pink, SG 249, lovely example handstamped 'Specimen'. Very rare


    Lot 266
    Estimate: $750

    Typographed 1 Reddish Orange/Yellow, SG 262b, unused part o.g. (hinge-remainders)


    Lot 267
    Estimate: $1,000

    Perf 12: 15/- Purple-Brown, SG 273, fresh large part o.g. example of this rare stamp.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 268
    Estimate: $4,000

    45/- Lilac, SG 277, large part o.g. example with corner bend not unduly detracting from this great rarity of which three unused are recorded outside of The Royal Collection.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 269
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1884-1900 25 Deep Green, SG 280c, unused with small repair in right margin


    Lot 270
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1885-95 8d Rose-Red/Pink, SG 293a, fresh irregular mint block of 12 (bend/crease barely detracts from a few). The record multiple.
    [Provenance: Purves, Perry]


    Lot 271
    Estimate: $5,000

    1885-95 ERROR OF COLOUR 4d Lilac, SG 300b, unused part o.g. Probably the most desirable of the five unused singles (there are also two unused pairs), lightly penciled 'JRWP' (J R W Purves) on reverse.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 272
    Estimate: $6,000

    1886-96 P12 6 Yellow and Pale Blue, SG 325, large central hinge. Nevertheless an attractive example of this high value rarity with probably on half dozen mint examples surviving.


    Lot 273
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $480

    1897 Charity set, 1d and 2d in marginal strips of three, cancelled with matching 'MELBOURNE/NO 16/97' datestamps, minor separation, CTO (6).


    Lot 274
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1899-1901 10/- Green, SG 373, large part o.g. Grossly undercatalogued


    Lot 275
    Estimate: $2,000T

    1901-10 1d Pale Rose-red Die 2, Wmk Sideways, SG 385ca, 'JBC' Monogram strip of three, one unit tiny black surface mark. [Possibly only two known of this Monogram].


    Lot 276
    Estimate: $3,000 Realised Price : $2,600

    1901-10 KEVII Watermark V over Crown Perf 12 1 Carmine-Rose, SG 399, the rare and fresh mint block of four.


    Lot 277
    Estimate: $2,000 Realised Price : $1,800

    1 Carmine-Rose, SG 399, superb CTO 'MELBOURNE JE 28 02' block of six, minor separation.
    [Provenance: 1987 Post Office Archival Sale]


    Lot 278
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $400

    2 Deep Blue, SG 400, superb CTO 'MELBOURNE JE 28 02' marginal block of four, minor separation. UNIQUE.
    [Provenance: 1987 Post Office Archival Sale]


    Lot 279
    Estimate: $1,500T Realised Price : $2,100

    Watermark V over Crown Perf 11 2 Deep Blue, SG 408, superb unused marginal example. [Possibly only six mint examples recorded].


    Lot 280
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $4,000

    1905-12 Wmk Crown over A Perf 12 d Blue-Green marginal strip of six, SG 426 "IMPERFORATE AT BASE". Unique and one of the great Federal Period errors. [Illustrated in Kellow p.291].
    [Provenance: Purves, Perry]


    Lot 281
    Estimate: $2,500 Realised Price : $2,600

    1 Salmon, SG 431, the rare and fresh mint block of four


    Lot 282
    Estimate: $10,000 Realised Price : $7,500

    Perf 11 2 Dull Blue, SG 445, THE UNIQUE MARGINAL BLOCK OF FOUR. The showpiece of the Federal period of Victorian philately. [This item realized 3250 at the Purves Sale in January 1981!!!]


    Lot 283
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $800

    Presentation Stamps: Selection of 1891 reprints without 'Reprint' overprint (27) cancelled 'MELBOURNE/JE 2/02' for presentation to Federal M.P.'s, including Half-length set, also issued stamp d blue-green, 1d apple-green and 2d violet, similarly cancelled, the last in 1903 (date error?), (30). Very scarce lot. (Not illustrated).

    Lot 284
    Estimate: $500

    Postal History: 1879 (20th Dec) cover to London via Brindisi bearing Bell 2d (4) tied by Barred numeral '733', rare mss. 'Tahara/20-12-79' below, backstamped Branxholme, Melbourne, London.
    [Provenance: Perry]


    Lot 285
    Estimate: $750

    1891 (7th Sep) deficiently paid to Brindisi bearing 1d pair and d tied by '209' of Great Western, circled 'T' with mss. 3d, and in crayon '7d=to pay', Postage Dues 10c and 30c on 2c pair affixed and tied on arrival, transit and arrival backstamps. [Usage just before Victoria joined the UPU and the 2d rate was introduced].


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