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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 16

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    Lot 822
    Estimate: $400

    Bermuda: 1948 KGVI 5/- black/pink covers and 10/- black/pale blue covers, SG SB1-B2. Very scarce so fresh (2 booklets)


    Lot 823
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Ceylon: 1951 1R black/buff covers containing two panes of ten 5c values, no labels, left and right stitching, scuffing on reverse of one, SG SB20a


    Lot 824
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $38

    Ceylon: 1951 6R black/green covers containing two panes of four 75c values and airmail labels, left and right stitching, fine, SG SB21


    Lot 825
    Estimate: $150

    China - Manuchukuo: 1937 1.20y Peiling Mausoleum with original wrapper, SG SB6


    Lot 826
    Estimate: $2,000

    China: 1932 $1 Emergency Postal Service Shanghai, black/buff covers containing five coupons, inscribed 'EACH GOOD FOR ONE LETTER/OF ONE OUNCE' on cover, cacheted 'E.P.S.' within violet circle. Very rare and the first we have seen


    Lot 827
    Estimate: $1,750T

    Fiji: 1940 KGVI 3/-, black on buff covers containing advertising pages + d and 1d blocks of eight, 2d block of 12, minor tone marks on cover from staple, otherwise fresh and fine, SG SB3a. Rare and one of the very few survivors


    Lot 828
    Estimate: $500

    Germany (Berlin): 1949 2M Building, Michel MH-1, SG SB1, very fresh


    Lot 829
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $240

    German Colonies - South-West Africa: 1913 2M Yacht no perfs through margin, Michel MH.3Ib, SG SB2, few trimmed perfs, fresh


    Lot 830
    Estimate: $300

    Greece: 1967 Popular Art 30d and 50d issues, SG SB4-5. Scarce


    Lot 831
    Estimate: $600

    India: 1912-22 KGV 1R (32 x a stamps) black/green cover, back cover cancel; and 1R (16 x 1a stamps) black/pink cover, SG SB7a and 8a. Scarce duo


    Lot 832
    Estimate: $400T

    Indian States - Idar: 1944 2R Booklet (62 x 58mm) containing 32 examples of 1a Violet in eight panes of four, minor staining from stapling. Very rare survivor


    Lot 833
    Estimate: $750

    Korea - South: 1956-58 600h Reconstruction & 1200h King Sejong, SG SB1-2, fresh and fine (2 booklets)


    Lot 834
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $525

    Malaysia: 1973 Butterflies and 1979 Flowers issues complete for all the States, incl Sabah and Sarawak (27 booklets). Difficult to assemble


    Lot 835
    Estimate: $600

    Mauritius: 1953 5R containing KGVI and QEII issues, 1954 5R (2) with grey and white covers, SG SB1-2 (3 booklets)


    Lot 836
    Estimate: $400

    New Caledonia: 1973 120Fr Mask and 230Fr Concorde, SG SB1-2, togther with 12Fr and 23Fr Deluxe Proofs for these issues (4 items)


    Lot 837
    Estimate: $50

    Papua New Guinea: 1973 70c Telecommunications, SG SB5, the three different adverts


    Lot 838
    Estimate: $500

    Papua New Guinea: 1970 50c, 5c Shell (seriffed letters), SG SB1, very fresh


    Lot 839
    Estimate: $400

    Portugal: 1941 E4.80c containing panes of four 15c, 25c and 40c x 2. Very fresh


    Lot 840
    Estimate: $400

    Saudi Arabia: 1986 2 Riyal and 5 Riyal Kaaba, SG SB11S-12S. Only 376 pairs sold prior to removal of the automatic vending machine. Fresh (2)


    Lot 841
    Estimate: $600

    Taiwan: 1958 $10 Map of China, SG SB1. Rare and fine


    Lot 842
    Estimate: $1,000

    Taiwan: 1958 $20 Map of China, SG SB2. Very rare and fine


    Lot 843
    Estimate: $50

    Taiwan: 1969


    Lot 844
    Estimate: $50

    Taiwan: 1979 $30 and


    Lot 845
    Estimate: $150

    United States - Canal Zone: 1934 37c, 3c Goethals, minor bends on one pane


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