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    Lot 660
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $1

    1935 $1 Monument, fresh marginal MUH. SG 351, Unitrade 227 cat C$150


    Lot 661
    Estimate: $100

    Wreck Mail: 1947 (30 Aug) cover from Hudson Bay Sask. to Windsor, Ontario with 'DAMAGED IN TRAIN WRECK' in violet (with an second strike on reverse across official resealing of back flap. From a head-on collision between two trains which occurred near Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 1 September 1947; 27 people were killed and 85 injured


    Lot 662
    Estimate: $100

    1971 (21 Dec) cover from Toronto to Quebec with bilingual 'FOUND AND DELAYED/FOLLOWING THEFT'; undated cover used at Toronto with 10c, and bilingual 'DAMAGED AND DELAYED/BY FIRE' (no flap); 1981 (28 Aug) Canada Post official stampless cover with bilingual 'Delay due to mail box vandalism'. Scarce modern instructional markings (3)


    Lot 663
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $220

    The remainder of the accumulation of Canadian covers, 1890s-1990s, mostly instructional markings, but also including small groups of registered and special delivery mail, with 'TOO LATE' on 1894 cover, 'POSTED ON RURAL ROUTE' on 1942 covers (2), 1937 cover from Mexico with 'MAIL FOR THIS ADDRESS PROHIBITED', boxed bilingual 'Please have Letter/Slot made in Door' (1934), Travelling Letter Box, and many others. Some faults, but a good lot with many useful pickings (99)


    Lot 664
    Estimate: $250

    Instructional Markings: Group of covers with 'Damaged' markings, with 1931 window envelope with 'Damaged by Stamping Machine/at Vancouver, B.C.', others 1956-80 with a variety of markings (many bilingual) including 'RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION AT/VANCOUVER, B.C.', 'Received at Toronto/in damaged condition', 'Damaged in mails at _____', boxed 'Received damaged at MONTREAL, P.O.', 'DAMAGED BY STAMPING MACHINE/AT PETERBOROUGH ONTARIO', 'DAMAGED IN HANDLING/IN THE POSTAL SERVICE', and 'WE'RE SORRY/RECEIVED DAMAGED IN MAIL AT WINNIPEG'. Condition variable (obviously!) and some duplication (42)


    Lot 665
    Estimate: $250

    Instructional Markings: Group of covers with various 'Directory' markings, 1922-1970s, including 'NOT IN DIRECTORY', 'NAME REPEATED/IN DIRECTORY', 'DIRECTORY ADDRESS', 'ACCORDING TO DIRECTORY', 'DIRECTORY SERVICE GIVEN', 'More than one in directory', and with many additional markings to indicate non-delivery of mail, much mail from overseas, including Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, Norway, UK, USA, and France. Some faults but generally fine (54)


    Lot 666
    Estimate: $100

    General Delivery Boxed Markings: group of covers with various types, 1905-1970s, from a wide range of post offices, many with additional instructional markings relating to the non-delivery of letters, a few on incoming mail from overseas, strength in period up to 1950, and generally fine (32)


    Lot 667
    Estimate: $200

    Instructional Markings: Small group of 'Missent' markings, with 1881 cover from St. John N.B. to Hamilton with 3c Small Queen, with (on reverse) 'MISSENT-TO' alongside Ottawa cds, 1899 cover with 2c Maple Leaves, and 1906 and 1908 PPCs with 1c KEVII with similar markings, 1910 PPC with 1c KEVII from Victoria B.C. with 'MISSENT TO' in pointing hand and 'PLEASE RETURN/COVER TO POSTMASTER/FOR ENQUIRY', PPC from USA with 'MIS-SENT TO WINNIPEG MAN', plus 1958 (2) and 1959 QEII covers and large part front from UK to Gibraltar with various types. Condition generally good (10)


    Lot 668
    Estimate: $300

    Instructional Markings: Small group of covers with 'Not Called For' markings, 1879-1958, with straight-line 'NOT CALLED FOR' (various types) on 1879 cover from Toronto to Peterborough, 1883 illustrated covers from Hamilton (2), 1895 and 1896 Winnipeg covers (2, one also with 'RETURNED-TO'), 1895 cover from New Westminster to Chilliwak B.C. with c (4), 1899 from Toronto with 2c Penny Postage to Spence's Bridge B.C., 1913 covers with 1c KGV and 'NOT CALLED FOR/PRINCE ALBERT, SASK/RETURN TO SENDER', 1929 cover from Winnipeg with 'NOT CALLED FOR/CANORA, SASK./Returned to Sender', 1931 cover from Winnipeg to Trail, B.C. (2) with boxed 'Not Called for' plus 'RETURN TO/WRITER' on pointing hand, and later 1931-58 covers. A good lot (20)


    Lot 669
    Estimate: $150

    Instructional Markings: Group of 'Received Open' and 'Received Without Contents' markings, 1942-89, mostly bilingual with a number of different post offices represented, some duplication and generally fine (18)


    Lot 670
    Estimate: $300

    Instructional Markings: Accumulation of 'Return to Sender' covers, 1921-94, with either 'Pointing Hand' markings or boxed markings giving the reason for return, many with additional instructional handstamps indicating the reason for non-delivery, plus Letter Carrier and Dead Letter Office markings. Many different post offices represented, condition variable but a very varied and useful lot (51)


    Lot 671
    Estimate: $150

    Instructional Markings: Duplicated group of covers with various types of 'Stamp Fallen Off' markings, 1939-92, many bilingual, and including 'Stamp fallen off/at Toronto, Ont', 'Postage Stamps off when received/at Vancouver, B.C.', 'STAMPS FELL OFF IN TRANSIT', also two covers (1986 and 1992) with 'STAMP OVER/TIMBRE AU VERSO'. Condition generally fine (18)


    Lot 672
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $200

    Instructional Markings: Group of taxed mail or mail returned for postage, 1907-1990s, with a wide variety of markings, various types of 'RETURNED FOR POSTAGE', 'T' markings, 1907 PPC with 1c KEVII and 'UNPAID', 1908 hand-made leather postcard with 1c KEVII and 'MORE-TO-PAY', 1948 postcard to UK with 'NOT PAID FOR AIR MAIL', 1987 postcard with 'FOREIGN, TAPED AND/REUSED STAMPS VOID', 1947 and 1952 taxed covers with 'REFUSED', further group 1951-62 with postage dues affixed. A good lot, generally fine (46)


    Lot 673
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Instructional Markings: Group of Unclaimed and Undeliverable mail, 1892-1980s, with a wide variety of handstamps to indicate the reason for non-delivery, early covers including 1892 Toronto to Montreal with 'NOT FOUND/RETURN/TO/WRITER', 1889 Hamilton to Toronto with 'RETURN/TO/WRITER' on pointing hand, 1889 'NOT KNOWN/RETURN/TO/WRITER' (Montreal), 1900 Cardinal to Toronto with italic 'Not at address/Not called for'. A further group with markings requesting better addressing of mail, the earliest being an 1891 2c postcard to London UK giving no city or country, with 'RETURNED FOR/BETTER DIRECTION' (Toronto). Some inwards mail from overseas, with Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Tunisia, UK and USA, some faults but condition generally good (68)


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