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    Lot 674
    Estimate: $400

    Duplicated collection on hagners, few earlies, then virtually complete from 1949 to 1972, 1949 Pictorials includes a set in MUH blocks of 4 as well as several single sets, 1963 Pictorials (2 sets), 1965 6d Solar Eclipse with two imprint/plate no. blocks of 30, 1966 Churchill M sets (2), 1966 'Airmail' opts to 1 (14, incl 'Plane Missing' mint and in mint pair, and wmk inverted M), also 6d to 10/- with multiples including surcharge varieties, 1967 Decimal Surcharges 1c on 1d to $1 on 10d incl multiples with surcharge varieties, later issues largely complete with 1967 to $10, and sometimes duplicated. Largely MUH with a few U (100's)


    Lot 675
    Estimate: $450

    1943-54 Overprints on NZ Arms Type 1 Pink (SG 134w) used with 1966 'Airmail' Overprints 1/6d and 5/- 1966 (27 Apr) registered cover (260 x 176mm) from the Philatelic Bureau to New York, cancelled Rarotonga cds, and with US Customs arrival handstamp. The cover has been reinforced with tape prior to despatch and is roughly opened on the right-hand side, but otherwise is in good condition. A rare stamp on cover, SG cat being 180 x 3 = 540


    Lot 676
    Estimate: $300

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives: Three large sheets of tracing paper (350 x 240mm) with artist's sketches of various elements for use in the stamp designs, many of which were later incorporated in the issued stamps, together with manuscript notations on sources used. Also a smaller sheet of tracing paper (240 x 150mm) with a large size pencil sketch of the design that was subsequently adopted for the 2d value. Scarce preliminary artwork which it is believed has never been on the philatelic market previously (4 sheets)


    Lot 677
    Estimate: $1,100

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives specialised mint study mounted in album, which formed the basis for the chapter on this issue in 'The Postage Stamps of New Zealand' Volume 5. Included is a set of imprint blocks, a set of sheet value pairs (plus a 2/- pair showing the sheet value absent), 3d and 2/- blocks of 4 with Waterlow job no. for frame plates engraved in top selvedge, 3/- block with Waterlow job no for centre plate engraved in bottom selvedge, 3d bottom left corner pair showing engine-turning on bottom selvedge, 3d imprint block of 4 in aniline blue shade, 5d part imprint block of 6 (3 x 2), the bottom selvedge and into stamps doubly perforated (only one sheet found), and d to 3/- study of the plate varieties, with most of those listed in Volume 5 present. Condition generally very fine, and a fine assembly that would be very difficult to duplicate (215)


    Lot 678
    Estimate: $300

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives d to 3/- set of bottom selvedge Waterlow & Sons imprint blocks of 4, the 3/- also showing engraved Job No. '44271', a scarce set. Also 1960 1/6d on 5d Surcharge imprint block of 9, and block of 4 of 1961 3d printing on white opaque paper. Superb MUH, SG cat 200+ (49)


    Lot 679
    Estimate: $250

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives d to 3/- top right corner sheet value blocks of 4, plus similar block of the 1960 1/6d on 5d Surcharge showing sheet value obliterated by hand, very fine, mounted in selvedge only. SG cat 200+ (44)


    Lot 680
    Estimate: $200

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives d to 3/- in top marginal blocks of 4, the 1/- and 2/- showing portion of frame plate job numbers engraved in selvedge. Also d MUH block of 50. Very fine mint, mounted in selvedge only. SG 150-159, cat 200+ (90)


    Lot 681
    Estimate: $150

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives 3d Green and Ultramarine variety 'Watermark Inverted and Reversed', marginal from top of sheet and showing Waterlow Job No. '44098' for frame plate engraved in selvedge, fine no gum, and very scarce (probably unique with marginal job no). SG 153w, which describes the variety as watermark inverted only, cat 100


    Lot 682
    Estimate: $150

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives 8d Olive-green and Orange variety 'Watermark Inverted' marginal MUH, very faint diagonal crease, very scarce. SG 156w, cat 150


    Lot 683
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $525

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives: Use on cover, with FDCs (incl blocks of 4 on three registered covers), 3d on local covers (3), air mail covers with frankings to 3/-, destinations include Australia, Japan, Chile, Nyasaland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, various rates to UK and USA including postcards, 1962 cover to New York franked 3d, with boxed 'TAX/(24)/CENTIMES' in violet. A number of covers are from smaller post offices, including Mangaia, Manihiki, Rakahanga, and Atiu. Condition generally good, and an excellent lot that would be difficult to assemble from scratch (52 covers)


    Lot 684
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $190

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives: Use on registered mail, including two large 1957 and 1961 covers to England with philatelic frankings, 1949 to Australia with 1d and 5d, 1950 Mangaia to London with 6d, 8d and 3/-, 1956 from Pukapuka Island to Fiji with 8d and 1/-, 1958 from Manihiki to Fiji with 1/-, 1959 to NZ with 3d and 6d (2) cancelled Manihiki cds in violet, 1959 to Northern Ireland with d (6) and 2/-, and 1951 cover from Manihiki to Rarotonga with 3d (3) cancelled on arrival, undeliverable and with 'RETURN/TO'SENDER' pointing hand in violet. Some small faults but a very attractive group (11 covers)


    Lot 685
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $110

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives: 1949 (18 Oct) formular air letter to New York franked 6d cancelled Rarotonga double-circle ds, and 1953 (28 Dec) formular air letter to Sweden franked 1/- cancelled Mangaia cds. Both with some small peripheral faults but a scarce pair (2)


    Lot 686
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $100

    1949-61 Pictorial Definitives: Group of Paquebot covers with frankings up to 6d value, mostly philatelic covers to Australia cancelled at Auckland, Wellington or Vancouver, also two covers franked 3d or 6d cancelled oval dumb obliterator, and covers to USA (2) and UK (2). Most with additional ship markings, the ships include M.V. Matua, M.V. Tofua, John Williams IV, S.S. Waihemo, S.S. Waikawa and S.S. Waitemata. Condition generally fine (12 covers)


    Lot 687
    Estimate: $100

    1953-67 Commemorative Issues, with 1953 Coronation 3d and 6d in sheet value no. and cylinder no. blocks of 4; 1965 6d Solar Eclipse sheet of 60, sheet value block of 9, and plate no. block of 4; 1965 Internal Self-Government range including 4d-1/9d Plate 1 blocks of 6 and 4, and Plate 1a blocks of 6, and 4d blocks of 4 (x 2) with variety 'Retouch over Flag'; 1967 South Pacific Games d to 2/3d sheetlets of 12. Also a range of covers of the same issues, mostly first day covers from various makers, but with four commercial uses of the 1953 Coronation (one 6d to Zanzibar!, and a 1965 commercial cover with pair of 6d Solar Eclipse uprated for air mail to England (28 Covers + 342 Stamps)


    Lot 688
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    1963 Pictorial Definitives 1d to 5/- Imperforate Plate Proof marginal horizontal pairs (1/6d corner) on gummed watermarked paper, superb (22)


    Lot 689
    Estimate: $750

    1963 Pictorial Definitives 1d to 5/- Imperforate Plate Proof horizontal pairs (3/- marginal), superb (22)


    Lot 690
    Estimate: $150

    1963 Pictorial Definitives 1d to 5/- in MUH imprint/plate no. blocks of 4 from bottom right corner of sheet, superb MUH. SG 163-173, cat 160+ (44)


    Lot 691
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $200

    1963 Pictorial Definitives: Range of usage on cover with values to 5/-, with set on two FDC's, Philatelic Bureau mail (3), local cover franked 2d pair, air mail to Australia, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Tahiti, UK and USA, 1/6d on maximum card, 5/- on 1967 registered air mail cover from Manihiki to West Germany with 'IRREGULARLY/POSTED' in magenta. Many attractive combination frankings from a variety of post offices, condition generally fine (24 covers)


    Lot 692
    Estimate: $400

    1965 6d Solar Eclipse Imperforate Plate Proof block of 8 (4 x 2) from left of sheet on gummed watermarked paper, superb


    Lot 693
    Estimate: $1,200

    1965 Internal Self-Government, collection of artwork related to this issue, comprising two sheets with 26 stamp-size rough concepts in ball-point pen; pencil designs on tracing paper by L.C. Mitchell, with 3d unadopted flag design (395 x 260mm), 8d unadopted landscape design (360 x 285mm), and 1/9d unadopted Ngatangiia Lagoon design (235 x 180mm) and Mission Church design (400 x 240mm); large-size artist's watercolour roughs (250-290 x 150-200mm) by R.M .Conly, with two similar 3d Flag designs (one is that illustrated in 'The Postage Stamps of New Zealand' Volume 5 at page 246), 8d and 1/9d similar Mission Church designs, 2d designs showing Proclamation of Cession (2), and 8d Native Female design. There is also a group of reference photographs associated with the designs. A unique group which has not previously been on the philatelic market


    Lot 694
    Estimate: $400

    1965 Internal Self-Government 4d, 10d, 1/- and 1/9d Imperforate Plate Proof vertical pairs on gummed watermarked paper, superb (8)


    Lot 695
    Estimate: $300

    1966 Sir Winston Churchill, with 4d to 5/- plate no blocks of 6, and a specialised study of the opt varieties, with most of those listed in 'The Postage Stamps of New Zealand' Volume 5, incl 'No dot on i of Memoriam' (4d to 5/-), 'I for 1 in 1874' (4d to 5/-), 'Long Hyphen' (4d to 5/-), 'In Memoriam Spaced' (4d to 5/-), most of these varieties also represented used on piece and on FDC. A fine lot which would be difficult to duplicate (124 M, 36 U, 9 FDC)


    Lot 696
    Estimate: $180

    1966 Sir Winston Churchill 1/- error 'Overprint Inverted', fresh MUH from base of sheet. SG 181a, cat 170


    Lot 697
    Estimate: $180

    1966 Sir Winston Churchill 1/- error 'Overprint Inverted' fine MUH, with 1988 BPA Certificate. SG 181a, cat 170


    Lot 698
    Estimate: $90

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints 6d to 1, MUH and fine used sets, plus additional 1 MUH horizontal pair, the right-hand stamp being variety 'Aeroplane Omitted'. SG 185-193, 193a, cat 89


    Lot 699
    Estimate: $75

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints 6d to 1 in blocks of 4 MUH except 1, a top left corner block with typical slightly tone gum and upper pair lightly hinged. SG 185-193 cat 88 (36)


    Lot 700
    Estimate: $90

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints 6d to 10/- in corner blocks of 4 with sheet value inscriptions, plus 1 in top left corner block of 4. Very fine MUH, 1 with usual slightly tone gum and with tone spot in top selvedge. SG 185-193, cat 88+ (36)


    Lot 701
    Estimate: $600

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints, duplicated collection on hagners of overprint varieties with many multiples, and including most of the varieties as listed in 'The Postage Stamps of New Zealand' Volume 5, with 'Large Aeroplane' (6d to 1), 'Small Aeroplane' (6d to 1), 'Missing Dot on first i of Airmail' (6d to 5/-), 'Upper Wing of Plane Broken' (6d, 7d, 10d, 5/-, 1), 'Lower Wing of Plane Broken' (7d, 1/6d, 2/3d, 5/-, 10/-, 1, latter incl in pair with 'Missing Plane'). Also a group of less prominent constant varieties. Additionally on the 1 there is the 'Missing Plane' (2, one in a strip of 3), 'Damaged A of Airmail' (2, one in pair), and Watermark Inverted M and U. An exceptional group, mostly mint (and largely MUH), The 1 stamps alone cat 351 with no premium for constant flaws (186 M and 4 U)


    Lot 702
    Estimate: $120

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints 1 Pink block of 6 (2 x 3) from right of sheet, the right-hand vertical strip of 3 showing variety' Aeroplane Omitted', very fine MUH with slightly tone gum as always for this stamp. SG 193a, cat 144


    Lot 703
    Estimate: $100

    1966 'Airmail' Overprints: Usage on cover with set on FDC, use on Philatelic Bureau mail (7), OHMS 2nd class airmail to Germany franked 10c, postcard to USA franked 10c, and a further philatelic franking to USA. Condition generally good, covers bearing this issue are scarce (11 covers)


    Lot 704
    Estimate: $300

    1967 Decimal Surcharges 1c on 1d to $10 on 5, superb MUH. SG 205-221, cat 420 (17)


    Lot 705
    Estimate: $250

    1967 Decimal Surcharges 1c on 1d to $1 on 10d collection on leaves, with shades of basic stamps, and a detailed study of the surcharge font varieties and other surcharge flaws, many in multiples, and comprising 1c on 1d M (4) and U (4), 2c on 2d M (16), 2c on 3d M (21) and U (2), 3c on 4d M (25) and U (2), 4c on 5d M (7) and U (2), 5c on 6d M (18) and U (3), 5c on 6d Solar Eclipse M (12) and U (4), 7c on 8d M (20), 10c on 1/- M (22) and U (4), 15c on 1/6d M (3), 30c on 3/- M (2) and U (4), 50c on 5/- M (7) and U, $1 on 10d M (8). Very fine and difficult to duplicate (165 M and 26 U)


    Lot 706
    Estimate: $250

    1967 Decimal Surcharges 1c on 1d to $1 on 10d collection on hagners, mostly in multiples, showing various font varieties in the surcharges, and other surcharge varieties, comprising 1c on 1d U (2), 2c on 2d M (28) and U (10), 2c on 3d M (24) and U (3), 3c on 4d M (24) and U (10), 4c on 5d U (2), 5c on 6d M (18) and U (2), 5c on 6d Solar Eclipse M (2) and U (3), 7c on 8d M (22) and U (3), 10c on 1/- M (17) and U (15), 15c on 1/6d U (2), 30c on 3/- U (2), 50c on 5/- U (8), and $1 on 10d U (2). A very fine assembly (135 M and 64 U)


    Lot 707
    Estimate: $150

    1967 Decimal Surcharges $2 on 1 Pink variety 'First "0" of "$2.00" Damaged', a very prominent but uncatalogued flaw, and rare with only a total of 1,098 $2 issued, fine mint and lightly hinged. SG 219 var, cat 65++


    Lot 708
    Estimate: $200

    1967 75th Anniversary of First Cook Islands Stamps 1c, 3c, 8c, 18c Imperforate Proof sheetlets of 8 + label, superb and very scarce. SG 222-225 var (5 Sheets)


    Lot 709
    Estimate: $100

    1969 South Pacific Conference 5c and 25c Imperforate Proof sheetlets of 8, superb and very scarce (2 sheets)


    Lot 710
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $110

    Cover miscellany, with 1937 Coronation and 1946 Peace (x 2) FDCs, 1931 to London with 1932 6d Pictorial (damaged), 1944 to Auckland with 3d on 1d Surcharge, 1946 to USA with 1938 2/- Pictorial block of 4 (few small creases), 1947 to Egypt and England with identical frankings of 1938 1/-, 3d on 1d and 6d Peace, 1947 to Sydney and 1949 to France with combination frankings, and 1966 Philatelic Bureau stampless cover with circular 'OFFICIAL/RAROTONGA/PAID'. Plus inwards mail from USA (1944 censored), 1966 United Nations hand-made reply post card (both halves), and GB inwards 1938 1d airmail first flight (14 covers)


    Lot 711
    Estimate: $180 Realised Price : $135

    1959-1968 small group of paquebot mail posted at Rarotonga, mostly philatelic covers addressed to Australia franked with New Zealand, French Polynesia or Cook Islands stamps, many with boxed 'PACKET BOAT' in violet or black, and often in association with Purser or other ship markings. Also a 1965 cover to U.S.A. with GB 2d (2) cancelled dumb obliterator and with boxed 'PACKET BOAT' in violet, and 1965 GB 6d air letter to Sweden cancelled oval obliterator and with Rarotonga cds. Condition generally fine and an interesting group (18 covers)


    Lot 712
    Estimate: $90

    1960s and 1970s collection of covers with 1967 decimal surcharges on two FDC's and on four other covers (scarce), later issues include a proportion of FDC's and philatelic covers, but also with some interesting commercial mail including registered, some with instructional markings, condition generally good (37 covers)


    Lot 713
    Estimate: $100

    1966 (Mar) Cook Islands - French Polynesia Experimental Air Mail set of flight covers from Rarotonga (9), Aitutaki (10) and French Polynesia (2), with various cachets and most signed by pilots (21 covers)


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