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Sale No. 65

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    Special Sale No. 17

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    Lot 715
    Estimate: $400

    1792-1827 selection of pre-stamp entires/letters in binder, nearly all different, wide range of town names, also few odd later stationery items (100+)

    Lot 716
    Estimate: $600

    1779-1860s mostly pre-stamp covers/entires (few stampless Officials, etc), incl handstruck (and mss.) rate and tax markings, noted 1790 ornate framed 'PP/A/ DIJON' to London, 1805 'Port Maurice/Par Monaco' mss., 1821 framed 'ITALIE/PAR PONT DE/BEAUVOISIN', various handstruck town names, destinations with Belgium, German and Italian States, Portugal, Switzerland, etc, generally fair/fine (100+). Specialist knowledge essential


    Lot 717
    Estimate: $350

    1852-71 imperf adhesives selection on covers/entires comprising Republic Ceres 25c (front) and Napoleon 25c (2), Empire 10c (4, one front, another huge margins - small tear at base), 20c (40, good range of shades from pale to dark, two double-rate), 40c (5, one front, another double-rate), 80c, and Ceres 20c (2), postmark potential (noted handstruck 'APRES/LE/DEPART'), some faults, generally fair/fine quality (55)

    Lot 718
    Estimate: $600

    1860s-1870s perforated Napoleon and Ceres selection with useful frankings incl Napoleon 1864 80c pair (fault in one) registered to Scotland, 1866 40c to Spain, 1872 5c + Ceres 15c pairs double internal rate, 1872 30c (prominent missing frameline at left) to Switzerland, Ceres 1873 5c pair, 1873 10c on rose + 30c to London (soiled), 1876 5c + 25c to Switzerland (cover fault), 1870-71 'Paris Siege 10c (2, faults) and 20c 1871 covers, postmark potential, etc, some faults, generally fair/fine (90)


    Lot 719
    Estimate: $700 Realised Price : $650

    1870s-early 1900s 'Peace & Commerce' frankings (incl multiple and combinations), destinations abroad, noted 1880 to New Zealand with 25c (3) and 35c (2), little battered although presentable, 1885 5c strip of five to Switzerland, 1891 30c interpane pair to Australia (flap damage), 1898 50c solo franking registered to U.K., possible postmark potential, etc, faults here and there, generally fair/fine (130)


    Lot 720
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $360

    1891-1914 selection of commercial covers/cards/stationery to Australia, stationery including 15c Lettercard 1892 (10c uprate) and attractive 15c Envelope 1895 10c + 50c uprate for registration, postmark potential (noted 1903 'LIGNE T/PAQ FR. No.6), Parisian 'AUSTRALIE' handstamp applied to 1903 inadequately addressed cover, etc, condition mixed in places, generally fair (105)

    Lot 721
    Estimate: $650 Realised Price : $1,150

    1900-45 accumulation of commercial covers/cards, good range of frankings, many external usages (particularly to Australia), noted regd, Express, perfin, censored, taxed, advertising, many airmail, postmark potential (sighted TPO's, 1904 Paquebot originating in German East Africa, etc), mixed condition, generally fair (450+)

    Lot 722
    Estimate: $150

    1900-70s range of PPC's and covers, few FDC with various frankings, rates, mostly addressed within Europe, few to Australia, etc (few 100)

    Lot 723
    Estimate: $400

    Military mail selection comprising WWI (76) and II (52), former with some nice P.O.W. covers/cards (some to Australia), various cancels and cachets (noted 'Hospital 71' to U.K.), Red Cross complete 2f Booklet (soiled) with 20 labels, etc, latter mostly relating to member of Polish Army Contingent (some of these immediate postwar), P.O.W. items, some indicated as originating in Indochina, etc, some faults, mostly average/good quality for this type of material (128). Potential for the specialist

    Lot 724
    Estimate: $150

    1930s-1990s (mostly) selection with Official mail including 1964 Presidential cover and attractive topical cancels, 1880 and undated covers with 'Maison de la Empereur' handstamp, taxed and instructional markings, Cinderellas on commercial cover, etc (80+), also quantity of 'Port Paye' material

    Lot 725
    Estimate: $100

    1931 (24 May) dual frankings of France and Romania on Aero Club of France souvenir card flown Paris to Bucharest, Vincennes red, white and blue vignette affixed


    Lot 726
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $750

    1938 (16 May) airmail cover (230x150mm) Paris to Australia bearing adhesives 75c, 2Fr (2), 5Fr (2) and 50Fr Banknote (3, one with short corner perf), arrival backstamps, central filing crease not detracting from this amazing franking


    Lot 727
    Estimate: $800 Realised Price : $625

    1945-1990s large accumulation of commercial covers/cards, good range of frankings (meters offered in next lot) with higher denominations incl airmail stamps (noted 1948 parcel-fragment bearing 50f Pink block of 25!), many items to Australia (predominantly by air incl unusual postcard rates), typical mixed commercial quality, useful lot for study of stamp usage and complex rates of the period (700+)

    Lot 728
    Estimate: $400

    Meter and Frama frankings: 1930s-1990s commercial accumulation mostly to Australia (airmail predominates), Meters (200+) many applied to gummed labels (similar to Frama precursors) incl 1957 250f and 1959 750f intended for Express airmail to Australia but indicated as insufficiently franked, noted regd, advertising (superb 1953 Air France 95f to Aust), diversity of rates (A.O. labels, etc); Framas (approx 100) with rates to 51f (noted a 1991 prominent contorted impression), philatelic covers (26), few earlier mint; Meter 1926 proofs (3, various denominations), generally fair/fine quality (300+). Useful lot for the specialist

    Lot 729
    Estimate: $350

    First Day Covers: 1936-50 selection of scarcer covers/cards including 1936 Vimy (special machine cancel), 1938 Visit (2, single and registered pair), Stamp Day (special cancels) for 1944-47 and 1949-50, 1945 Oradour (card with Nimes cancel), 1946 UNESCO, 1947 St. Nazaire, Jamboree, Maintenance, Fournier, 15f Abbey, 1948 Congress, Leclerc/ Chateaubriand, Barrage/U.N., 1949 Polar, Commerce, 1950 Rabelais, etc, some both cover and card, odd fault, mostly fine, six unaddressed (35)

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