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    Lot 846
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $200

    Australia: 1915-18 selection to South Australia, earliest with double-oval Australian & New Zealand Convalescent Camp and Lieut./ADJT. CONVT. HOSPL. handstamps, (3)

    Lot 847
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $160

    -: c.1916 envelope from detention Barracks Berrima to Germany showing PRISONER OF WAR LETTER/FREE (#X3.2b) and London POST FREE/P.C./PRISONER OF WAR. Mail from Berrima is very scarce

    Lot 848
    Estimate: $115

    -: 1916 selection to the one family in Kalgoorlie (W.A.) with variety of markings incl VF ON ACTIVE SERVICE/Lieut/4th.TRNG.BATTN. cachet, average quality, (7)

    Lot 849
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $240

    -: 1917 (7th Mar) use of printed POW envelope (#X3.5) from Trial Bay, Lt. Col. Holman cachet, enclosure is on rare TRIAL BAY Concentration Camp letterhead

    Lot 850
    Estimate: $115

    -: correspondence (3) from Australian Naval Transport to Tasmania from a ship in Convoy 31, two showing rare PASSED/CENSOR (CM50), other Cape Town cds and Launceston Censor cachet

    Lot 851
    Estimate: $150

    -: (23rd Aug) OAS envelope to Victoria, posted at sea, showing very fine and rare A.I. FORCES POSTAGE FREE/VIC cds

    Lot 852
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $950

    -: WWII Cancellations: Diverse accumulation addressed to Kogarah Municipal Welfare and Comforts Fund in Sydney - Army, Airforce and Navy sources noted (800+). Good lot for specialist

    Lot 853
    Estimate: $230

    -: 1945 (Sep) - 1946 (May-Jun) usages of formular Card and 6d Air Mail Fee Card (ASC #X3.8) in intense indigo or in deep blue, odd small stain, generally fine appearance (3)

    Lot 854
    Estimate: $230

    -: AUSTAIR UNEF 1976 commercial use of U.N. Aerogramme from Ismailia, Egypt, to Australia, very fine strike of UNITED NATIONS/SEP 25 1976/EMERGENCY FORCE datestamp, accompanied by authoritative article. Very rare - only 45 Australians served

    Lot 855
    Estimate: $115

    Queensland: WWII Selection of covers with identified Field P.O. number cancels, some minor duplication, includes a few rubber types, etc (56)

    Lot 856
    Estimate: $380T

    Northern Territory: 1942-44 rare UNIT POSTAL STATION Military cancels comprising very fine 1942 strike of circular 376 in violet and 1943 rectangular 1047, these illustrated by Williams at p.259, and fine circular 420 of 1944. The only examples recorded by us - ex Ed Williams

    Lot 857
    Estimate: $230

    -: Air Force POs in N.T.: Range from AFPO 20-28 with extensive array of censors (Army and Navy), etc, useful and attractive lot (37, five registered)

    Lot 858
    Estimate: $115

    Victoria: 1901 (19th Oct) envelope Newcastle (Natal) to Cape Town showing mss. 5th V.M.R. regt./on active service top left, triangular PASSED PRESS/CENSOR cachet. Boer War - 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

    Lot 859
    Estimate: $180 Realised Price : $190

    B.C.O.F: 1945 airmailed envelope (little stained) to Australia showing handstamped H.M.A.S. "SHROPSHIRE"/Official signing Of/Japanese Surrender. cachet in black, lilac TOKYO BAY/JAPAN datestamp in lilac front and reverse, also 1945 (Jun-Jul) airmail envelopes (5d and 4d rates) Sydney to Lieut J.D. Mein/H.M.A.S. "SHROPSHIRE"/c/o G.P.O., (3 items)

    Lot 860
    Estimate: $95

    Estimated Price Reserve Price Currently 838 Lots in the database. choose one to edit 1 2 3 4 - : Iwakuni 1949 registered envelopes (2) to Australia bearing unoptd 3d pair or various unoptd to 6d (total 10d) cancelled by A.F.P.O.N30/R.A.A.F.-JAPAN cds, two types of permanent registration labels

    Lot 861
    Estimate: $115

    Burma Japanese Occupation: Army Administration 1942 (1a) red of Yano Sitza SG J45 tied to unaddressed stationery envelope

    Lot 862
    Estimate: $190T

    Great Britain: 1943 (Feb) envelope from Comoro Islands to U.K. via Durban (slogan cancel on front) showing Passed by Censor/R.A.F. Station and signed F D Swann P/O [Francis Donovan Swann was then with R.A.F. Sunderland Squadron based at Pananzi, Comoro Islands], also 1942 (14th May) item from same correspondence with F.P.O./41 datestamp and RAF/ CENSOR/349 cachet, (2 items)

    Lot 863
    Estimate: $190T

    -: envelope from Comoro Islands to U.K. via Durban (slogan cancel on front) showing Passed by Censor/R.A.F. Station signed F D Swann P/O [Francis Donovan Swann was then with the R.A.F. Sunderland Squadron based at Pamanzi, Comoro Islands]. Wartime mail from this origin rare

    Lot 864
    Estimate: $440

    -: 1947-48 Official group addressed to Army Pay Office, Manchester, from Poland, U.S., France, Denmark, Belgium, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Bulgaria, Chile, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Thailand, Switzerland, etc, noted two registered items from Polish Forces, M.E.L.F., Egypt, some striking cachets including 80 GRAVE CONCENTRATION UNIT, MILITARY ATTACHE/BRITISH EMBASSY, MOSCOW, some registered, mostly utilising British stationery and relevant country stamps (39). Scarce lot.

    Lot 865
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $360

    Japan: Naval Control Area 1942 postcard with Netherlands Indies 1c (4) with Anchor opt tied by strikes of BALIKPAPAN cds to Jakarta, 1943 Greater Asiatic War postcards (HG 67 - set of three in folder) unused, range of adhesives on piece or postcards with special cds including Fall of Singapore, etc, brightly coloured illustrated sheet 385x270mm showing Japanese stamps and Russian and Japanese soldiers in skirmish, also 1936 1s Diet postcard (HG 57) unused, condition mixed (22 items).

    Lot 866
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $180

    Labuan: 1945 (Oct-Nov) airmailed envelopes (2) to same addressee in Sydney with Aust 3d cancelled by AIR FORCE/234 datestamp, earlier with distinctly larger numerals than type listed by Proud

    Lot 867
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $320

    -: 1945 (24th Oct) by air to Aust with 3d tied by light AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/445, enclosure headed 2/2 AGH and mention of Labuan seems to confirm Collas allocation to 2/2 AGH Labuan (rather than Prouds "North Borneo - Papar-")

    Lot 868
    Estimate: $160 Realised Price : $180

    -: (6th Nov) from same correspondence by air to Aust with 3d and 1d tied by light AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/445 cds (2), photocopy of previous lots enclosure included [These are the first examples of 445 we have recorded]

    Lot 869
    Estimate: $150

    Malaya: 1943-44 printed POW envelope (ASC X2.8 - separated) and plain envelope, each with contents, to the one internee in Malaya, endorsed K and circled Japanese censor cachet added

    Lot 870
    Estimate: $90

    Netherlands Indies: 1945 (4th Aug) airmailed envelope bearing 1d (3) tied by AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/392 cds, then in use at Morotai. Unrecorded by Proud. Rare

    Lot 871
    Estimate: $150

    New Guinea: 1940-45 selection to Australia mostly at 4d Concessional (2) or 5d airmail (4) rates showing six various types of Censor markings including Passed by Censor/T.N.G. No.11 and PASSED BY/CENSOR/(T).N.G.50, one a registered combination Australia 3d and New Guinea 2d+1d franking cancelled by A.I.F. FIELD P.O./N24. datestamp, generally fair/fine (7)

    Lot 872
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $120

    New Guinea (Netherlands): 1943-44 lengthy correspondence from Australian Cpl I V Gillian whilst stationed at Merauke, letters usually three to five pages or more, various types of support group and military supplied stationery, censor handstamps and tape (unusually affixed at origin), noted photo of area in one envelope (28). Interesting Social history lot

    Lot 873
    Estimate: $115

    New Zealand: Selection of military covers and PPCs 1915-17 with various cachets and datestamps, includes PPC to Wellington showing framed Troopship No.42 datestamp (the Ulimaroa), PASSED BY MILITARY CENSOR in violet, etc (4)

    Lot 874
    Estimate: $115

    Palestine: 1940-41 envelopes (one reinforced at top) from Palestine or Jerusalem showing variety of markings including Base PO BWI or Army PO AW1 cds, ARMY/SIGNALS datestamps for GAZO, GZA, and FAST HOTEL (mss.), some showing ink cartoon illustrations (5)

    Lot 875
    Estimate: $260

    Papua: 1940-44 Military related selection including Field P.O.s, various Censor cachets with NO.11 SQUADRON,R.A.A.F./PORT MORESBY, PAPUA, mostly 4d Concessional rate, two registered one of which has handdrawn AAPS/FPO 53 registration panel and combination franking of Pictorial 6d and d (2, McCracken printing) together with New Guinea 2d, also N.Z. Forces at Bougainville items (2), (11).

    Lot 876
    Estimate: $95

    -: 1941 airmail envelopes (2) to same addressee in Australia at 4d Concessional rate, differing compositions, one with three censor cachets, including Lee #C8 and C9, other with two cachets (#C8 only)

    Lot 877
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $145

    -: 1942 (Feb-Mar) airmail envelopes at 4d rate to one addressee in Prospect (S.A.), two with Papuan adhesives tied by FIELD POST OFFICE/020, other AUST POST OFFICE/058 in use at Port Moresby B.P.O., one with scarce handstamped A.A.M.C./POSTAL CONCESSION

    Lot 878
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    US Forces in Papua/New Guinea: 1942-44 group (25) with APO return addresses and/or datestamps from range of bases, condition rather mixed

    Lot 879
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $120

    US Forces in Philippines: 1944-48 group (15) from range of bases, two with Australian adhesives, also a few later, mixed condition (20)

    Lot 880
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    US Forces in Solomons Group (Army): 1943-45 censored Envelopes 6c or envelopes (9, one stampless) with APS cdss from Post Offices 25 (2, Guadalcanal or New Georgia) 40 (Guadalcanal), 43 (2, Russell Island or New Georgia), 293 (Green Island), 706 (Sterling Island), 709 (Guadalcanal) and 717 (Munda). Scarce group, (9)

    Lot 881
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    -: Group (Navy): 1943-44 censored Envelopes 6c or envelope endorsed Free with Navy cds, from Post Offices 33 (Russell Is), 145 and 224 at Guadalcanal, two with Navy Censor cachets in black, (3)

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