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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 1033
    Estimate: $30,000

    The Rodney A. Perry ‘1952-1966 Usage’ Melbourne Stampshow 2009 eight-frame Vermeil exhibit, commercial usage material only, many scarce to rare usages, including solo frankings for 1952 Pictorial 1d (2, Defence Forces concessional), 2d, 1/6d (2), 2/6d, 10/-, 1958-60 Pictorial 8d, Cattle 1/7d and 2/5d (2, one rare domestic use), 5/-, 1961 Legislative 2/3d, 1961-62 3/- Policeman, 1962 Games 2/3d, 1963 Photogravure 6d, Recess 8d and 2/3d, Games 1/-, 1964 Artefacts 2/6d (2, one rare domestic use), Common Roll 2/3d, Health 8d and 1/-, 1964-65 Birds 6d, 8d, 2/3d and 5/- (a rarity), 1965 ANZAC 2/3d, Conference 1/- (2), U.N.O. 1/-, combination/multiple frankings, 1952 10/- (4, one with 1962 Malaria 2/- block), 1958-60 1/7d (5), 2/5d (2), 5/- (2), 1961 Legislative 2/3d, 1961-62 3/- (3, incl x4 record franking), 1962 Malaria 1/- block and 2/- pair, Conference 1/6d pair, 2/6d (a rarity), Commonwealth Games 5d se-tenant pair and strips (2), 2/3d (uprate of 5d Stationery envelope), 1964 Artefacts 2/6d, 5/- (record (x3) and only recorded franking), Common Roll 2/3d, Health 1/2d, 1964-65 Birds, every denomination to 10/- (1/-, 5/-, 10/- on single cover), incl rare 1966 £SD/Decimal combination franking, 1/- used as postage due, and remarkable 32/- franking (comprising 3/- strip of four, 5/- block of three, and Artefacts 2/6d pair), 1965 Prows 1/6d and 4/- (block of three, record franking), ANZAC 2/3d, U.N.O. 2/- (2), scarcer rates incl airmail postcards, Express Delivery, Compensation, Late fees (with rare commercial use square cancel), exotic destinations, regular stamps utilized as postage dues, uprated Stationery Registered envelope 1/0½d and 1/7d, etc, 232 items generally of very good exhibition quality.

    The pre-eminent collection of its kind. Please note that generous terms are available for the purchaser of this superb collection. [A complete set of scans on CD is available; AU$50 posted]


    Lot 1034
    Estimate: $500

    1976 7t Father Ross Courvoisier Imperforate Proofs. Five separations in light blue, grey, lemon, pink and black, plus the final design, affixed to official archive page (6)


    Lot 1035
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    Stamp Duty: 'Stamp/Duty/1d.' with bar obliterating 6½d Hut, marginal block of four, cancelled by 'KEREMA/4 JA 63' datestamp


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