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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 39

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    Lot 550
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $320

    Barbados: 1935 (15 Oct) commercial airmail cover to Argentina bearing d, 4d and 2/- tied by G.P.O. datestamp, backstamped '1754' within circle. Attractive


    Lot 551
    Estimate: $2,000

    British Columbia: 1868 (16 Sep) cover to 'Victoria/V.I.' (Vancouver Island) bearing 1865-67 3d Pale Blue, SG 22, strip of four tied by obliterating cancel, backstamped at New Westminster B.C, minor blemishes. 2004 Philatelic Foundation Certificate. Fine and rare


    Lot 552
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    British Guiana: 1899 (17 May) use of 2c on 5c Envelope Georgetown to Bavaria, cacheted at top left 'Bookpost', Wolfratshausen arrival backstamp


    Lot 553
    Estimate: $75

    British Guiana: 1936 (30 Sep) registered cover to New Zealand bearing KGV 6c and 4c, red and black/white registration label, backstamps of New York and San Francisco. Exotic origin/destination


    Lot 554
    Estimate: $350

    British Honduras: 1894 (19 Sep) registered cover to Germany bearing 6c on 10c on 4d Mauve pair, SG 43, tied by barred 'K65', Belize cds and 'R' within alongside, Elberfeld arrival backstamp. Fine


    Lot 555
    Estimate: $80

    British Honduras: 1911 (1 Dec) advertising cover to U.S.A. bearing KEVII 1c, 2c (2) tied by Belize datestamps, New Orleans transit backstamp, minor creasing


    Lot 556
    Estimate: $75

    British Honduras: 1924 (25 Jul) registered printed business envelope to U.S.A. bearing KGV 10c tied by Belize datestamp, Chicago arrival backstamp


    Lot 557
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $95

    British Honduras: 1928 (4 Jul) registered cover to U.S.A. bearing KGV 4c and 5c tied by 'ORANGE WALK' datestamps, label at top, New York and Chicago backstamps


    Lot 558
    Estimate: $250

    British Virgin Islands: 1918 (15 Feb) reg'd cover to U.S.A. bearing 1d 'WAR STAMP' strip of five tied by 'TORTOLA' datestamps, handstamped registration panel, Saint Thomas and Port Washington backstamps


    Lot 559
    Estimate: $150

    British Virgin Islands: 1922 (22 Sep) registered OHMS cover to South Africa bearing KGV 2d, 1d pair and d pair tied by 'TORTOLA' datestamps, handstamped registration panel, backstamps of Saint Thomas and New York


    Lot 560
    Estimate: $900 Realised Price : $675

    Burma: 1916 (Nov) 'PRISONER OF WAR LETTER.' Envelope to Turkey. inscribed at base 'From Prisoners of War Camp, Thayetmyo, Burma, India.' blue censor stamp with commandant signature, Bulgaria transit censor handstamp in red, framed Istanbul censor mark, Galata arrival backstamp. Rare triple censorship item and exotic origin/destination


    Lot 561
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $80

    Burma: 1941 (2 Aug) registered cover Rangoon to England bearing perfin KGV 3a6p and KGVI 2a 'C B I' (Chartered Bank of India) tied by Rangoon datestamp, company cachet and arrival datestamp


    Lot 562
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $440

    Canada: 1889 (30 Sep) mourning cover (faults) Windsor to N.S.W. bearing 2c and 5c (2) for rare 12c U.P.U. rate, backstamped San Francisco and Sydney


    Lot 563
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $95

    Cape of Good Hope: 1901 (30 Dec) underpaid cover to Melbourne bearing 1d tied by Wellington Station duplex, hexagonal 'T/15c.' and 'T3D' within oval, framed 'No. 1 LIST/JA 29/1902', 'UNCLAIMED AT/MELBOURNE' and 'NOT KNOWN BY/LETTER CARRIERS/ MELBOURNE', various DLO backstamps


    Lot 564
    Estimate: $200

    Cayman Islands: 1913 (11 Nov) registered cover to Germany bearing KEVII 6d, SG 30a (scarce), 2d, 1/- and 3d tied by Georgetown cds's, London transit and Halberstadt arrival backstamp


    Lot 565
    Estimate: $100

    Cayman Islands: 1934 (24 May) registered cover to Scotland bearing KGV 2d and 1d Centenary tied by 'CAYMAN BRAC' cds, handstamped registration panel, oval 'KINGSTON JAMAICA' transit backstamp, small piece missing from flap


    Lot 566
    Estimate: $100

    Denmark: 1891 (21 Apr) inwards cover Cowra (N.S.W.) to Denmark bearing 2d Emu strip of three tied by concentric ring '12' duplex, Randers arrival datestamp


    Lot 567
    Estimate: $175

    Dominica: 1903 (19 Oct) registered cover to Germany bearing 6d Grey and Chestnut, SG 32, tied by 'DOMINICA' cds, 'R' within black oval, handstamped registration panel in red with manuscript number, London transit datestamp and arrival backstamp. Attractive


    Lot 568
    Estimate: $60

    Dominica: 1929 (26 Apr) registered OHMS cover to Germany bearing KGV 6d, SG 82, tied by 'DOMINICA/G.P.O.' cds, arrival backstamp


    Lot 569
    Estimate: $150

    Dubai - India Used in: 1943 (Apr) commercial airmail cover to Bombay with 'P.O. Dubai/ P. Gulf' in manuscript on obverse, India 2a6p tied by Dubai datestamp, Indian Censor tape tied by 'Crown/PASSED/DHC/80' handstamp


    Lot 570
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $125

    Falkland Islands: 1898 use of 1d Postal Card to Chile cancelled indistinctly at Falklands, Valparaiso transit and Concepcion arrival datestamps


    Lot 571
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Great Britain: 1911 (11 Sep) Coronation flight PPC in grey-green bearing d, addressed to Australia, framed 'T/10' and handstruck '1D.' in black, creasing and soiling. Scarce


    Lot 572
    Estimate: $100

    Great Britain: 1938 (22 Nov) stampless 'crash cover' England to Dunedin with cachet in violet 'RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION/EX FLYING BOAT CALPURN(IA)'


    Lot 573
    Estimate: $100

    Great Britain: 1935 (4 May) cover flown England to Victoria bearing KGV 1/- and 3d with private perfins 'G.H.P./&Co.', Melbourne arrival backstamp


    Lot 574
    Estimate: $100

    Grenada: 1895 (10 Jan) cover to Belgium bearing 2d Blue tied by 'ST. GEORGE'S' cds, Bruxelles arrival backstamp


    Lot 575
    Estimate: $80

    Grenada: 1929 (21 Aug) registered OHMS cover to Canada bearing KGV 4d tied by GPO cds, handstamped registration panel, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 576
    Estimate: $80

    Guadeloupe: 1904 (23 Mar) PPC to Ulverstone (Tasmania) bearing 10c tied by double-circle datestamp, transit and arrival backstamps. Exotic origin/destination


    Lot 577
    Estimate: $175 Realised Price : $150

    India: 1884 (8 Mar) Bombay Municipality cover addressed 'Lieutent [sic] Colonel/Andrew Crawford/Retired List/Castra Tasmania/Australia' bearing 4a and 2a tied by Outward Bombay duplex, Hobart and Castra Road backstamps


    Lot 578
    Estimate: $500

    Iran/Bushire British Occupation: 1916 (18 Apr) registered cover (a little reduced) from Captain E W Reynolds, 96th Infantry, unusually to Mrs Reynolds in Sydney, bearing India 2a 6p (2) tied by very fine 'BUSHIRE/REG/18 AP/16' datestamp, Sydney and Edgecliff backstamps. Exceptional item


    Lot 579
    Estimate: $125

    Japan: 1892 3s Postal Card used to London, Kobe (31.12.1894) and octagonal 'LIGNE N/PAQ. FR. No. 3' transit datestamps


    Lot 580
    Estimate: $200

    Labuan: 1945 (Jul) covers (roughly opened) from Australian Serviceman to same addressee in Sydney with scarce 'FIELD POST OFFICE/037' datestamp in use at Labuan, one very good strike, others fair only (3 covers)


    Lot 581
    Estimate: $600

    Latvia: 1895 and 1907 usages of Russian 3k and 4k Postal Cards to Melbourne and Sydney, earlier uprated with 1k (card a little soiled), from Riga and Libau, respectively. Great origin/destination items


    Lot 582
    Estimate: $500

    Malaya - Federated Malay States: 1917 (10 Apr) registered cover from Onehunga New Zealand to Kuala Lumpur with Straits Settlements 'OPENED BY THE/CENSOR AND/OFFICIALLY SEALED' tape affixed and 'LETTER CENSOR'S OFFICE/G.P.O.' and 'PASSED/POSTAL CENSOR/PENANG' handstamps front and reverse


    Lot 583
    Estimate: $100

    Malaya - B.M.A.: 1947 (3 Dec) airmail cover to Czechoslovakia bearing B.M.A. opts 2c (2), 8c (2) and 50c tied by Singapore cds, flap fault. Scarce destination


    Lot 584
    Estimate: $100T

    Malaya - Penang: 1936 (20 Mar) airmail cover carried by Imperial Airways to Kowloon bearing Strait Settlements 6c, 10c, 4c and 5c tied by Penang datestamp, backstamps of Victoria and Kowloon. Attractive


    Lot 585
    Estimate: $80

    Maldive Islands: 1954 cover to Sweden bearing 1Re tied by Maldive Islands cds, Lysekil arrival backstamp. Fantastic


    Lot 586
    Estimate: $100T

    Malaya: 1952 (9 Feb) commercial airmail cover bearing 25c, flown Baling to Macau, arrival backstamp. Unusual destination


    Lot 587
    Estimate: $175

    Montserrat: 1900 (12 Dec) cover to U.S.A. bearing Leeward Islands QV 1d pair and d tied by code 'A' 'MONTSERRAT' datestamps, New York and Washington backstamps


    Lot 588
    Estimate: $60

    Montserrat: 1919 (12 Apr) cover used locally bearing 1d 'WAR STAMP' overprint pair, SG 62. Early usage


    Lot 589
    Estimate: $100

    Montserrat: 1929 (15 Jul) OHMS registered cover to U.S.A. bearing KGV 1d and 3d, Plymouth registration label, re-addressed on arrival, New York and Boston backstamps


    Lot 590
    Estimate: $100

    Mozambique: 1937 (1 Sep) airmail cover to London bearing seven adhesives rated to 2.01P tied by Beira datestamps, small bilingual airmail vignette affixed


    Lot 591
    Estimate: $100

    Natal: 1911 (2 Dec) advertising card for 'ARTHUR HUGHES - Ostrich Feather Merchant' used to Launceston bearing KEVII 1d pair tied by Pietermaritzburg cds. Great bird item


    Lot 592
    Estimate: $60T

    Nepal: 1946 (28 May) registered cover to Canada with India 6a and a on reverse tied by double-circle datestamp, buff registration label with mss. '269' and rubber-stamped in black 'BRITISH LEGATION/(NEPAL)', slight cover faults


    Lot 593
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $260

    Palestine: 1925 (registered) and 1926 covers to Czechoslovakia from Haifa and Tel-Aviv respectively bearing 13p pair with 'KANTARA/TPO SOUTH' on reverse, and other 1m and 4m (3). Attractive pair


    Lot 594
    Estimate: $80T Realised Price : $60

    Saint Helena: 1960 (14 Aug) registered use of formular type Air Letter to Czechoslovakia bearing QEII 4d, 3d, 1d and 2d tied by individual cds's. Unusual


    Lot 595
    Estimate: $250T

    Saudi Arabia: 1935 (10 Sep) inwards cover bearing Japan s Definitive and 9s Air tied by coloured pictorial datestamp, flown Kyoto to 'Bhora Bazar, Aden-Camp./Arabia', transit and arrival backstamps. Exotic destination


    Lot 596
    Estimate: $100

    Sudan: 1931 (12 Mar) airmail cover to Edinburgh with 1931 Airmail 10m and 2p, SG 48-49, Khartoum to London Imperial Airways service, cachet in black. Scarce adhesives on cover


    Lot 597
    Estimate: $400

    Switzerland: 1878 (4 Apr) use of 25c Envelope uprated with 50c Seated Helvetia used from Geneva to 'Greymouth/New Zealand/(Australie)', oval cachet of Museum of Natural History, reverse with backstamps of Brindisi, Sydney, Christchurch and Greymouth, roughly opened at top and flap faults. Amazing and rare origin/destination


    Lot 598
    Estimate: $100

    Togo: 1898 (25 Aug) PPC (Ivory poachers) to Germany bearing Germany 10pf optd 'Togo' tied by Lome datestamp and another at left. Attractive


    Lot 599
    Estimate: $125

    Togo: 1915 (25 Oct) registered cover Lome to Grand Popo bearing KGV opts on 1/-, 6d and 3d, unframed 'Passed by Censor/at/Lome (Togo)' in violet, Anecho transit and Dahomey arrival backstamps


    Lot 600
    Estimate: $200

    Uganda: 1902 (1 Dec) use of 2a Registered Envelope to German East Africa uprated with a (2) and 2a cancelled by Entebbe datestamps, filing creasing and toning. [Previously sold in our General Sale No. 13 where it realised AU$690]


    Lot 601
    Estimate: $250

    United States of America: 1886 (22 Aug) cover with original contents to N.S.W. bearing 5c pair (tiny fault) and 2c tied by New York duplex, San Francisco transit and Sydney backstamps


    Lot 602
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $180

    United States of America: 1889 group of uprated Envelopes to the one addressee in Sydney (N.S.W.) sent from Philadelphia (4) or Arkansas, two with cachet 'PAID ALL', another 'Short Paid', plus 1893 Postal Card to same (6 items)


    Lot 603
    Estimate: $400

    United States of America: 1965 cover from Association of American Railroads, Washington to Railway Offices, Melbourne (Aust), charred and 'DAMAGED IN HANDLING/IN THE POSTAL SERVICE' and 'TRAIN FIRE IN U S A' applied together with San Francisco cds (9 Jun). Great railways exhibit item


    Lot 604
    Estimate: $60

    Zanzibar: 1931 (4 Aug) cover to N.Z. bearing 6c Sultan tied by squared-circle cds. Scarce single franking


    Lot 605
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $95

    Zanzibar: 1932 (16 Jan) registered cover to Philippines bearing 25c, 1c, 8c and 3c (3) tied by registered cds's, handstamped registration panel, Aden and Singapore transit and Davo Island arrival handstamp. Fantastic origin/destination


    Lot 606
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Zanzibar: 1959 (3 Apr) underpaid airmail cover to N.Z. bearing 5c, 10c, 25c, 35c and 50c, endorsed in blue crayon 'T110c' and circled 'TO PAY/DOUBLE DEFICIENT POSTAGE', mss. '2/3', ordinary adhesives 1/- pair and 3d affixed and cancelled on arrival


    Lot 607
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $320

    Zululand: 1897 (Mar) registered cover Eshowe to Transvaal bearing QV d to 6d, SG 20-24, tied by double-circled datestamps, backstamps of Durban and Pretoria. Attractive


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