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Sale No. 65

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.... Sale 65 now open for purchases of unsold lots ....
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    Linfield Victoria

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    Lot 69
    Estimate: $1,500T Realised Price : $2,600

    Selection of shades on leaves comprising 1d singles (21, two possibly unused), pairs (7, one cleaned), strips of three and four; 3d singles (16), pairs (8), few 'Retouches', also singles rouletted and perforated 12. Some faults, majority of fine appearance, a few useful postmarks


    Lot 70
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $480

    1d Brown Stone A 'abnormal' strip of three [18-1-2], SG 26, huge margins, slight thinnings


    Lot 71
    Estimate: $1,500T

    1d Brick-Red, SG 26a, strip of four on 1855 (3 Dec) entire letter (minor reinforcing) used Eltham to Collingwood, tear in first unit, otherwise a fine and very rare multiple on cover


    Lot 72
    Estimate: $450T

    1d Dull Red, SG 26b, four margins, slightly overlapped by 3d Deep Blue (SG 31c) on 1855 (23 Aug) entire letter Melbourne to Geelong


    Lot 73
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $460

    1d Dull Rose-Red pair, SG 27a, trimmed at right, other margins mainly large, small scissor cut between, on 1855 (27 Jan) entire used at Melbourne


    Lot 74
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $800

    1d Rose, 28a, 'abnormal' strip of four [22-23-24-19], cancelled with Barred Numeral 109' of Taradale


    Lot 75
    Estimate: $750T

    1d Rose, SG 28a, four singles with margins in places on 1856 (26 Jul) entire letter used Kyneton to Melbourne


    Lot 76
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $220

    1d Dull Brown-Red, SG 28c, large to huge margins


    Lot 77
    Estimate: $4,000T Realised Price : $5,000

    3d Greenish Blue strip of four [15-18] with [17 - Retouch under 'C' of VICTORIA], SG 29/a, close to large margins, touched lower right, tied to 1858 (18 Oct) entire Melbourne to Buckeburg (Germany) via Marseilles, bearing 'AUSTRALIE V SUEZ A.M./14/DEC.58' cds in red, backstamped 'SHIP LETTER/G.P.O. VICTORIA/FREE', Paris and Buckeburg. Exceptional usage


    Lot 78
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $1,100

    3d Prussian Blue 'abnormal' pair [12-11], SG 30, clear to large margins, on 1858 (15 Jan) entire letter headed 'Lexton or Burbank' used to Five Mile Town, Ireland, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 79
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $1,000

    3d Prussian Blue pair [17-18] showing 'Retouch under 'C' of VICTORIA', SG 30/a, used with 2d QonT, tied by two strikes of Barred Numeral '108' of Preston (rated RRR) to 1857 (10 Feb) entire to Melbourne, torn in half vertically (through 3d pair) and unobtrusively repaired. Most attractive. Ex Pack


    Lot 80
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $280

    3d Steel Blue pair, SG 31, close to huge margins cancelled by the rare 'rhombus' of dots


    Lot 81
    Estimate: $300

    3d Greenish Blue, SG 31a, used with Perkins Bacon 1d Yellow-Green (SG 40) on 1856 (24 Nov) cover (light crease) Ballarat to Geelong. Attractive franking


    Lot 82
    Estimate: $1,000T

    3d Stone B Greenish blue pair, SG 31a, just touched lower left, other margins clear to large on 1858 (15 Sep) envelope (light fold)


    Lot 83
    Estimate: $750T Realised Price : $725

    3d Blue pair, SG 31b, used with Perkins Bacon 1d Yellow-Green pair (SG 40) tied by Barred Numeral '3' cancels to 1856 (5 Dec) entire letter Castlemaine to Melbourne. Most attractive double-rate cover


    Lot 84
    Estimate: $600T

    3d Deep Blue, SG 31c, huge margins and 1d Dull Rose-Red (SG 27a), huge margins three sides on 1856 (6 Jun) entire letter used Geelong to Melbourne


    Lot 85
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $550

    3d Indigo, SG 31d, huge margins and 1d Lilac-Rose (SG 28b), huge margins three sides on 1856 (7 Oct) cover from Ballarat to Geelong


    Lot 86
    Estimate: $600T

    1858 (16 Aug) entire letter (folded) to UK 'Pr. Columbian via Marseilles' bearing 3d bright blue (SG 29, four margins) and 6d Woodblock, tied by Barred Numeral '1'


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