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Sale No. 65

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    Linfield Victoria

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    Lot 429
    Estimate: $1,250T Realised Price : $2,300

    Collection on leaves containing numbers between 1 and 2098, generally above average strikes for this type of collection with around 75% numbers, contains (approximately) ratings R (69), RR (31), RRR (8), RRRR numbers 540, 781, 855 and 1628, very slight duplication with strikes on different values. An ideal basis for expansion or the start of a new collection


    Lot 430
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $550

    Collection: Adhesives with numbers 1-100 plus a few later unusual types, coloured cancels or errors, mainly 1860s-80s, extensive range of types for '1', '2', '3' and '5'. Noted RRRR (3) - 63(type 1), 67(1) and 293(1) - fair strikes, RRR (4), RR (17), adhesives include Half-length 3d horizontal pair, large margins except at left, many Emblems, Laureate 8d Orange, mainly fine strikes (approx 250 items)


    Lot 431
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $280

    Selection: On Stamp Statute '95' on 1d, '538' on 6d, 'MC/68' on 1/-; On Stamp Duty '69', '327', '870', 'M 5', '1006' on 1d Bistre, '950' on 6d and '26' on 1 Orange. Scarce assembly


    Lot 432
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $220

    1901-07 collection of mostly covers, some registered, few postcards, majority 'Tattersalls' at Hobart with numeral range between 46 and 2044 (taxed), three items with R rating, few S or SS. Useful lot (45 items)


    Lot 433
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $2,100

    '1' type K experimental duplex with Melbourne datestamp and smaller figure '1' in circle of 18 thin bars, three strikes tying Emblems rouletted 2d Brownish Lilac (3) to 1860 (25 Jul) cover to London. The example recorded in Freeman and White. Rated RRRR.


    Lot 434
    Estimate: $120T

    '1W' of Market St, Melbourne, improvised 11 bar numeral in blue tying Naish 4d and Laureate 6d to 1884 (11 Jun) registered cover to Scotland, cds with manuscript year and day, toning, scarce


    Lot 435
    Estimate: $150T

    '40' of Echuca, type A2, two strikes tying Laureated 2d strip of three (frame varieties in each, one with a void corner) to neat 1869 (29 Jan) envelope to England


    Lot 436
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $750

    '66' of Oakleigh, type A2, rated RRRRR, tying Emblems 4d to 1857 (17 Aug) entire letter to Melbourne, datestamps on reverse


    Lot 437
    Estimate: $100T

    '78' of St.Kilda - first type, rated R tying 6d Blue to 1873 (May) cover to London


    Lot 438
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    '89' of Amherst - rated RR, tying C&F 3d Blue pair (SG 31b) to 1856 (7 Jul) entire letter to England, handstruck '5d' in red, Amherst and Melbourne backstamps, 'AUSTRALIAN PACKET/LIVERPOOL' in black and Paid datestamp in red


    Lot 439
    Estimate: $125T

    '94' duplex of St. Arnaud, rated R, two strikes tying Laureate 2d Slate, SG 155a, strip of three tied to 1868 (22 May) cover to Scotland


    Lot 440
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $420

    '98' of Malmsbury, type A2, rated RRR, tying Emblems 4d to 1857 (13 Oct) cover to Melbourne, very fine datestamp on reverse


    Lot 441
    Estimate: $200T

    '289' of Hotham, type 2C, rated RRR, fair strike tying Laureate 2d to 1864 (20 Jun) envelope to Melbourne, Hotham backstamp


    Lot 442
    Estimate: $150T

    '415' of Wood's Point, type 4 - '1' and '5' spaced, rated RR, tying Laureate 4d to 1864 (2 Nov) cover used to Melbourne


    Lot 443
    Estimate: $200T

    '465' of Mt. Gellibrand, rated RR, two strikes tying Laureate 2d pair & 6d to 1867 (25 Sep) printed 'VIA MARSEILLES' on pink cover to London, handstruck 'M' in red


    Lot 444
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $100

    '2095' of Mt. Martha superb strike on 1d Postcard used 1905 (23 Nov) to London


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