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    Linfield Victoria

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    Lot 379
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $320

    British Honduras: 1902 (14 Feb) registered cover to Lara bearing QV 2c pair and 3c tied by 'BELIZE' datestamps, handstamped registration panel, 'R' in black oval, backstamps of New York, San Francisco and Melbourne, small flap fault. Scarce


    Lot 380
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $420

    Chile: 1896 (18 Mar) registered cover to Hochkirch bearing 2c (5) and 5c (2) with ornate Valparaiso registration label, further label affixed at San Francisco, backstamps of New York, San Francisco and Hochkirch


    Lot 381
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    France: 1866 (24 Apr) flapless cover Paris to Melbourne via Marseilles bearing 80c pair tied by Paris duplex, framed 'PD' in red, arrival backstamp


    Lot 382
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $420

    Ireland: 1871 (26 Jan) envelope to Melbourne, readdressed to Mornington with attractive 4-colour of franking of 1865-67 4d, 1867-80 6d and 3d, and 1858-70 1d tied by Dublin Late Fee/186 duplexes and paying scarce rate of 1/1 for oz, though rate reduced to 9d on 16 Dec 1870


    Lot 383
    Estimate: $500T

    Ireland: 1877 (13 May) underpaid mourning cover Thurles to Melbourne bearing 2d and 6d tied by '429' duplex, 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE(mss.7)/ FINE___(mss.6)' handstamp and endorsed '1/1', on arrival 'MORE TO (PAY)' within black oval under mss. '1/1', backstamped at Melbourne


    Lot 384
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    Italy: 1871 (Apr) cover Florence to Melbourne via Brindisi bearing 40c (2) tied by Firenze duplex, handstamped 'P.P.', backstamps incl Alexandria and Melbourne


    Lot 385
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    Italy: 1887 (20 Jan) flapless cover to Warrnambool bearing 25c strip of three tied by Firenze duplexes, backstamps of Melbourne and Warrnambool


    Lot 386
    Estimate: $300T

    Redirected Inwards Mail: 1855-1901, with 1855 from UK (2) bearing 1855 Embossed cut-to-shape 6d or 1/-, redirected Melbourne to Heathcote showing Ship Letter Free and Heathcote backstamps; 1871 from UK to Brighton then Melbourne (stamps damaged) with 'UNCLAIMED'; 1891 from France to Warrnambool then Hawksburn; 1892 card from Germany with added d and 1d for redirection to Germany; 1900 OAS cover from South Africa to Cheshunt then Melbourne (6)


    Lot 387
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $550

    Russia: 1884 (6 Jan) cover Riga to Hotham bearing 7k (6) paying the oz rate, backstamps of Bologna, Melbourne, etc, minor soiling. Early usage


    Lot 388
    Estimate: $500T

    United Kingdom: 1856 (5 May) entire letter London to Melbourne 'P 'Lightning'' bearing cut-to-shape 6d Embossed, on arrival C&F Half-lengths 1d and 4d affixed and re-addressed to 'Tarrangower' (goldfields near Maldon), backstamps of Melbourne and Maldon, soiling


    Lot 389
    Estimate: $180T

    United Kingdom: 1857 (9 Jul) envelope from Oban, Scotland, bearing 1854-57 2d Blue (SG 35) strip of 3


    Lot 390
    Estimate: $750T

    United Kingdom: 1858-89 inwards Mail [rated 1/-] (3) bearing single 1/- with 1858 'via Marseilles', 1863 registered, 1874 double rate; [10d] 1864 6d + 4d ; [9d] (3) with 1860 oz via Marseilles bearing 6d + 2d + 1d, 1872-73 via Brindisi (2) franked 6d + 3d; [8d] 1877 bearing 8d Orange; [6d] 1860-89 (8) with make-ups of 6d single (5), 1d (6), 3d pair or 2d pair + 1d, few tones. SG cat 2500+ on cover (16)


    Lot 391
    Estimate: $400T

    United Kingdom: 1860 (26 Jun) envelope (fold, stain) from London to Birregurra with impressive franking of 1855-57 Wmk Large Garter 4d pair, Wmk Emblems 1/- strip of 3 and 1856-58 perf 14 1d (stamps cat 990), Geelong and Winchelsea backstamps


    Lot 392
    Estimate: $300T

    United Kingdom: 1864 Marseilles 10d rate, from UK bearing 1862-64 9d (cat 575 on cover) and 1d; from Ballarat to UK bearing Adapted 6d Black and Laureate 4d, showing red 'M' of Geelong; 1873 9d Brindisi rate from Glasgow bearing 1867-80 9d (cat 425); 1872 Melbourne to Ireland bearing 9d on 10d (perf faults), minor toning in UK covers (4)


    Lot 393
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    United Kingdom: 1864 (Mar) cover London to Melbourne bearing 2d Blue (6, in 3 pairs), second line of address 'Post Office till calld. for', reverse with Melbourne May arrival backstamp and 'UNCLAIMED' in red, on front mss. '2' for delivery charge in Melbourne and handstamped 'ADVERTISED/AND/UNCLAIMED', minor blemishes


    Lot 394
    Estimate: $200T

    United Kingdom: 1867 (22 May) envelope from Yarmouth via Marseilles to Melbourne bearing 1865-67 9d, SG 98 (cat 800 on cover) and 1858-79 1d (plate 94), odd minor blemish


    Lot 395
    Estimate: $250T

    United Kingdom: 1870 (20 Apr) envelope (no flap) from Birmingham bearing 1867-80 10d Deep Red-Brown, SG 114 (cat 700 on cover)


    Lot 396
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $160

    United Kingdom: 1875 (22 Jan) envelope (light soiling) 'via Brindisi' to Melbourne with boxed 'L1' in red, 1867-80 9d Straw (cat 425 on cover) paying oz rate and 1858-79 1d paying Late Fee


    Lot 397
    Estimate: $150T

    United Kingdom: 1877 (30 Aug) envelope (slight soiling, light corner crease) bearing 1877 4d Sage-Green Plate 15 pair, left unit wing margin trimmed, SG 153 (cat 700 on cover)


    Lot 398
    Estimate: $300T

    United Kingdom: 1880 (11 Feb) envelope (staining) from Oxford bearing 1873-80 6d and 1858-79 1d Plate 212 paying 7d rate via Brindisi and Suez. Rate in use only during February 1880!


    Lot 399
    Estimate: $750T Realised Price : $600

    United States of America: 1877 (13 Aug) registered cover Roughkeepsie to a patient in Dunolly hospital, endorsed 'By way of England bearing 10c Brown (4), at right 'OFFICIALLY SEALED/IN THE/Returned Letter Office,/London', backstamps of Melbourne (27.2.78) and Dunolly (28.2.78), endorsed 'Recd from/Melbourne/with a piece torn off corner' and 'Peterkin (addressee) deceased', on obverse endorsed 'Dead' and handstruck '(crown)/REGISTERED' in red, in green on reverse 'D.L.B./U/NO 6/80/VICTORIA' and re-sent to USA where triangular U.S. Dead Letter Office 5 Feb 1881 added. An amazing journey. Includes USPO Dead Letter envelope. (2 items)


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