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Sale No. 65

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    Leven New Guinea

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    Lot 1440
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    Selection of stamps/pieces on leaves, Powell type 66, 67 and 68 datestamps with KGV d (23), 1d Red (6), 1d Violet (2), 2d Orange (2, one 'OS'), 2d Scarlet (4, one 'OS'), 4d Orange (5), 4d Ultramarine (faded) 'OS', 5d (3); Kangaroos 2d (7, one Die II), 2d (4), 3d, 6d (4), 1/-, 10/- (blunt corner), all legible, some in violet, mixed condition


    Lot 1441
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $420

    1915 (28 Mar) cover-front to Sydney with 2d (3, faults) tied by Tulagi datestamps and straight-line 'Station Kieta.' (Powell type 65) in blue, Sydney backstamp


    Lot 1442
    Estimate: $2,500T Realised Price : $1,900

    1915 (Aug) cover (no flap) to Sydney endorsed 'via Faisi' bearing 1d pair tied by indistinct straight-line 'Station Kieta.' (Powell type 65) cancels, also with Solomon Is datestamps, endorsed in red 'Passed Censor'/(handstamped) Kieta', Tulagi and Sydney backstamps. A very rare cancel, in use for six months only


    Lot 1443
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1917 (14 Oct) cover to England bearing KGV d pair tied by Powell type 66 datestamps, 'PASSED CENSOR.' (similar to Humphreys type 8) in black and crowned oval 'PASSED CENSOR/RABAUL' cachet in violet, arrival backstamp


    Lot 1444
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1917 (17 Nov) reduced cover to Sydney bearing KGV 4d Orange tied by Powell type 66 datestamp, 'PASSED CENSOR.' (Humphreys type 8 - rated rare and used only at Kieta) in violet, Tulagi transit backstamp


    Lot 1445
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $360

    1918 (10 Feb) cover to Sydney bearing Kangaroo 2d and KGV d tied by strikes of Powell type 66 datestamps in violet


    Lot 1446
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1918 (16 Mar) registered cover to Switzerland bearing KGV 5d tied by Powell type 66 datestamp, mss registration number, Sydney and Basel backstamps


    Lot 1447
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $240

    1919 cover to Sweden bearing Kangaroo 2d type 'c' tied by Powell type 66 datestamp, Stockholm backstamps, minor creasing


    Lot 1448
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $340

    1923 (21 Mar) registered cover to Adelaide with Kangaroo 2d, KGV 1d Violet, 2d Orange and 4d Ultramarine tied by strikes of Powell type 67 datestamps in violet, black registration label, Sydney and Adelaide backstamps. Attractive four colour franking


    Lot 1449
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    Solomon Islands KGV 1d on tiny fragment cancelled with straight-line 'Station Kiet(a).' Powell type 65 in black. Scarce


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