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    Lot 57
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $230

    Collection in album of early 1900s patriotic cards, 'Advance Australia', 'gum leaf' cards (with leaf attached), clasped hands, plus a wide range of rural and outback views unidentified as to location, with many interesting subjects. Several complete or partial series are included. A proportion are used and a number have small faults, but most cards are in good to fine condition. An interesting lot (217)


    Lot 58
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    'The Commonwealth of Australia Series' published by The High Commissioner of Australia London, comprising an unnumbered series (27), some scenes are duplicated but show differences in the printing on reverse, Series 1 (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6), and Series 2 (Nos. 1 to 12, with duplicates, some of which show printing differences). A few with small blemishes, most are fine to very fine, with eight used. A good group of these scarce cards (total, 52 cards)


    Lot 59
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $420

    Early 1900s to 1920s real photo postcards in album (also a few more recent), most unfortunately without any identification, and covering a wide range of subjects, with many single and group portraits, school photos, posing with cars, rural buildings, etc. A proportion are used and many have small defects or blemishes, but there are also many in good condition (approx 280)


    Lot 60
    Estimate: $220 Realised Price : $270

    Collection in album, early 1900s, with a quantity of generic cards, then ranges of cards from each State, but with considerable emphasis on New South Wales. A proportion are used, and there are many with small defects, but there also a large number in good to fine condition. A mixed lot with some good pickings (approx 370)


    Lot 61
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $55

    "A Handful of Australia" early 1900s series showing scenes within an Australian map held in a hand, a small collection showing varied inscriptions, many are used and a number have small defects or blemishes, others good to fine (44)


    Lot 62
    Estimate: $160 Realised Price : $380

    Collection in album, being the picture postcard collection of James Johnston and family. James Johnston (1837-1915) was the sole survivor of the wreck of the 'Dunbar' at The Gap, with 63 passengers and 58 crew being lost. The cards are all from the early 1900s up to about 1920 and cover a wide variety of Australian and overseas subjects, including several from WWI France. The majority are used, virtually all addressed to Miss Johnston at Dulwich Hill, and there are a number with small defects, but many are fine. Biographical details of the wreck and of James Johnston are included (222 cards)


    Lot 63
    Estimate: $700 Realised Price : $800

    Australian Aborigines: range of early cards from various publishers (106), including a number of real photograph types, good range of subjects with portrait and group photos, a few caricature and patronising cards, about half are used. Condition variable, but most are good to fine. Also a range of modern cards featuring aboriginal subjects, including artwork (79) (total 185 cards)


    Lot 64
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $125

    Advertising: 1930s Clarkson Ltd. Homeware (Adelaide) advice cards with various illustrations of their products for sale on the address side, all used with Adelaide PAID machine cancellations in the late 1930s and early 1940s. View side with various truisms and sayings intended to encourage thrift, endeavour and hard work, an all-different selection. Few minor faults on some, but generally good to fine (20)


    Lot 65
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $500

    1908 American Fleet Cards: Range of cards commemorating the visit of the American Fleet in 1908, Victorian Government 'Victoria Welcomes the American Fleet black and white series (19, some duplicates), various other multicoloured cards, including Parade of American Sailors in Melbourne, and Maypole Dancing, also a few modern reproductions. Some cards are used, several cards are faulty and some others have small blemishes, but most are good to fine (37)


    Lot 66
    Estimate: $130 Realised Price : $160

    Animals and Birds: Collection in album early 1900s to 1950s, including a group of artist cards of Australian Birds by Neville Cayley, J.M. Cantle and H. Praetorius (26), and other cards by lesser known artists. A range of publishers is included, as well as later real photo types. Also a series of seven cards of Barracluff's Ostrich Farm, South Head, Sydney. A very attractive lot of which a few are used and a number have small defects but many are fine (approx 150)


    Lot 67
    Estimate: $170

    Artist Cards: Ocean, Beach and River Scenes, range in album with scenes by Deane Taylor (6), H. Edgar (3), K.L. Farran (4), Herbert Beecroft (15), A. Hugh Fisher (3) plus other unsigned views. About half are used with stamps or under cover, a few with minor defects but most are good to fine (total, 50 cards)


    Lot 68
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $200

    Artist Cards: An all-different collection of cards featuring paintings by A.H. Fullwood (1863-1930), with outback, city and water scenes (one from New Zealand), and including cards featuring postmen and goldmining activities, the majority are the Tuck 'Oilette' series, plus an unidentified series with outback scenes with verses on the reverse. A few are used, some with small blemishes but the majority are fine to very fine (46)


    Lot 69
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    Artist Cards: Two series by Charles Hammond based on Adam Lindsay Gordon poems - "From the Wreck" (6, No. 2 damaged), and "How We Beat the Favourite" (6, very fine). Also another series by Leslie Board (13 incl one duplicate) mostly outback scenes accompanied by verses from various authors. Some blemishes, however many are fine and an attractive group (total 25 cards)


    Lot 70
    Estimate: $175

    Artist Cards: An all-different collection of cards featuring art by J. Hutchings, comprising watercolours from the 'Australian Series' of outback subjects with 32 different scenes plus duplicates differing by variation in printing or the addition of Greetings inscriptions. A few are used and most show slight corner wear but are otherwise fine to very fine (49)


    Lot 71
    Estimate: $600

    Artist cards: An all-different collection of cards featuring paintings by James Alfred Turner (1850-1908) showing rural and outback scenes, with 40 of the 46 recorded views, and with a number of duplicates showing variations to the printing, layout, or with additional embellishments, and two have advertisements added. A proportion are used, and there are a number with small faults or blemishes, but the general condition is good to fine. An exceptional opportunity to acquire a major holding of these popular cards (total 78 cards)


    Lot 72
    Estimate: $140 Realised Price : $260

    Artist Cards: Collection in album of artist cards featuring mostly outback scenes and rural life, also a few city scenes, mostly early 1900s but also some later up to 1960s. The cards are mostly unsigned by unknown artists, but there are also some identified, including Arthur Streeton and Albert Namatjira reproductions, A. Joyce Bowden, set of cards with aboriginal subjects by Monty Wedd, etc. A proportion of the early cards are used and there are some small faults, but the majority are good to fine (172)


    Lot 73
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $270

    Artist Cards: Early 1900s extensive all-different collection of various series of signed artist cards featuring outback, coastal or city scenes, with groups by C. Young (2)), J.H. Scheltema (14), H. Praetorius (11), E.T. Declosay (11), J.M. Cantle (7), P. Campbell (12), W. Lister Lister (13), L.H. Davey (27), R. Riches (16), R.M. Isaacs (8), A. MacInnes (9), T.S. Henry (12), Fred Booty (3) and a few others. Some duplicates, mostly showing differences in inscription or printing. Some cards used, and a number have small defects or blemishes, but condition is generally good to fine. An excellent lot of these popular cards (approx 180 cards)


    Lot 74
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    Artist Cards: Accumulation of artist cards, mostly early 1900s, by well-known artists including Charles Hammond, J.M .Cantle, J.H. Scheltema, Leslie Board, E.T. Declosay, Fred Booty, A.H. Fullwood, L.H. Davey, R. Riches, J. Hutchings, and J.A. Turner. Mostly rural and outback scenes, also a few city scenes, with some duplication. A proportion of the cards are used and some have faults and other blemishes, but many are fine. A fine starter collection of this popular area (approx 190)


    Lot 75
    Estimate: $300

    Humour: c1906 'The Ten Best Citizens of Victoria' caricatures published by 'The Herald', six of the ten cards featuring former Premiers Sir George Turner and William Irvine, Australia Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, Chief Secretary Sir Samuel Gillott, politician George Coppin, and social reformer Rev. A.R. Edgar. Few small tone spots otherwise very fine and scarce (6)


    Lot 76
    Estimate: $300

    Humour: "Bulletin" comic cards, a small selection comprising Series 1A by Phil May (3), Series II by 'Hop', Series IIA (2, one badly creased), Series IV (3), and Series 6 (2 - 'Sold in the Yard' and 'My Lady is waiting for me'). All but two are used, all with minor blemishes but a scarce and popular group (11)


    Lot 77
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $105

    Humour: May Gibbs "The Gumnut Series" Nos. 2 ('Off to the War') and 12 ('The Girls I Left Behind Me'), both with some blemishes although still of fine appearance (2)


    Lot 78
    Estimate: $50

    Humour: Designs by Fred Booty (6) including the 'Motor Series (3) and 'Civil Service Series' (2), plus 'Wayback' cards drawn by Taylor (4). Few blemishes on some, but a scarce group (8)


    Lot 79
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $125

    Poetry: Collection in album of early 1900s cards with verses from poems illustrated by appropriate scenes, with poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon, Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, J. Brunton Stephens, Victor Daley, Henry Barcroft Boake, George Essex Evans and others. Most are photographic cards (largely from Regal Postcard Co. Sydney), along with a few artist cards, and there are also a few overseas cards. Some are used, and some have small defects, but the majority are good to fine (152)


    Lot 80
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $290

    World War I: Small collection of cards related to the Australians in World War I, includes a series of 'Australians in France' based on Daily Mail photographs, various patriotic types, two cards showing the sinking of the Emden', Victory March in London, portraits, etc, also a few pre-1914 military-related cards and a few items of ephemera. Many cards have spotting and other blemishes, but a number are good to fine (64)


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