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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 5

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    Lot 539
    Estimate: $1,200T

    1860 Imperforate Watermark Large Star, 1d Carmine-Rose, SG 1, large margins four sides, portion of adjoining unit at top. Superb example


    Lot 540
    Estimate: $2,500T

    1860 Imperforate Watermark Large Star, 1d Carmine-Rose horizontal pair, SG 1, lightly cancelled with numeral '110' of Surat. Attractive and rare Moreton Bay District piece


    Lot 541
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    -: 1d Carmine, SG 1, close to huge margins, just touching at left tied to piece by barred numeral '87' of Ipswich, minor staining


    Lot 542
    Estimate: $750T Realised Price : $600

    1860 Imperforate Watermark Large Star, 2d Blue, SG 2, lightly cancelled, large margins three sides, touching at left


    Lot 543
    Estimate: $750T

    1860 Wmk Large Star Imperf 6d Green, SG 3, large margined example with corner thin Clean-cut perf 14-15 6d Green, SG 6.


    Lot 544
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $87

    1860-61 Wmk Large Star Clean-cut perf 14-15 6d Green, SG 6, lightly cancelled


    Lot 545
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $190

    1860-61 Wmk Small Star Rough perf 14-15 1d Carmine-Rose, SG 14, vertical pair


    Lot 546
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $75

    -: 3d Brown and 'REGISTERED' (6d.) Orange-yellow, SG 16, 20

    Lot 547
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1881 2/6d Bright Scarlet, SG 122, fresh


    Lot 548
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1881 5/- Pale Yellow-ochre, SG 123, fresh


    Lot 549
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1880 'Half-penny' on 1d Die I, SG 151, usual perfs and centring


    Lot 550
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1882-95 High Values 2/- to 1, the 2/- and 2/6 on thin paper, others thick paper, few blunt perfs, variable condition. (5). Cat 425

    Lot 551
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1895-96 Void corners, figures of value at base, Perforated Plate Proofs for 5d on gummed, no watermark paper in Blue, Dull Purple, Orange or Yellow-Brown, (4).

    Lot 552
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1897-1908 Figures in four corners, Perforated Plate Proofs for 2d in Violet-blue, Turquiose, Slate or Claret on gummed, watermarked paper, (4).

    Lot 553
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $320

    1900 Charity set, 1d with few blunt perfs, (2)


    Lot 554
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $675

    Postal Fiscals: 1871-72 20/- Rose, SG F23, few uneven perfs, fresh for this difficult and rare value


    Lot 555
    Estimate: $200

    Postal Stationery: Wrapper d (H&G #E9 - bit roughly handled) uprated with adhesive issue of same design for 1902 (9 Apr) use to Teheran Persia 'Via London & Russia', Russian transit backstamp. Extraordinary origin/destination item

    Lot 556
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $150

    Postal Stationery: PTPO 1d and 2d Envelopes (H&G #K2a, 3) on buff stock unusually fine used in 1904 and 1903 from Maryborough and Gladstone respectively to same addressee in South Brisbane, the latter with handstamped 'GLADSTONE./FEB 13 1903' (of Post Office origin?). Scarce duo

    Lot 557
    Estimate: $150

    Postal Stationery: PTPO 1d and 2d Envelopes (H&G #K2a, 3) on buff or blue fine used to same addressee in 1903 and 1914 (ie Commonwealth period) respectively from Brisbane

    Lot 558
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $210

    Postal Stationery: PTPO d Envelope (H&G #K6) uprated with d adhesive of same design the whole cancelled by Maryborough duplex for 1904 (28 Jan) use to Gladstone. Attractive and scarce

    Lot 559
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $170

    Selection of covers, postcards and stationery, including 1871 2d and 6d frankings from same correspondence, 1891 Small Debts Jurisdiction document with 4/- in regular stamps affixed as Duty, 1900-01 Official (Police) covers at 4d (2) and 6d rates, etc, some with faults, generally fair/fine (45+ items), also a few stamps

    Lot 560
    Estimate: $300T

    1867 (24th Jul) cover - minor faults to Sydney bearing 6d Apple-Green, SG 26, tied by ray '63' of Bowen


    Lot 561
    Estimate: $300T

    1871 (26th Oct) cover via Brindisi used Dalby to England bearing 1868-78 P13 3d Brown (slightly oxidised) and 6d Brown, SG 88 and 91, backstamps of Brisbane and Moreton-In-Marsh


    Lot 562
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $140

    1872 (18th Feb) cover bearing 6d Yellow-Green, SG 91 used Rockhampton to Edinburgh, minor filing crease


    Lot 563
    Estimate: $700T

    1874 (Jan) and (Feb) covers from Brisbane to the same addressee in Whitby Yorkshire bearing 3d Brown and 6d Yellow-Green, SG 88 and 91, endorsed 'Via Torres Straits' or 'Sydney', one slightly oxidised


    Lot 564
    Estimate: $300T

    1880 (2nd Mar) cover to England bearing 6d Yellow-Green Chalon and 2d Blue Sideface endorsed 'Via Torres Strait and Brindisi', backstamps of Rockhampton, Brisbane and London


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