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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 6

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    Lot 66
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $170

    ½d to 1/- selection (60) of mostly unused (some part gum) comprising ½d (16, including block of six and 'OS' pair), 1d (15, one 'OS'), 2d (5, one 'OS'), 2½d (6), 3d, 4d (5, one Large 'OS' - rounded corner), 5d (6), 6d 'OS', 9d (2, one 'OS'), 1/- (3, including perf 'T' pair - faded), many with faults (often of a minor nature), also 2/- Booklet in poor condition containing ½d x 12


    Lot 67
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $170

    ½d to £2 (ex 5/-) selection comprising ½d to 2/- including 4d yellow-orange both normal and perf Small 'OS', additional 2½d (5) and 4d yellow-orange perf Large 'OS' (11, including scarce blocks of four and six - bit heavily cancelled), and Telegraph puncture 10/- vertical pair, £1 and £2, odd small fault here and there (44)


    Lot 68
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    5d, 6d, 9d, 1/- Inverted watermark and 2/-, CTO with DE 3 1913 Melbourne cds's, few blunt perfs


    Lot 69
    Estimate: $3,500T

    ½d Green marginal, 'Imperforate at base', corner example, BW 1b. [A marginal example in our 2002 Rarities Sale realised $3800+ commission


    Lot 70
    Estimate: $200T

    -: selection of shades, mostly in strips or blocks of four, few mounted, occasional fault (28)


    Lot 71
    Estimate: $275T

    -: selection comprising coil strips of three, five and ten with joins, also 1d pairs (2), few trimmed perfs as always found, (22).


    Lot 72
    Estimate: $450T

    -: ½d Green + 1d Red both perf 'OS/NSW' on 1915 (22nd Apr) OHMS sent from Director of Botanic Gardens in Sydney to his counterpart in Sweden with Uppsala arrival datestamp.

    Lot 73
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    -: ½d Green + 1d Red (2) used on 1914 (Sep) cover Bundaberg to USA paying ½oz foreign rate


    Lot 74
    Estimate: $150T

    -: ½d Green + 1d Red KGV (2) used on 1914 (7th Dec) cover Charters Towers to San Francisco, endorsed 'Censored' and reverse with straight-line 'PASSED BY CENSOR ' cachet in violet


    Lot 75
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $75

    -: ½d Green used for uprating on 1914 (7th Jan) 1d Kangaroo Postal Card from Sydney to Austria, Salzburg arrival datestamps, minor soiling


    Lot 76
    Estimate: $480T

    -: ½d Green + Tasmania 1½d on 5d + Victoria 1d on 2d + W.A. 1d on 2d on 1914 (19th May) registered cover Fremantle to England, arrival backstamps. Attractive four colour franking.


    Lot 77
    Estimate: $100T

    1d Red Die II selection includes two blocks, few short perfs, two mounted (13)


    Lot 78
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $80

    -: 1d Red Die II fresh marginal block of four from right pane


    Lot 79
    Estimate: $175T Realised Price : $135

    -: 1d Red Die II fresh upper right corner block of twelve (4x3) with jubilee lines


    Lot 80
    Estimate: $125

    -: 1d red Double perf singles (5) and Wmk sideways with added corner, (6)


    Lot 81
    Estimate: $200T

    -: 1d Red used on 1913 (27th Oct) 4d Orange Registered Envelope (filing crease) to London, tied by Brisbane cds's in violet, red/black label, arrival backstamp, paying double 1d rate ½oz British Empire + 3d registration


    Lot 82
    Estimate: $300T

    -:1d Red (2, one with variety 'Extra island [two Tasmanias - BW 3f) + 1d Engraved and W.A. 1d and 1d on 2d on 1914 (19th Jan) cover used at Perth and cancelled by Perth machine cancel


    Lot 83
    Estimate: $200T

    -: 1d red together with N.S.W. ½d blue-green tied by machine-cancel to 1913 (3 Mar) postcard to Manly. Scarce State/Kangaroo combination


    Lot 84
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    -: 1d Red tied by 'NAPOLI/PORTO' datestamp ob 1914 (12th Jun) coloured PPC (Egypt) addressed to Perth. Attractive maritime usage


    Lot 85
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $95

    2½d Indigo, three very lightly mounted pairs, one with minor unlisted flaw off Qld, (6)


    Lot 86
    Estimate: $50T Realised Price : $38

    -: 2½d Indigo and 3d Olive Die II, CTO at Melbourne, 3d weak corner perf


    Lot 87
    Estimate: $200

    -: 2½d Indigo pair used on 1916 (1 Aug) cover from Mosman to the German Charity Association in Stockholm. With ‘OPENED BY CENSOR’ censor tape and interestingly endorsed ‘Enclosed letter is for Germany’. Unusual and fine


    Lot 88
    Estimate: $750T

    3d Olive Die I, very fresh unmounted block of four, upper right unit blunt perf


    Lot 89
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $300

    -: 3d Olive Die I, well centred pair, fresh unmounted


    Lot 90
    Estimate: $1,250

    4d orange CA monogram single, the monogram reduced as is often the case in this issue, well-centred with two shortish perfs. at right. 4d monograms are scarce.


    Lot 91
    Estimate: $300T

    -: 4d Orange, short corner perf, tied by Brisbane cds in violet, red/black label, transit and arrival backstamps on 1913 (27th Oct) registered cover to Canada, paying 1d rate ½oz British Empire + 3d registration


    Lot 92
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $46

    5d Chestnut CTO at Melbourne


    Lot 93
    Estimate: $900T

    -: 5d Chestnut + 2½d Indigo - the latter perfin 'F G/&CO' in reverse tied to 1915 (12th Mar) Felton Grimwade & Co. cover to USA by 'LATE FEE/SPENCER ST' datestamps. Rare combination.


    Lot 94
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $250

    -: 5d chestnut tied by Sydney machine-cancel to 1914 (4 May) cover to U.S.


    Lot 95
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    6d ultramarine tied by Sydney cds to 1915 (8 Mar) slightly reduced registered cover to U.K. Scarce on cover


    Lot 96
    Estimate: $150

    9d Violet (2) and perforated small OS (1), minor faults (3)


    Lot 97
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $46

    -: 9d Violet CTO at Melbourne


    Lot 98
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $150

    1/- Emerald, few perfs a trifle blunt at base


    Lot 99
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $46

    -: 1/- Emerald Wmk Inverted, CTO at Melbourne, full unmounted gum


    Lot 100
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $46

    -: 1/- Emerald commercially used well centred strip of three


    Lot 101
    Estimate: $125

    -: 1/- Emerald perforated small OS, strip of three. Scarce multiple


    Lot 102
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $120

    2/- Brown, CTO at Melbourne


    Lot 103
    Estimate: $175T Realised Price : $135

    5/- Grey and Yellow, CTO at Melbourne, full unmounted gum


    Lot 104
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $100

    -: 5/- Grey and Yellow, CTO at Melbourne


    Lot 105
    Estimate: $600T

    10/- Grey and Pink, tiny thin at upper right


    Lot 106
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    £2 Black and Rose with telegraph puncture


    Lot 107
    Estimate: $175T

    Perforated Large ‘OS’: 1d commercially used block of six, 4d (5, including pair), 5d, 6d (2), 1/- and 2/-, few blunt/short perfs (16), Retail $531


    Lot 108
    Estimate: $1,000

    -: 2½d indigo perf large OS showing 'Islands east of Cape York' tied by Melbourne slogan cancel to 1918 (26 Feb) censored Official cover to U.S. Very rare on cover


    Lot 109
    Estimate: $450T

    -: 4d Orange perf large OS on 1915 (13th Feb) registered OHMS cover for Naval Staff Office used at Sydney with black and red registration label. [Most 4d perf OS covers are used from Perth and covers from other cities are seldom seen]


    Lot 110
    Estimate: $175

    4d orange perf large OS from top margin of sheet tied by Perth cds to 1916 (19 Jan) registered Official cover with five various 'Unclaimed' markings. Attractive


    Lot 111
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $120

    -: 2/- Brown perforated large OS, neatly cancelled


    Lot 112
    Estimate: $200T

    -: 2/- Brown, neatly cancelled


    Lot 113
    Estimate: $175 Realised Price : $135

    Perforated Small ‘OS’: ½d green and KGV 1d deep red tied to 1915 (13 Apr) censored Official postcard Melbourne to Denmark, and S.M. wmk 6d chestnut tied Sydney cds to 1932 (30 May) registered Official cover to U.S.A.


    Lot 114
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    Perforated Small OS 1d Red JBC monogram block of 4, well-centred, with variety ‘white scratch through value’ (Plate H, R58)


    Lot 115
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    -: 2½d Indigo


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