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    General Sale No. 6

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    Lot 499
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $525

    Postal History in carton, appears mostly covers of postwar to 1970s, some later including machine-applied cancels on piece mounted on leaves, largely consists of items selected as having some P.H. interest, noted many taxed, 'Return to sender', Military (P.O.W. covers seen), Stationery (many PTPO envelopes), cds and slogan cancels (including 'Paids'), etc (many 100's of items). Potential here

    Lot 500
    Estimate: $1,500

    Meters: The 'Bruce Tanner' collection/accumulation, assembled over 30 years, including many crammed albums of cut-outs meticulously arranged in meter code order from 1930s onwards (in what must have been a labour of love involving thousands of hours), cartons of full covers and cover-fronts, unsorted cut-outs galore, 'Specimen' strikes in box and sprinkled throughout, Reliefs, advertising, thousands of thematic items (making this a terrific marketing proposition for a reseller), hundreds of thousands of items in total. Deceased Estate which is estimated to sell. Weighs 250kg+ and therefore buyer to make own arrangements for removal from our office

    Lot 501
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1916 (20th Apr) OHMS parcel tag inscribed 'DECEASED "OTHER RANKS" KITS.' bearing 3d Kangaroo (poor) + KGV 5d used Melbourne to Caulfield, red/white label affixed 'NOTICE./This article, which has been accepted at packet-rate of postage/by authority of the Postmaster-/General, must not be opened whilst/in the custody of the Department,/but must be delivered in its/present Sealed condition'. Scarce


    Lot 502
    Estimate: $100

    1929 (17th Apr) airmail cover bearing KGV 4d Olive, flown Brisbane to Charleville with three different black/red vignettes, pilot handstamped, underpaying airmail rate by ½d, Postage Due 1d - BW D97 affixed and tied by cds at Cessnock 30.4.29


    Lot 503
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1930 (Mar) cover (adherance on reverse) recovered from "Comorin" which left Australia for U.K. on 3 Mar 1930 and caught fire at Colombo, superb strike of framed 'DAMAGED BY IMMERSION/IN SEA WATER I.S.' applied in U.K.


    Lot 504
    Estimate: $600T Realised Price : $600

    1930 cover partly franked (one stamp floated away) from Perth to Launceston, U.K. with advisory label for condition and delay dated 4th April and rare unframed cachet ‘DAMAGED BY FIRE/ON SS COMORIN’ in mauve (Peace Type 9).


    Lot 505
    Estimate: $500T

    1930 oversize envelope (35 x 13cm) with parts of other mail still attached, addressed to London with two boxed cachets ‘DAMAGED BY SEA WATER/ON/SS COMORIN’ (Peace Type 2) in black, and officially repaired label on reverse. Condition consistent with being burnt then immersed in salt water. A spectacular item.


    Lot 506
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $75

    1931 (11th Oct) registered cover bearing 1½d (4) + 6d Kingsford (2) flown commercially from Perth to Czechoslovakia, Athens transit backstamp. Unusual destination


    Lot 507
    Estimate: $75

    1932 and 1948 covers used locally at Sydney bearing NSW 2d orange Stamp Duty, the latter correctly charged deficient postage with 4d and 1d Postage Dues affixed and tied by cds.


    Lot 508
    Estimate: $100

    1930s-45 pieces or 'PARCEL POST' fragments with 3d Sturt (6), 2/- Jubilee (2), piece with 1/6d (2) + 3½d (3) + Robes 5/- and 10/-, etc, (5 pieces).


    Lot 509
    Estimate: $250T

    1935 (10th Apr) cover to England bearing 1½d Canberra tied by rhombus obliterator with Ceuta (Spanish Morocco) datestamp alongside, double-oval cachet on reverse in violet 'S.S. "ATLANTIS"/ POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS'. Scarce


    Lot 510
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    1937 (3rd Nov) cover used at Sydney bearing 2d NSW Sesqui bisected diagonally, framed 'TAX (mss '2')/SYDNEY' in red, 2d Postage Due affixed and cancelled by pen. Attractive and unusual usage


    Lot 511
    Estimate: $250T

    1939 (8th Mar) registered cover bearing KGV 5d tied by 'WESLEY CHURCH' ds, another alongside, with 'Nº19' provisional registration label.


    Lot 512
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $95

    1953 (6th Mar) registered airmail cover (280x215mm) Brisbane to Hong Kong bearing 31 different adhesives including Arms set 5/- to £2, Food strips with a total franking of £4/11/4½d. Extraordinary


    Lot 513
    Estimate: $75T

    1979 (28th Aug) APO FDC with framed cachet in green 'CARRIED IN PARMELIA YACHT RACE' and in violet 'DAMAGED/BY SEA WATER', together with form letter from Australia Post explaining details


    Lot 514
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Registered Mail: New South Wales 1930s/1950s accumulation of commercial covers, Sydney and suburbs predominate although reasonable number are Provincial P.O.'s, moderate duplication, condition mixed (173)

    Lot 515
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $380

    -: South Australia mostly 1940s accumulation of commercial covers, good range of Provincial P.O.'s, moderate duplication, condition a little mixed (148), also registered covers of Queensland (9), Tasmania (7) and W.A. (5), (169). Useful lot

    Lot 516
    Estimate: $450 Realised Price : $340

    -: Victoria mostly 1930s/1940s (small number 1950s) accumulation of commercial covers, good range of Provincial P.O.'s, noted 'Return to sender' items, moderate duplication, condition a little mixed (229). Useful lot

    Lot 517
    Estimate: $3,500 Realised Price : $5,500

    Western Australia 1933-38 collection (very occasional duplicate) organized by label, mainly blue C6 or black and blue types, the C6 types all ‘WEST’ or ‘WEST. AUSTRALIA’ rather than later ‘WESTERN’. Includes Canning West (2), East Rockingham, La Grange Bay, Dwellingup No. 2 Mill, Lomos, Treesville (2), Tuckanarra. All small standard covers, mainly fine (170)


    Lot 518
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    Cancellations: N.S.W. accumulation apparently mostly 1960s/1970s with smattering of earlier, arranged in alphabetical order in bundles, noted regular and paid cds's and slogans, T.P.O.'s, reliefs, etc, mostly cover-fronts and pieces, offered intact and likely to contain scarcer items (1000's)

    Lot 519
    Estimate: $250

    -: Queensland, S.A., Tasmania and W.A. accumulation apparently mostly 1960s/1970s, sprinkling of earlier, many 100's of first two (more modest numbers for others), also some Northern Territory (noted Cyclone Tracy items) arranged in alphabetical order in bundles, mostly regular and paid cds's and slogans, etc, largely cover-fronts and pieces, offered intact and likely to contain scarcer

    Lot 520
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $340

    -: Victoria accumulation from early 1900s to 1970s (a few later) mostly arranged in alphabetical order in bundles, commences with bundle of Victoria Postal cards, post-1913 noted regular and paid cds's and slogans, reliefs, etc, mostly cover-fronts and pieces, offered intact and bound to contain many scarcer items (1000's)

    Lot 521
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    -: Bulk George V period in two blue Hagner albums each crammed with used KGV period plus small selection of 620 postmarks (plenty of W.A.) on album pages, Over 3600 stamps. Cheap but interesting

    Lot 522
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $160

    -: Bulk George V period mainly KGV Heads, Roos, low value commems in three Hagner albums. Over 4,500 stamps

    Lot 523
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $40

    -: c1923 2d Red KGV with manuscript ‘Coomandook’ and initials ‘?? N McA’ (South Australia)


    Lot 524
    Estimate: $300T

    Military: 1915 use of Sydney Y.M.C.A. envelope franked Egypt 15m Sphinx pair tied ‘1st Austr. Inf. Bde. Field PO/9 JA 15’ sent to Aarhus, Denmark, and endorsed ‘via England’. A very scarce First AIF origin/destination cover


    Lot 525
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    -: 1945 cover to Victoria bearing KGVI 3d tied by 'TOKYO BAY/JAPAN' cds, with cachets 'H.M.A.S. "SHROPSHIRE"/Official Signing Of/Japanese Surrender.' and 'H.M.A./SHIPS' in black


    Lot 526
    Estimate: $250T

    -: AUSTAIR UNEF 1976 commercial use of U.N. Aerogramme from Ismailia, Egypt, to Australia, very fine strike of 'UNITED NATIONS/SEP 25 1976/EMERGENCY FORCE' datestamp, accompanied by authoritative article. Very rare - only 45 Australians served


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