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Sale No. 65

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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 30
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $2,300

    Collection on illustrated leaves of all States, many mint/unused, values to £1, good representation throughout of all but W.A. which is sparse, including Revenues, Officials, etc, mixed condition (100s). Inspection recommended


    Lot 31
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $260

    Cinderellas: 'AUSTRALIA/TORRES STRAIT SETTLEMENT' 2c Brown, 8c Orange, 16c Green and 24c Violet, with one straight-edge, unused (4)


    Lot 32
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $110

    1875-1963 range of receipts, transfers, documents, etc from Queensland and Victoria with Revenue and/or Stamp Duty values to £5, few with state combinations, (approx 50 items)


    Lot 33
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $200

    Small cover range including N.S.W. part entires (2) bearing 3d Sydney Views, Tasmania 1857 bearing 4d, Victoria 1894 Envelope 2d uprated with 2d (1½d stamp missing) registered to Brazil, few invoices etc, with Revenues, also 1862 inwards from India to Sydney bearing 2a, another adhesive fallen off, etc, mixed condition (10 items)


    Lot 34
    Estimate: $40,000

    The Rodney A. Perry ‘Commercial Philately in Australia (to 1940)’ Melbourne Stampshow 2009 eight-frame Large Vermeil exhibit, more than two-thirds of the content of which relates to the Colonial-era (from all six Colonies), commencing with superb example of the Lewis Carroll 1889 patented “The Wonderland Postage-Stamp CaseÖ (internet retail US$2500), followed by Victoria 1868 inscribed envelope providing earliest reference to stamps in commerce, incl earliest reference (1882) to “price list of post marksÖ, autographed items of Colonial Philatelic Pioneers A.F. Bassett Hull and J.H. Smyth (President, Secretary of The Sydney Philatelic Club) on ‘executive’ edition of 1905 Jubilee postcard, J.E. Newell Bull, James Davis, Isaac Dawson, Fred Hagen (incl 1904 real photo portrait postcard), Arthur V Lewis, W.H. Robinson, Wm Smart, E.R. Thomas and Dawson A Vindin, early illustrated/inscribed covers for Eric E Akins (1899), Australian Stamp Co (5, 1895-98), The Australian Stamp News (1894), C.B. Donne (2, 1897-99), Hamilton, Macrae & Co (1900 - reg’d and 1901 - superb), Abe Hyams (1893), T.H. Nicolle (1907), A.S. Russell (3, 1897-1900), E.R. Sturgess (1905 - reg’d), Victoria Stamp Market (1905 bicolour – reg’d), and a stand out item of 1881 (to Argentina!) being illustrated Book Post labels (2, on one parcel fragment) for Sydney Foreign Stamp Depot (Australia’s first Philatelic Trading firm), catalogues/price lists including Donne (c1909), Hagen (1898), Hamilton, Macrae (1900 buying list for W.A. stamps, believed Australia’s first buying list), Nicolle (c1917), Smyth & Nicolle (1899 in original cover), Smyth (1902 and 1903), and The Commonwealth Specialists’ Catalogue (1928-29 second edition), colourful etiquettes including Hagen’s circular red (1909) and blue (1913), both tied, Robinson (2 colours, 1915 and 1918), and 1911 ANPEX (pale blue) tied on cover to Charles Lathrop Pack (eminent U.S. Philatelist), prerequisites including inscribed perf gauges, pockets, packets, stamp folders, hinges, reproduced early photos of business premises, principals, etc, many scarce/rare philatelic items with Stationery Reply cards for Queensland (1893, 1907 usages), Victoria (1897), and rare intercolonial usages of Victoria in N.S.W. (1894) and Victoria in Queensland (1895), inscribed Postal cards (and wrappers), Tasmania 1891 PTPO 1d Wrapper for The Federal Australian Philatelist (to Austria), 1919 late use P.O.W. envelope Liverpool/Melbourne, scarcer stamp frankings including N.S.W. 8d Lyrebird and S.A. 8d Long type solo frankings, exotic destinations such as Argentina (1893 rare use Reply card in Victoria), Barbados (1896), Italy (1884), Newfoundland (1898), Philippines (1907), Turks Island! (1897), inwards from Greece (1897), Japan (1893), Jersey (1895 reg’d, missent to Victoria B.C.), Romania (1898), Russia (remarkable 1883 reg’d to then 15 years old Dawson A Vindin), Samoa (1901), also illustrated Postal card from German 1908 Exhibition to Victoria (believed unique use to an Australian State), Postal History elements include 1939 “CenturionÖ wreck cover McKay’s (Royal Arcade, Sydney) to U.K. Comprises covers/cards (121), Stationery (86), printed ephemera (44 items, excluding reproduced photos), generally of very good, exhibition quality.

    An historic and unique collection, worthy of inclusion in a Museum. Please note that generous terms are available for the purchaser of this magnificent collection. [A complete set of scans on CD is available; AU$50 posted]


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