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    Lot 1093
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,150

    c1836 undated small entire addressed locally bearing excellent strike of the ''BATHURST/N.S.W'' handstamp and rated ''1d'' in manuscript representing the local drop letter rate. Minor blemishes. Contents written by Emily Morrisset (nee Vaux, 1803-92) wife of Lieutenant-Colonel James Morisset (1780-1852) police magistrate in Bathurst and one time Commandant of the convict settlement at Norfolk Island. Fascinating connection with a high profile Colonial personality


    Lot 1094
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $800

    1836 (23 Sep) entire to Sydney solicitor James Norton enquiring after his ill wife, Jane Norton (1808-40). Struck with the 'BATHURST/N.S.W' and Sydney GPO ds on face and rated '9'(d) prepaid for a distance not exceeding 120 miles. Internally repaired tear though a clean and presentable item


    Lot 1095
    Estimate: $2,000 Realised Price : $2,100

    1836 (29 Sep) entire Sydney to Bathurst bearing framed 'SYDNEY/POST PAID' handstamp and Sydney GPO datestamp on face. Rated '9'(d) for a letter carried 80-120 miles under the 1835 Act. File fold, peripheral faults and ageing though the contents written by Mrs Mary Mitchell wife of Major (Sir) Thomas Mitchell (1792-1855) who makes reference to his third expedition which led him to Portland (Victoria) and by direct association is significant contemporary reporting of this event which occurred just four weeks earlier


    Lot 1096
    Estimate: $15,000 Realised Price : $11,500

    1836 (Nov) OHMS outer Hassans Walls to Sydney bearing framed 'HASSANS WALLS/N.S.W/POST OFFICE' marking and additional framed 'FREE' marking to indicate official mail. Sydney GPO arrival ds of 2.11.1836 on face. Remarkably fine and extremely rare being the only example recorded in private hands. A famous and outstanding example of Colonial marcophily. Accompanied by photographs of the headstone of Michael Keenan the Postmaster and a brief history of the Hassans Walls Post Office. Ex Slade Slade


    Lot 1097
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1837 (5 Mar) mourning entire Liverpool to Sydney bearing fair strike of the scarce circular 'LIVERPOOL/N.S.W./*' marking and Sydney GPO ds both on face and rated '5'(d) in manuscript. Faint file fold and small opening faults. The letter addressed to 'Mrs Norton care of (Sydney solicitor) James Norton Esq' at their property 'Elswick' in the Sydney suburb of Leichhardt and whom Norton Street is named after


    Lot 1098
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $170

    1837 (24 Apr) and (28 Apr) entires Sydney to Penrith (no b/s) both with 'GENERAL POST OFFICE/SYDNEY' ds on face and both rated '7'(d) in manuscript prepaid for the 50 miles rate. The contents of each written by Sydney solicitor James Norton to his unwell wife. Faint horizontal file fold on each otherwise mainly fine (2)


    Lot 1099
    Estimate: $7,500 Realised Price : $5,500

    1837 (3 Jul) entire Melbourne to London rated '7'(d) in Sydney for the 4d ship letter rate Melbourne to Sydney (carried by the ‘James Watt’) and 3d ship letter rate to UK where carried by the 'Caroline' with a further '1/-' to collect upon arrival. The face with a poor strike of the POST PAID SHIP LETTER SYDNEY (23.7.1837) and the rear with a framed 'INDIA LETTER/DOVER' and cds 1.12.1837 arrival cds. Contents written by Capt Charles Scott concerning pay and makes references to the potential profit of sheep-breeding (typed transcript included). Two vertical file folds though believed to be the earliest letter written in Melbourne in private hands and prior to any postal markings being used. A major Port Phillip postal history item


    Lot 1100
    Estimate: $3,000 Realised Price : $2,500

    1837 (2 Oct) entire Melbourne to London carried on the 'James Watt' via Launceston to Sydney where a GPO cancel of 14.10.1837 applied at rear and then transferred to the 'Abel Gower' to UK where struck with the framed 'INDIA LETTER/PORTSMOUTH' on face and arrival cds on rear. Two file folds, otherwise fine. The contents written by Capt Charles Scott again concerning his pay and request for a letter of credit (typed transcript included). Another remarkably early Melbourne letter just prior to the introduction of postal markings


    Lot 1101
    Estimate: $3,500 Realised Price : $2,800

    1838 (16 Jan) entire Melbourne to London bearing framed 'MELBOURNE/PAID' on face, GENERAL POST OFFICE/SYDNEY marking for 3.2.1838 and framed 'INDIA LETTER/DOVER' and arrival cds of 2.7.1838. Rated '1/6(d)' prepaid with a further '1/3(d)'to collect. Contents written by Capt Charles Scott also concerning pay and his request for a credit of £75 per annum at the Australasian Bank in Launceston (typed transcript included). Central vertical file fold though the earliest example of the 'MELBOURNE/PAID' marking recorded. Another very important example of Port Phillip postal history


    Lot 1102
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $380

    1838 (17 Feb) entire Sydney to London carried by the 'James Pattison' the face with 'POST PAID SHIP LT/SYDNEY' and rated '3(d)' ship letter and initially rated '1/3d' to collect upon arrival consisting of the 4d India Letter rate plus 11d Plymouth to London rate then redirected and re-rated '2/1d' to include a further 10d from London to Weymouth., Contents written by James Norton (solicitor) enclosing a £95 payment for rent and legal proceedings for additional unpaid rent. The face with framed 'POSTAGE NOT PAID/TO LONDON' and the rear with framed 'INDIA LETTER/PLYMOUTH' and two English cds. The letter almost certainly to Sarah Erskine (1774?-1860) who was buried near Weymouth and was the wife of James Erskine (1765?-1825), Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales (1817-23). One vertical fold though remarkably clean otherwise


    Lot 1103
    Estimate: $5,000

    1838 (21 Feb) printed OHMS outer Sydney to Dartbrook signed by the responsible officer and struck with the 'CROWN/FREE/FE*21/1838' marking to indicate official mail. Re-directed back to Sydney and struck with the framed 'VIA/MUSCLEBROOK' and with GENERAL POST OFFICE SYDNEY arrival ds on rear. Overall toned though the only example recorded of this 'VIA' marking. Another example of outstanding Colonial marcophily


    Lot 1104
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    1838-1847 selection of markings of Sydney GPO including cds cut-out, also barred oval cancels on imperf classics (5), 'pie-crust' cancels also on imperf classics (10) 'killer obliterator '1' (Melbourne) on NSW stamps mainly perforated Diadems and a few later issues cancelled with New Zealand ship letter marks (42)


    Lot 1105
    Estimate: $10,000

    1839 (1 Feb) entire (repaired at edges and folds) from Yass to Sydney and struck with the undated circular 'YASS/NSW/POST OFFICE' and framed 'FREE' markings. The contents are a detailed petition with multiple signatures to the PMG to have mail bags made up at Sydney and Melbourne for overland delivery to the Murray River Region. Very rare Yass marking and with an extraordinary reference to contemporary Colonial postal history. One of the signatories, Joseph Hawdon, was later awarded the first contract to carry the mail overland from Yass to Melbourne


    Lot 1106
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    1839 (2 Apr) entire Melbourne to London carried by the 'Paul Pry' to Sydney where backstamped at Sydney GPO and a PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY of 19.4.1839 applied on the face. Unframed 'INDIA LETTER/DOVER' and arrival cds applied at rear. Rated 7d prepaid consisting of the 4d rate Melbourne to Sydney and 3d ship letter rate to UK with a further '1/-' to collect on arrival. Contents written by Capt Charles Scott concerning pay who writes "I made application to the Lord Commanders of the Admiralty to place me on the full retired list..." (typed transcript included). Two file folds, one heavy causing wear though another early Melbourne letter


    Lot 1107
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    1840 (10 Feb) entire Sydney to London rated '6'(d) for a double rate letter and '1/4'(d) double 8d inwards charge. The face with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' ds and framed 'INDIA LETTER/LIVERPOOL' and rear with London arrival cds. The contents consisting of several duplicate letters concerning missionaries in transit to Samoa and a post-mortem report on the death of missionary Rev Hy Dickson in Sydney six days earlier. One vertical file fold though the item remarkably clean and legible


    Lot 1108
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    1840 (10 Feb) entire Calcutta to Bathurst endorsed 'pr Indus' and backstamped Calcutta and Sydney GPO ds and with MELBOURNE/NEW.S.WALES transit ds on face. Rated '1/-' packet rate and a further '7'(d) due on arrival consisting of the 3d ship letter rate plus 4d inland rate. Heavily stained and split at top though an uncommon routing via Melbourne and early incoming mail from India


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