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    Lot 81
    Estimate: $2,000T

    1824 (24 Oct) entire from Launceston to Oyster Bay with reasonable strike of 29mm circular 'LAUNCESTON' and endorsed 'To the care of G.(?) Champion & Co. Hobart Town', very fine and a good example of this important marking


    Lot 82
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $290

    1827 (25 May) entire from Hobart to Tamar East with good strike of the oval 'HOBART TOWN/V.D.L. (worn state), no rate markings, very fine


    Lot 83
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1829 (23 Oct) consignee's letter from Liverpool to Hobart Town, redirected to Elizabeth River (near Campbell Town), with worn example of the oval 'HOBART TOWN/V.D.L.' handstamp, and with mss endorsement on reverse 'forwarded from Gen. Post Office Hobart Town 7th May 1830'. Two light vertical filing folds, few minor marks but generally fine


    Lot 84
    Estimate: $800T

    1840 (11 Jul) inwards entire from Tamworth, England to Hobart Town with London Paid and Ship Letter transit datestamps, rated '1/-' for ship letter rate, and backstamped boxed 'SHIP LETTER' datestamp (25 NO 25/1840) at Hobart. Rated '8'(d) in black for 4d inwards ship letter charge and 4d inland postage for 22 miles to Richmond. Subsequently redirected to Melbourne, receiving the Hobart 'PAID' semi-circle dated 29DE29/1840, and rated '8'(d) in red for return postage to Hobart and 4d ship letter rate to Melbourne (arrival backstamp JA 6/1841). The latest recorded date of the Hobart 'PAID' marking in black (after 1840 always struck in red). Very fine other than for minor peripheral wear


    Lot 85
    Estimate: $150T

    1840 (10 Oct) and 1841 (2 Aug) entires from Launceston to England from the period when no despatch handstamp was in use, the former single weight rated '4' in red and '8' in black on arrival, the latter rated '5' in red and '1/4' in black on arrival, both with appropriate arrival markings, filing creases otherwise generally fine (2)


    Lot 86
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $85

    1842 (4 Feb) entire (Leake correspondence) from Hobart to Campbell Town with fine strike of Crowned 'FREE' ds in red, and the signature of Hartwell Henslowe, Private Secretary, very fine


    Lot 87
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $125

    1842 (10 Sep) outer from Sydney to Campbell Town, with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' oval ds in red, rated '3' for paid ship letter rate, backstamped with Hobart boxed 'SHIP LETTER/29SP29/1842' in black, and rated '5' due, being 4d incoming ship letter charge + 1d inland delivery. Two vertical filing folds, otherwise fine


    Lot 88
    Estimate: $120T Realised Price : $90

    1840-46 Hobart Boxed Datestamp for Unpaid Letters: 1842 (29 Nov) from Waterloo Point with '2DE2/1842' receiving ds; 1843 (19 Jan) entire from Launceston in black with arrival ds with date error '02JAN20'; 1851 (7 Apr) with mss endorsement 'Longford/7/4/51', arrival ds for '8AP8/1851', all three fine and rated '4' in black as unpaid country letters (3)


    Lot 89
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    1844 (15 Mar) 'On Public Service only' entire from Symmons Plains to the Comptroller General of Convicts at Hobart, with manuscript 'free' and Crowned 'FREE' ds in red used as an inward receipt marking. The letter contains a request to the Government for a convict gang to build a local road


    Lot 90
    Estimate: $150T

    1846 (3 Jul) 'On Public Service only' printed entire from 'Medical Department' to Brown's River with Hobart 'Crowned FREE' ds in red - late state with crown missing found from 1846 only, and signed by J. Roberts, Principal Medical Officer of VDL. Some toning, mostly on reverse, otherwise fine


    Lot 91
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1846 (6 Nov) entire to Launceston with postmaster's endorsement 'Deloraine/6th Novr 46' at upper left and endorsed at bottom 'Money Letter £6', rated '4' in red for 4d prepaid internal rate. The letter confirms that the enclosure was a cheque for £6, very fine


    Lot 92
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1847 (28 May) 'on public service only' outer from Campbell Town to Hobart endorsed 'Cambelton' and with 'Crown/FREE' arrival cds in red. Vertical filing crease and spike hole, otherwise fine


    Lot 93
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1847 (26 Aug) 'On Public Service only' outer within the Hobart Local Post with Crown FREE cds in red, properly signed and being free of postage, apparently struck in error, also with a fine strike of the unpaid '4.O.CLOCK' local post ds. Very fine, and the latest of the three recorded examples of the Unpaid Local Post ds


    Lot 94
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $170

    Hobart 'Crown/FREE' Datestamp types: 1848 (3 May) cover from Hobart to Westbury, 28mm cds in red with three lines at base of crown; 1849 (31 Jul) entire from Hobart to Campbell Town, 29mm cds in red with two lines at base of crown; 1854 (20 Jan) outer from Richmond to Hobart, mss 'Richmond/20/1/51' endorsement and with 29mm cds used as receiving mark, with wide crown; 1854 (29 Sep) cover from Hobart to Campbell Town with 29mm cds with wide crown, boxed 'CAMP TOWN' arrival ds. Condition generally very fine (4)


    Lot 95
    Estimate: $250T

    1850 entire to Launceston with postmaster's endorsement 'C Head 20 7 50' at left, endorsed at upper left 'Money Letter', and rated '4' in red, Launceston backstamp. The text of the letter indicates that the enclosure was '. . . the sum of four pounds eighteen shillings' to purchase three casks of porter, and is signed 'Charles O'Connor/Circular Head/Rose Bank Farm'


    Lot 96
    Estimate: $800T

    1850 (20 Aug) entire to Launceston with a good strike of the postmaster's private handstamp 'C TOWN/20,AU,50' (an unusual sub-type with commas in date), endorsed 'Money Letter' at left and rated '4' in black, superb arrival cds on reverse. The letter is headed 'Lincoln' and encloses three cheques for the purchase of alcohol. Lincoln was located in a remote area near Cradle Mountain, and having no post office, the letter was carried to Campbell Town for posting. Very fine, and one of only two recorded Money Letters with a postmaster's private handstamp (the other being from Longford)


    Lot 97
    Estimate: $200T

    1851 (1 Aug) turned and re-used outer used within the Hobart Town Local Post, with boxed 'PAID/1 O.CLOCK' ds in red, and rated '2' in red. Filing creases and a few small tears, but the earliest recorded date of the Hobart Local Post Paid datestamp


    Lot 98
    Estimate: $300T

    1851 (17 Oct) entire to Launceston with postmaster's endorsement 'Longford 17 10 51' near bottom, and endorsed at left 'Money Letter', rated '8' as a double-weight letter. Some internal damage to letter which indicates that the enclosure was 'Five Pounds Ten Shillings & 6d', presumably in cash and hence the double weight. A very early item of mail sent by the new registration system which came into effect on 1 September 1851; this required the endorsement 'Registered' to be used, but 'Money Letter' continued in common usage for some time


    Lot 99
    Estimate: $300T

    1853 (4 Jan) outer headed 'On Public Service Only' used locally at Brighton, with the signature of J.W. Forster, Brighton Police. Some light toning, but the only recorded example of official mail used as a drop letter in a country village


    Lot 100
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1853 (18 Aug) inwards cover from Buntington (UK) to an officer of the 99th Regiment at Launceston franked 1/- Green Embossed (just touched at base) tied by '143' numeral, Buntington despatch and London transit backstamps in red, and Launceston arrival backstamp (21 NO 1853). Readdressed to Sydney (and then to Tamworth) and with Hobart boxed 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' ds in red for 22NO22 1853 (the earliest recorded date), and with Sydney h/s '3' in black and 'SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' arrival backstamp (DE 6 1853). Few small faults, but very attractive, and including the enclosed letter


    Lot 101
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $46

    1853 (2 Nov) entire 'per Lady Bird' from Geelong (oval ds) to Hobart, rated '3' for paid ship letter, with Launceston transit cds, and boxed 'SHIP LETTER' arrival backstamp. This letter arrived three days after the new rates became effective on 1 November 1853, which removed the inwards ship letter charge


    Lot 102
    Estimate: $120T

    1854 (10 Aug) entire endorsed 'per Pirate' from Launceston to Sydney without Tasmanian markings so apparently carried by hand and placed in the mails on arrival, with handstruck '3' inwards ship letter charge and 'SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' arrival backstamp (AU 14 1854), very fine


    Lot 103
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $60

    1854 (16 Aug) consignee's letter (Johnstone correspondence) London to Launceston delivered without charge (as per postal regulations), with good Launceston cds 8 DE 8 1854, horizontal filing crease otherwise very fine


    Lot 104
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1855 (14 Dec) envelope and 1856 (17 Jun) outer (repaired tear at base) from Hobart to Melbourne and Geelong respectively, both franked with 1855 4d Deep Blue (both touched or just cut into in places), cancelled 68 and 64 Barred Numerals, and with Hobart 'GENERAL POST OFFICE' cds in red, reverse with appropriate 'SHIP LETTER FREE' cds for Melbourne and Geelong. Few minor faults, but good appearance (2)


    Lot 105
    Estimate: $120T

    1856 (7 Apr) outer from Hobart to Geelong, 1855 4d Deep Blue (SG 17) tied by '61' numeral, with fine 'GENERAL POST OFFICE/HOBART TOWN/VDL' cds in red at lower right, and scarce 'SHIP LETTER/FREE/GEELONG VICTORIA' cds in red (AP 14 1856) on reverse, front and reverse with some staining. Also 1861 (24 Jul) envelope from Launceston to Hobart with 1857-60 4d Blue (discoloured) tied by '52' numeral, with 'PREPAID' despatch and arrival ds in red (2)


    Lot 106
    Estimate: $300T

    1856 (28 Apr) 'On Public Service only' printed outer from Longford to Hobart with manuscript 'Longford/28/4/56' postal endorsement, and Hobart circular crowned 'FREE' datestamp in red 29AP29/1856. Repaired tear at top and outer with horizontal and vertical folds, still clean and scarce


    Lot 107
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $125

    1856 (17 May) large part entire from Hobart to Geelong with 1855 4d Deep Blue (SG 17, just touched at top) tied by '64' Barred Numeral, 'GENERAL POST OFFICE' cds ('VDL' excised) cds in red, and 'SHIP LETTER/FREE/GEELONG VICTORIA' arrival backstamp in red, fine


    Lot 108
    Estimate: $400T

    1857 (4 Sep) entire to Launceston with 'Emu Bay 4 Sepr' manuscript postmaster's endorsement and 'Registered 2/8' in red, and boxed 'PRE-PAID' arrival datestamp in red on reverse. The letter from one Richard Lennard orders supplies and notes 'I enclose £28'. From the issue of stamps in November 1853 postage and registration were required to be paid by adhesives, and this entire indicates that Emu Bay (Burnie from 1/1/1882) had run out of stamps; the 2/8d rate can be interpreted as 4d x 5 + 1/- registration for a 2-2½oz letter, but may also represent a double weight letter on which the postmaster has charged 2 x 4d and (erroneously) 2 x 1/- registration fee. Some minor soiling, but an interesting item


    Lot 109
    Estimate: $120T

    1857 (22 Oct) outer with mss 'On public service only' from Launceston to Hobart, with Launceston diamond crowned 'FREE' and Hobart circular crowned 'FREE' datestamps in red. Very fine


    Lot 110
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1858 (5 Jun) outer from Hobart to London endorsed 'Overland Mail Via Marseilles' and franked with 1858 6d Dull Lilac (touched at left, portion of adjoining unit at right) tied by '62' numeral, and with manuscript '3' in red, a very unusual prepayment of the 9d via Marseilles rate partly in cash. Very fine and an exceptional usage


    Lot 111
    Estimate: $150T

    1858 (13 Jul) outer from Launceston to Scotland, redirected to London, with 1858 6d Imperf (SG 40) tied by '60' Barred Numeral, with fine diamond 'POST-OFFICE/LAUNCESTON' ds in red, London arrival backstamp, and with mss '1' for redirection. Very fine other than for some small tone spots


    Lot 112
    Estimate: $1,500T

    'Votes and Proceedings of The Legislative Council' Nos 1-31 (7 Sep - 28 Oct 1858), the reverse of the final page being used as the outer wrapper for addressing from Hobart to Launceston. Franked with 1858 1/- pair (somewhat oxidised) tied by '61' Barred Numeral, with 'PRE-PAID/9OC29/1858' cds in red, and boxed 'PRE-PAID' arrival ds in red for the following day. The 2/- franking represents 4 x 6d per 4 oz. printed matter rate. The lot includes the whole of the 'Votes' as posted. A 1/- Imperf pair is a very scarce franking, let alone for a heavy printed matter rate - a remarkable survivor


    Lot 113
    Estimate: $120T Realised Price : $90

    Trio of 4d inland rate covers franked 1857-59 4d, with 1858 (20 Mar) cover from Hobart to Jerusalem (four margins, cancelled Oval of Bars, with Brandon Cert), 1859 (28 Sep) from Hobart to Launceston cancelled '75' (cut into two sides), and 1866 (25 Jan) from Ross to Hobart cancelled '77' (touched or cut into two sides), some cover faults (3)


    Lot 114
    Estimate: $120T

    1859 (8 Jan) cover from Launceston to Carrick with 4d Blue (SG 37, cut into two sides) tied by indecipherable numeral, faint 'PRE-PAID' diamond ds and straight-line 'TOO-LATE' in black. Missing flap, otherwise good and the earliest recorded date for the diamond ds


    Lot 115
    Estimate: $150T

    1859 (13 Jun) cover from Launceston to Edinburgh with 1858 6d Imperf (touched at right, portion of adjoining unit at left) cancelled First Allocation '60' numeral, arrival backstamp, and 1865 (7 Feb) cover from Launceston to Reepham UK with 1860-67 6d Grey Imperf (four margins) cancelled Second Allocation '52' numeral, Norwich and Reepham backstamps. Covers with some marks and/or flap faults, an attractive pair (2)


    Lot 116
    Estimate: $120T Realised Price : $135

    1859(?) (1 Sep) town letter with 1857-59 1d Deep Red-brown (SG 25, touched at left, mark at base) tied by '75' Barred Numeral of Hobart and with boxed 'PRE-PAID/10.0.CLOCK' ds in orange-red


    Lot 117
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $75

    1860 covers from Launceston at 4d inland rate, the first 1860 (3 Apr) to Table Cape with 1857-59 4d Pale Blue (cut into at top) cancelled '59' Barred Numeral, flap tear otherwise fine; other 1860 (28 Jun) to Hobart with 1857-59 4d Pale Blue (cut into at right) cancelled '60' Barred Numeral, each with fine diamond 'PRE-PAID' ds in red, latter also with Hobart tombstone 'PRE-PAID' ds in red (2)


    Lot 118
    Estimate: $180T Realised Price : $135

    1857 (27 Oct) entire (printed notice from Union Bank) addressed locally within Launceston with 1857-59 1d Deep Red-brown (large margins three sides, cut into at top) barely tied by '60' numeral, and with 'PRE-PAID/1-O-CLOCK' cds in red. Two filing creases (clear of adhesive) and otherwise very clean, a good example of the 1d town rate


    Lot 119
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1862 (4 Oct) cover from Hobart to Melbourne with 1860-67 6d Grey Imperf (SG 45, just touched at top) tied by Oval of Bars and by 'GENERAL POST OFFICE' ('VDL' excised) cds in red, Melbourne arrival backstamp in red. Torn flap, otherwise fine and attractive


    Lot 120
    Estimate: $1,200T

    1862 (23 Oct) entire from Hobart to London endorsed 'via Marseilles' and carried on the 'Colombo' which was wrecked off the island of Minicoy on 19 November. The salvaged mail eventually reached London on 16 January 1863 (datestamp on front). This cover bears three damaged 6d adhesives, a pair in Dull Slate-grey and a single in Grey, cancelled Oval of Bars, representing the 1/- half oz. rate plus 6d late fee. On the reverse are two strikes of the boxed 'Saved from the wreck of/the Colombo'. Four 'Colombo' wreck covers from Tasmania are recorded, this cover being a new discovery in 2011 and the only one still bearing adhesives. Cover with inevitable damage from immersion in water and reinforced with hinges in several places, but a spectacular 'Colombo' wreck cover


    Lot 121
    Estimate: $200T

    1865 (20 Jul) stampless entire from Cologne, Germany to Launceston, boxed 'P.P.' overstruck 'PD' in red, with 'PRUSSE/ERQUELINES' and Marseilles transit ds, plus diamond 'SHIP-LETTER INWARDS FREE' arrival backstamp in red. Soiled filing crease, otherwise fine, and a scarce inwards item


    Lot 122
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    1866 (4 Apr) folded printed notice delivered locally in Launceston, and franked with 1863-71 1d Brick-red Perf 10 (SG 57, slightly damaged at base) tied '52' Barred Numeral, and with 'PRE-PAID/10.0.CLOCK' cds in red. An offset impression of another stamp caused by long storage appears below the 1d, otherwise a lovely example of the 1d town rate


    Lot 123
    Estimate: $120T

    1866 (18 Jul) small cover (94 x 54mm) from Hobart to Richmond with 1864-71 4d Pale Blue Perf 10 (SG 62, fine) cancelled Oval of Bars, and with 'PRE-PAID' cds in red, back flap damaged, but very fine appearance


    Lot 124
    Estimate: $75T

    1869 (15 Mar) 'On Public Service only' printed envelope from the Colonial Secretary's Office to Sydney with 'Crown/FREE cds and Hobart 'GENERAL POST OFFICE' cds in red, Sydney arrival backstamp. Small portion of back missing, small tear at top and vertical filing crease


    Lot 125
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1871 (16 Feb) mourning cover to Ballarat with De La Rue 2d Sideface (x 4) tied by Hobart Town duplexes, and with a fine strike of the straight-line 'REGISTERED' in red, Melbourne transit cds on face and Ballarat arrival cds (FE 20/71) on reverse. The cover was undeliverable and the boxed 'UNCLAIMED AT/BALLAARAT' was applied, and a second Ballarat cds (MY 23/71) and 'DLB/VICTORIA' cds in green (MY 25/71). Addressee's name has been erased and a few minor Blemishes


    Lot 126
    Estimate: $800T

    1871 (25 Mar) cover to Masserley Park, Derbyshire with 1/- Chalon Perf 12 (SG 77, few small faults) tied by fine Hobart Town duplex, with very fine strike of the straight-line 'REGISTERED' in red (the latest recorded date in this colour), oval 'REGISTERED/LONDON transit datestamp on face, and oval 'REGISTERED/DERBY' datestamp in red on reverse. An attractive cover


    Lot 127
    Estimate: $150T

    1872 (24 Sep) entire used locally within Launceston with 1d Sideface cancelled '52' Barred Numeral and with superb 'PRE-PAID/10.0.CLOCK' cds in red. Horizontal filing fold clear of adhesive, otherwise a fine example of the 1d town rate


    Lot 128
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1874 (31 Jan) Bankruptcy Court Notice (3d Sideface pen-cancelled affixed) posted locally within Launceston, with 1d Sideface cancelled '52' Barred Numeral, and with 'PRE-PAID/1.O.CLOCK' cds in red, a very fine example of the 1d town rate


    Lot 129
    Estimate: $120T Realised Price : $90

    1875 (18 Aug) 'On Public Service only' (crossed through, and flap roughly opened) envelope with signature of MHR and with superb strike of 'Crown/FREE' cds in red (recut state), and 1891 (2 Nov) 'On Public Service only' envelope to Sydney with Hobart duplex, and 'Crown/FREE' cds in black, fine (2)


    Lot 130
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $200

    1876 (10 Jun) 'On Public Service only' printed envelope with embossed crest on flap in red, from G.P.O. to the British P.O. at Constantinople, with Hobart 'Crown/FREE' cds in red, and Hobart Town unframed despatch cds, signed by A.C. Douglas (Postmaster and Secretary to the Post Office), Alexandria transit cds and 'BRITISH POST OFFICE/CONSTANTINOPLE' arrival backstamp in red, AU 3 1876. Light overall toning, but a remarkable Destination


    Lot 131
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $150

    1879(?) (13 Oct) wrapper franked 1863-71 1d Carmine Perf 12 strip of 3 tied by '77' Barred Numerals (Ross), addressed to Longford and endorsed 'by Book Post' and 'Book only'. Some tone spots, but a very scarce usage for the 3d packet rate


    Lot 132
    Estimate: $100T Realised Price : $75

    1880 (10 Sep) 'On Public Service only' envelope to Forth with Launceston diamond 'Crown/FREE' ds in black, and italic 'TOO LATE', back flap partly missing; and 1885 (31 Aug) stampless cover to Melbourne with Launceston duplex, and diamond 'Crown/FREE ds in black (the latest recorded date), reverse damaged by staining (2)


    Lot 133
    Estimate: $120T

    1882 (16 Oct) cover from Launceston to Longford with 2d Sideface cancelled Duplex Code S, posted after 4.00pm, and too late for the Longford mail, and so struck with italic 'TOO.LATE' in black. Some soiling, but scarce


    Lot 134
    Estimate: $350T

    1887 (8 Aug) stampless OPSO cover with 'Municipality of Green Ponds' imprint at lower left and signed 'NJMaggs/Police Constable' at upper right, endorsed 'Money Letter' by the sender and corrected to 'Registered' by a different hand. Fine Constitution Hill cds and Green Ponds backstamp of same date. Back flap repaired, otherwise of fine appearance and believed to be the latest recorded use of the term 'Money Letter'


    Lot 135
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $130

    1888 (21 Aug) folded Police Rate Receipt with Longford cds, and 'LAUNCESTON/FREE/TASMANIA' cds (the earliest known date); and 'ON PUBLIC SERVICE ONLY' postcard with printed notice of the Launceston Rifle Regiment with 'LAUNCESTON/FREE/TASMANIA cds SP 7 88, fine (2)


    Lot 136
    Estimate: $100T

    c1890 2d registration envelope (134 x 83mm) with 1d Sideface cancelled Hobart duplex, date unclear, and used locally within Hobart. The embossed stamp is uncancelled, fine and clean, and an unusual use of the stationery for the 1d town rate


    Lot 137
    Estimate: $300T

    1891 (20 Feb) registered 1d STO wrapper for 'The Federal Australian Philatelist' with printed 'BOOK POST' at upper left used to Brazil, cancelled Hobart Duplex and with chamfered boxed 'REGISTERED/No/2524' in red, with double circle 'MONTCENIS A MACON/A' ds (26 AVRIL 91) and 'CORREIOS/ALAGOIS double circle backstamp, 28 MAIO 91. Reduced at both ends (probably removing additional adhesive(s)), and some soiling, but a remarkable destination


    Lot 138
    Estimate: $50T

    1898 (10 Jun) registered 'ON PUBLIC SERVICE ONLY' printed envelope endorsed 'John Crockett/Assistant Bailiff' at top left, sent from Ouse to Hamilton, Ouse '65' numeral struck at left and with 'R' in circle, Hamilton arrival cds on reverse. Two light vertical folds otherwise fine


    Lot 139
    Estimate: $50T

    1899 (21 Nov) registered 'ON ROAD TRUST BUSINESS ONLY' printed envelope sent from Hamilton to Pelham, manuscript 'Registered', 'R' in circle and chamfered boxed 'REGISTERED/HOBART' in blue at left, Hobart transit cds on reverse. Some repaired tears at top left and pinholes at lower right, otherwise good


    Lot 140
    Estimate: $80T Realised Price : $60

    1900 (19 Jul) 1d Pink Postcard from Launceston to the German Consul at Brisbane, with boxed 'POSTED OUT/OF COURSE (worn state with side frames weak or missing), few minor marks otherwise very fine


    Lot 141
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1901 (11 Feb) registered Tattersalls cover to Hobart with 2d Pictorial cancelled Mangana cds, and with 'R' in circle, underpaid and with mss applied at G.P.O. 'Mem 12/2/01' and 'Additional /postage paid/E.M.H. 15/2/01' (the initials of Chief Clerk Edgar Morrah Hannaford), Hobart backstamp FE 12 1901. Underpaid registered mail is very unusual, since it had to be handed over the counter, and the responsible postal officer was liable to make up any deficiency. Very scarce


    Lot 142
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $190

    1901 (24 Apr) Tattersalls registered cover to Hobart with 2d Pictorial cancelled Derby cds and 'R' in circle, underpaid and with mss 'P.M./ Charged/19.4.01', 'REGISTERED/HOBART' cds on reverse, AP 25 01. Underpaid registered mail is very unusual, since it had to be handed over the counter, and the responsible postal officer was liable to make up any deficiency. Very scarce


    Lot 143
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    1904 (23 May) registered cover to Oatlands with Pictorial 1d and 2d (2, one damaged) cancelled Bagdad cds, and with boxed 'REGISTERED/3525/HOBART' in blue, being the rare recut of the previous chamfered boxed marking (used only 1904-05). Also with 'R' in circle, and with Hobart (MY 23 1904) and Oatlands (MY 24 04) backstamps. Cover tear at top, otherwise fine and very scarce


    Lot 144
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1904 (23 Nov) PPC to Launceston with Hobart cds and fine strike of triple circle 'POSTAGE PAID/1D/HOBART, TAS.' in black, one of two recorded examples. Postcard with top left corner crease, otherwise fine and an important and very rare Paid marking


    Lot 145
    Estimate: $100

    1906 (8 Jun) postcard from Launceston to Zeehan with boxed 'POSTED OUT/OF COURSE' handstamp (worn state with sides worn or missing), a scarce marking, creased at lower left corner otherwise fine


    Lot 146
    Estimate: $60T

    1905 (3 Apr) picture postcard to London franked 1d Pictorial cancelled Hobart cds, underpaid and with '5/CTMS/T' handstamp, and '1D/I.S./D' handstamp applied on arrival. Re-addressed to Ipswich and faint 'CHARGE NOT PAID/F.B. No. 2' in violet added


    Lot 147
    Estimate: $200T

    1907 (3 Oct) long 'Tatts' envelope to Hobart from Ballyrosan (Vic) with 1d pair, oval 'T4D' applied and 1902 Blank Base 4d Postage Due affixed and cancelled Hobart cds. A number of peripheral tears are explained by the addition of the handstruck boxed 'RECEIVED TORN AT G.P.O.'


    Lot 148
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $1

    1909 inwards PPC from Bombay to Ellendale franked with KEVII 3p and 2a6p cancelled by manuscript violet 'Stamped', arrival 'TML RY No 3 (MR 3 09) and Ellendale (4 Mar) datestamps. Colourful and attractive


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