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Sale No. 66

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    Lot 739
    Estimate: $75

    Literature: "The Stamps and Postal History" by WASG.

    Lot 740
    Estimate: $190

    1854 Imperf 4d Blue, SG 3a, margins four sides, large at top and base, unused.


    Lot 741
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,200

    -: 4d Deep Dull Blue, SG 3b, four even margins, unused.


    Lot 742
    Estimate: $800T Realised Price : $900

    1857-59 Imperf 2d brown-black/red, SG 15, unusually fine in that portion of adjoining units are present on three sides and clear margin on fourth, lightly cancelled. Rare in this exceptional quality


    Lot 743
    Estimate: $450T Realised Price : $550

    1864-69 Imperf 4d Blue, SG 26, close to large margin pair, right unit with slight creasing otherwise a rare and attractive multiple.


    Lot 744
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $210

    -: 4d Deep Blue, SG 27, margins all round, a little close at upper right unused.


    Lot 745
    Estimate: $270T

    -: 4d Deep Blue, pre-printing paper crease, large margins four sides, unused.


    Lot 746
    Estimate: $200

    1864-69 Imperf Plate Proof on Wmkd CC gummed paper of 1d Bistre, marginal.


    Lot 747
    Estimate: $400

    -: 2d Chrome-yellow in pair.


    Lot 748
    Estimate: $210

    -: 6d Indigo-violet.


    Lot 749
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $220

    1885-93 Imperf Plate Proof pair on gummed, Wmk Crown CA sideways paper of 4d Chestnut. Ex De La Rue Archives


    Lot 750
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $210

    5d Bistre pair.


    Lot 751
    Estimate: $210

    another 5d pair, though marginal with lines, slight creasing.

    Lot 752
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $775

    Revenue Stamps: 1893 10/- Dull Purple, tiny surface rub, otherwise a fresh attractive example of this rarity.


    Lot 753
    Estimate: $115

    -: 1979 reprint of undenominated long format Internal Revenue, an uncommon complete sheet of 120 including the four Controls

    Lot 754
    Estimate: $115

    Postal Cards: 1912 (P&T PC20) ONE PENNY on 2d Carmine, with faults showing part strike in magenta of POSTES ET TELEGRAPHES/MADAGASCAR/ COLLECTION/DE BERNE.


    Lot 755
    Estimate: $150

    Envelopes: 1912 (P&T EN3) 2d Orange, with portion of another affixed cancelled by four-ringed Specimen cancellation, additionally showing part strike in magenta of POSTES ET TELEGRAPHES/MADAGASCAR/COLLECTION/DE BERNE, minor staining.


    Lot 756
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $120

    1895 (11th Feb) to Melbourne, I. R./TWO PENCE on 3d tied by Fremantle/F duplex, Perth and Melbourne backstamps

    Lot 757
    Estimate: $75

    1896 Official registered envelopes Perth to London or Fremantle showing Insufficiently addressed or Unclaimed markings, respectively, and D.L.O. handstamps, (2)

    Lot 758
    Estimate: $115

    1897 (29th Nov) Official registered envelope Perth to Fremantle showing on reverse mss. Worn in Office GPO and Recd Edges Worn/N Ftle [North Fremantle] resealed/30.1.97, various UNCLAIMED, redirection and D.L.O. markings. Great character

    Lot 759
    Estimate: $190

    1898-1902 selection of registered Official envelopes with LAND TITLES DEPARTMENT Frank showing various handstruck or mss. Unclaimed or D.L.O. markings, latter in purple, red, blue or violet, generally fine for these (5)

    Lot 760
    Estimate: $75

    1910 (11th Mar) PPC (Danish) to Copenhagen bearing 1d and d tied by Ship Room cdss, arrival datestamp.

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