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Sale No. 65

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    Lot 320
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    6d Chestnut, 2/- Maroon and 1 Grey CTO with G.P.O. MELBOURNE datestamp, full OG and unmounted (3)


    Lot 321
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    2d Deep Grey variety 'Die IIA Substituted Cliche' (1L55) cancelled portion of Fremantle machine, a curious blotchy impression probably caused by dry ink. Two shortish perfs at top, and centred lower left, otherwise fine. BW 7(1)k Cat AU$2000


    Lot 322
    Estimate: $60

    6d Ultramarine Die II Punctured 'OS' variety 'Watermark Inverted', good used with toning on a few perf tips. BW 19baa Cat AU$275


    Lot 323
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    6d Blue Die IIB CTO with 'G.P.O./MELBOURNE' cds marginal (line wmk) from right of pane, centred left otherwise very fine, full OG and unmounted. A scarce CTO stamp, included in Collector's Sets for only a short time


    Lot 324
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    6d Blue Die IIB CTO with 'G.P.O./MELBOURNE' cds, centred left and no gum. A scarce CTO stamp that was included in Collector's Sets for only a short time


    Lot 325
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $625

    9d Violet 'CA' monogram from Plate 1, fine but no gum. BW No. 26(1)za Cat AU$3000


    Lot 326
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1/- Blue-green Die II 'Watermark Inverted', from top of sheet (line wmk), good centering, two rusted perfs at right and other traces on reverse, part OG. BW 32a Cat AU$550


    Lot 327
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    1/- Pale Blue-green Die IIB block of 4, lower pair variety 'Double Perforations', with line wmk showing block to be from the lower left corner of a pane. Part OG and mounted on one unit only, some toned perfs on upper pair visible from reverse only. BW 33Ab Cat AU$500


    Lot 328
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    1/- Blue-green Die IIB Mullett Imprint Pair in a pale shade from Plate 3, few tiny marks on reverse, otherwise fine MUH. BW 33(3)zc Cat AU$450+


    Lot 329
    Estimate: $600

    2/- Brown used range on leaves ex Harry Evans with shades, dated copies and minor varieties, and including 7 pairs, few with faults but condition generally well above average. BW Cat AU$2610 (82)


    Lot 330
    Estimate: $1,500

    2/- Brown Punctured Small 'OS' horizontal pair variety 'Watermark Inverted', cancelled Stock Exchange Melbourne cds (1917). Partly severed and reinforced, otherwise very fine and a rare multiple. BW 37baa Cat AU$3000+


    Lot 331
    Estimate: $90

    5/- Grey and Deep Yellow fine used from right of pane (line wmk), cancelled neat strikes of Gawler (SA) cds. BW 44C Cat AU$225


    Lot 332
    Estimate: $3,500

    10/- Grey and Deep Aniline Pink and 2 Grey-black and Crimson (with marginal wmk indicating the stamp to be Left Pane, No. 1), both cancelled with portion of double circle 'COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA/POSTMASTER/GENERAL'S/DEPARTMENT' ds, probably for archival purposes. Very unusual and rare, 2 with 2001 Ceremuga Certificate (2)


    Lot 333
    Estimate: $250

    10/- Grey and Aniline Pink Punctured Small 'OS', cancelled Market Street (Melb) cds, centred to top, otherwise fine postally used and much scarcer than CTO


    Lot 334
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $460

    1 Light Brown and Pale Blue and 2 Black and Rose cancelled with manuscript '31/1/22/E.E.S.' and with portion of large 'CANCELLED' handstamp, apparently used for internal accounting purposes. 1 with repaired lower left corner, and both with pinholes, but very unusual (2)


    Lot 335
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    1 Grey overprinted 'SPECIMEN' Type D, large part slightly toned OG and lightly Mounted


    Lot 336
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $460

    2 Purple-black and Rose overprinted SPECIMEN Type C , excellent centering and unmounted slightly toned full OG. BW Cat AU$1250


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