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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 13

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    Lot 319
    Estimate: $200

    Cover selection comprising d + 1d (2) combinations (2) to US or Sweden, former with 'PASSED' handstamp, 2d (First Wmk) and 3d solo frankings to US, and 1939 and 1938 airmail to Switzerland of 9d + 1/- Lyrebird and 2/- + QE 1d, respectively, fine lot (6)


    Lot 320
    Estimate: $125T

    First Watermark: 1d Red + N.S.W. d Blue-Green tied by machine-cancel to 1913 (3 Mar) postcard to Manly. Scarce State/ Kangaroo combination


    Lot 321
    Estimate: $1,750

    First Watermark: d Green + Western Australia 2d Yellow used on 1913 (13 Mar) Avis De Reception form, tied by oval Perth registered cancel and Dumbleyung arrival cds, minor thinning at left. Attractive and scarce Kangaroo/State combination


    Lot 322
    Estimate: $75

    First Watermark: 1d Red Die I punctured large 'OS' on 1913 (14 Nov) Post Card used locally at Sydney printed for 'Deputy Federal Commissioner of Land Tax', minor ageing


    Lot 323
    Estimate: $80T

    1d Red Die II uprated 1d Envelope tied by 1913 (20 Dec) Geelong krag-type cancellation used to Melbourne


    Lot 324
    Estimate: $200

    First Watermark: 2d Indigo private perfin 'PLD' for Prescott Limited on 1915 (3 Aug) advertising cover (slightly reduced), used Sydney to USA, type-written endorsement 'Per S.S. "MAKURA"'. Attractive


    Lot 325
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $130

    First Watermark: 4d Orange punctured large 'OS' on 1916 (19 Jan) OHMS registered cover used locally at Perth, large red registration label, various instructional markings due to insufficient address. Attractive


    Lot 326
    Estimate: $500T

    First Watermark: 5d Chestnut + 2d Indigo - the latter with private perfin 'F G/&CO' in reverse on 1915 (12 Mar) 'Felton Grimwade & Co' cover to USA tied by 'LATE FEE/SPENCER ST' datestamps. Rare combination


    Lot 327
    Estimate: $200

    First Watermark: 5d Chestnut on 1918 (2 May) cover to Switzerland tied by Oodnadatta squared-circle cancel, endorsed at top '2 Letters for enemy country enclosed.', oval censor cachet in violet, Basel arrival backstamp, slight ageing and creasing


    Lot 328
    Estimate: $350T

    First Watermark: 6d Blue + 1d (damaged) + d on 1914 (15 Sep) cover to USA tied by two strikes of 'LOOSE LETTER/WELLINGTON/NZ'. Attractive make-up for triple rate cover


    Lot 329
    Estimate: $125T

    Second Wmk: 2d Indigo on 1915 (20 Nov) cover Sydney to Michigan USA, tied by machine cancel, paying oz foreign rate


    Lot 330
    Estimate: $100

    Third Watermark: 2d Grey punctured 'T' sideways on c.1918 Official cover (small faults) inscribed for Government House


    Lot 331
    Estimate: $200

    Third Watermark: 2d Indigo (2) + 9d Pale Violet affixed to black/pink Victoria Interstate Parcel Post label and tied by Market Street 23.1.19 datestamps, few short perfs


    Lot 332
    Estimate: $100T

    Third Watermark: 3d Olive Die I on 1919 (13 Jan) cover Sydney to USA paying oz foreign rate + d War Tax


    Lot 333
    Estimate: $300T

    Third Watermark: 3d Olive Die II on 1921 (2 May) cover Darwin to USA. Attractive oz + d War Tax rate


    Lot 334
    Estimate: $100

    Third Watermark: 3d Olive (2) + KGV 1d Violet + 2d Red on 1922 (24 Aug) registered cover Sydney to Brisbane, red registration label, slight soiling


    Lot 335
    Estimate: $300

    Third Watermark: 5/- Grey and Yellow together with contemporary 6d, 9d, 1/- and 2/-, KGV d, 2d, 4d, 4d and 1/4d, and 3d Kookaburra tied by Registered Perth cds to 1929 (5 Mar) philatelic cover to Fremantle where backstamped. Unusual confection


    Lot 336
    Estimate: $500T

    Small Multiple Wmk: 6d Chestnut tied by Millaa Millaa (Qld) cds to 1930 (20 Jun) cover to U.S. which has met with trauma en route and with handstamped 'Received in bad condition at/QUINCY STATION', four U.S. 'Officially Sealed' labels affixed. Dramatic item for Exhibit


    Lot 337
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $160

    Small Multiple Wmk: 6d Chestnut on 1930 (1 Apr) registered cover Sydney to Canada, blue/black label, transit and arrival backstamps, paying 1oz foreign rate + 3d registration


    Lot 338
    Estimate: $800

    C of A Wmk: 5/- Grey and Yellow + 1/- Lyrebird + KGV 1d on 1936 (4 Feb) advertising cover flown Melbourne to Southampton, paying the 2oz airmail rate + 1d Late Fee, minor soiling. Rare


    Lot 339
    Estimate: $1,500T Realised Price : $1,200

    C of A Wmk: 2 Black & Red + 1 Grey + 10/- Grey & Pink + KGV 5d pair + 5d + 5/- Robes (damaged) on 1939 (14 Feb) parcel tag used from Perth to USA. A remarkable franking


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