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Sale No. 63

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    General Sale No. 49

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    Lot 290
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $320

    1d Green Plate 4 left marginal block of four on translucent paper, lower units MUH, BW80aa, with varieties ''Wattle Line'' State II and ''Flaw under Neck'' State II


    Lot 291
    Estimate: $120

    1d Green 'Watermark Inverted' top marginal block of four, well centred MUH


    Lot 292
    Estimate: $100

    1d Green marginal block of four with varieties 'Wattle line', 'Nick near top left frame' and 'Flaw under neck' BW80(4)f,g,h, reinforced


    Lot 293
    Estimate: $300

    1d Green vertical pair punctured OS, upper unit 'Wattle Line', lower unit 'Flaw under Neck', centred to base with lower unit MUH, BW80(4)f,h


    Lot 294
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    1d Red Plate 1a 'dot' corner block of four showing 'Four shading lines partly missing on King's neck', BW 91(1a)dz, selvedge reinforced and few perfs separated, slight toning, stamps unmounted. Rare 'proving' block


    Lot 295
    Estimate: $2,500

    1d Scarlet Plate 4 'JOHN ASH' imprint block of eight, with 'Type B re-entry: duplication of shading above right wattles, etc.' and ' 'ST' of POSTAGE joined', small stain, minor separation, reinforced, BW 91(4)ga,za. A very important piece for specialists. [An imprint block of 36 with additional varieties sold for AU$8300+ in 2007]


    Lot 296
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $210

    2d Red-Brown left marginal block of four


    Lot 297
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $210

    1/4d Greenish Blue top marginal


    Lot 298
    Estimate: $300

    1/4d Greenish Blue lower marginal with variety 'Thick 1', BW129m


    Lot 299
    Estimate: $1,000

    1/4d Deep Turquoise, BW 129D, slight ageing, lightly mounted


    Lot 300
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $290

    1/4d Turquoise-Blue punctured 'OS' with Melbourne cds, rarely seen this fine


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