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Sale No. 65

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    Australasia 2012

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    Lot 450
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $400

    d Green Single Line Perf, SG 20a, fine used with light machine cancellation. 1962 BSAP Certificate. Cat 475


    Lot 451
    Estimate: $100

    d 'Cyprus' Green block of four, BW 63H, few split perfs, two units unmounted, with normal single for comparison (5)


    Lot 452
    Estimate: $800 Realised Price : $950

    Smooth paper: 1d Bright Red Die II, BW 71B(1)f, superb unmounted. Cat AU$1000. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 453
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $420

    Smooth paper: 1d Deep Scarlet (Aniline) top marginal vertical pair, wmk misplaced with the upper unit showing only 'line' watermark, stamps unmounted. Scarce


    Lot 454
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    Smooth paper: 1d Scarlet Aniline, variety 'Rusted Cliche' (Pane IV/34), BW 71I(2)i, lightly cancelled. Cat AU$750. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 455
    Estimate: $500

    Smooth paper: 1d Scarlet Aniline, variety 'Rusted Cliche' (Pane IV/35), BW 71I(2)j, fine used. Cat AU$750. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 456
    Estimate: $2,000 Realised Price : $1,900

    Smooth paper: 1d Aniline Scarlet showing varieties 'Colour flaw outside right frame opposite emu's neck' and 'rust flaw opposite top of right value tablet' (IV/46), BW 71I(2)ma. Very fine, with Wirrega (SA) cds 16 MR 17, centred lower right. One of the rarest 1d Red plate varieties. Cat AU$2500


    Lot 457
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $400

    Smooth paper: 1d Brown-red, BW 71W, slight gum bend otherwise fine unmounted. Cat AU$750. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 458
    Estimate: $100

    Smooth paper: 1d Carmine-red 'Substituted Cliche' Die II (advanced state), centred right and toned perfs at top, BW 71Y(2)ia. 2001 Drury Certificate


    Lot 459
    Estimate: $50

    Smooth paper: 1d Carmine-red, variety 'Distorted ONE PENNY' (Pane VIII/13), BW 71Y(4)k, centred to right, few marks on face. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 460
    Estimate: $3,000 Realised Price : $3,000

    Smooth paper: 1d Aniline Carmine with variety 'top frame thinned and irregular left of crown' (VIII/15), cancelled Geelong cds dated 2 DE 21. Small tear at top and short perf at right, however this is generally considered to be the rarest of all 1d plate varieties in Red. 1992 RPSV Certificate. The first example recorded by us to be offered at auction


    Lot 461
    Estimate: $300

    Smooth paper: 1d Red Substituted Cliches, comprising Smooth Paper Dies I and II, and Rough Paper Die I (2) and II (2), various shades


    Lot 462
    Estimate: $80

    Rough paper: 1d Deep Scarlet (Aniline), BW 72A, wmk misplaced so that only the watermark line and top half of crown is showing, slight crease


    Lot 463
    Estimate: $1,500

    Rough paper: 1d Rose-pink, BW 72H, centred left, fine unmounted. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 464
    Estimate: $1,500

    Rough paper: 1d Rose-pink punctured 'OS', BW 72Hbb, centred low and with light diagonal gum crease, unmounted. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 465
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    Rough paper: 1d Rosine punctured 'OS' Die I/II pair, BW 72I(1)fc, slight perf separation. Cat AU$600. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 466
    Estimate: $750

    Rough paper: 1d Damson, BW 72K, centred left, fine unmounted. Cat AU$1250. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 467
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $120

    Rough paper: 1d Carmine-red, variety ''white line under right value tablet (Pane III/42), BW 72P(2)g, centred left. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 468
    Estimate: $600 Realised Price : $675

    Range on leaves with values to 1/4d (3), incl a few blocks, 1d Red shades (Smooth and Rough papers), 1d Die III (2), 4d Orange shades, etc, generally fine. Mostly mint, plus a few used, incl a 1d Red supposedly 'Printed on gum' (71)


    Lot 469

    1d Bright Red-brown, BW 87, vertical block of 14 with part ''Harrison'' imprint, unmounted. Fine and fresh. Cat (2007) AU$560


    Lot 470
    Estimate: $400

    1d Scarlet, variety 'Substituted cliche - deformed right frame', BW 89(15)ib, clear Sydney datestamp NO 10/1924. Cat AU$750


    Lot 471
    Estimate: $600

    1d Scarlet Punctured 'OS', Wmk Inverted, 'PRINTED ON GUM'. Well-centred and very fine for this scarce error


    Lot 472
    Estimate: $400

    1d Scarlet Punctured 'OS', Wmk Inverted, 'PRINTED ON GUM'. Centred left with a few short perfs, very scarce


    Lot 473
    Estimate: $75

    3d Violet-blue, variety 'Broken leg of emu', BW 104i, centred left (perfs into design), lightly hinged


    Lot 474
    Estimate: $800

    4d Orange 'Wmk Inverted' with variety 'Line Through Value', gum thin, otherwise fine and very scarce


    Lot 475
    Estimate: $1,000

    4d Lime-yellow, fine used, centred top left with variety 'Weeping 4', BW 110D(2)f. Very rare (possibly unique) with catalogued variety on this shade. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 476
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $3,800

    4d Lime-yellow punctured 'OS', BW 110Db, unpriced and previously unrecorded, fine with large part o.g. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 477
    Estimate: $450

    4d Violet vertical pair (slight perf separation), lower unit unmounted and with variety 'Thin FOUR PENCE', BW 112(2)ha. Cat AU$600


    Lot 478
    Estimate: $350

    4d Violet punctured 'OS', well-centred for this


    Lot 479
    Estimate: $125

    4d Violet punctured 'OS', fine


    Lot 480
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $210

    4d Dull Ultramarine (Cooke Plates), variety 'Thin FOU of FOUR ', lightly mounted, BW 112C(2)e. 2011 Drury Certificate


    Lot 481
    Estimate: $225 Realised Price : $170

    4d Blue (Cooke Plates) punctured 'OS', BW 112b, centred left, lightly hinged


    Lot 482
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $380

    5d Orange-brown Comb Perf block of four, BW123C, lower (unmounted) units showing uncatalogued varieties, lower left unit with ' d of 5d missing' and 'white flaw behind emu's neck', lower right unit with 'white flaw inside right frame opposite emu's head'. Fine and fresh


    Lot 483
    Estimate: $100

    5d Bright Chestnut Rough paper Single-line Perf 14 punctured 'OS', with Melbourne cds 8 NO 20, fine used


    Lot 484

    1/4d Greenish-blue, BW 128A, centred to base, fresh unmounted. Cat AU$400


    Lot 485
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $180

    1/4d Turquoise-blue pair punctured 'OS', BW 128Aba, well-centred and fine unmounted. Cat AU$300


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