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Sale No. 65

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    Australasia 2008

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    Lot 489
    Estimate: $125T

    c.1901 OHMS Envelope inscribed 'COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES OF VICTORIA.' and at lower left 'AREA 73B/DUNOLLY.', minor ageing, unused


    Lot 490
    Estimate: $125T

    World War I: 'MILITARY CAMP 1' datestamp on 3d Kangaroo, also 1916 cover used to Devonport West bearing KGV 1d Red and 1d KGV Lettercard used to Huon (3 items)


    Lot 491
    Estimate: $125T Realised Price : $340

    World War I: 1914 illustrated cover 'PARLIAMENT HOUSE' depicting men queuing to enlist, 'BLACKBOY HILL' datestamp on KGV 1d Reds (3, one on YMCA cover used at Perth 1915), also real photo PPC of soldiers in camp; Victoria 'MILITARY ENCAMPMENT cds on KGV piece with KGV 1d Reds (3) and 'MILITARY CAMP BROADMEADOWS' on 2d Roo and 5d KGV punctured 'OS', mixed condition. Ex Emery


    Lot 492
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $725

    World War I: 1915 (29 Jan) use of coloured illustrated 'Military Tents' Lettersheet used at Perth, headed 'No 2 Depot/Blackboy Hill Camp/Bellvue' bearing KGV 1d Red tied by Perth machine cancel. Attractive. Ex Emery


    Lot 493
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $600

    World War I: 1915 (22 Feb) OHMS reg'd cover used at Perth to Titles Office bearing 4d Roo punctured large 'OS', unclaimed, re-registered at Military Camp, Ascot with provisional registration, handstamped on reverse 'MILITARY CAMP, ASCOT /7-MAR 1016/WESTN. AUST' in violet, again unclaimed, various DLO, LCR, and unclaimed markings. Ex Emery


    Lot 494
    Estimate: $80

    World War II: A.I.F. Field P.O. '25' selection comprising usages by 19 Bde 6 Div (2, one reg'd) and NTF PU, very good strikes of datestamp (3)


    Lot 495
    Estimate: $2,000

    World War II: Aust F.P.O. selection with '163' (3), two registered (one with '072' registration label), '189' (4, two registered), usages at Berry Springs, Darwin and Commalie (defective though not recorded by Williams and unseen by Proud), and '190' (3, one registered), generally very good strikes (10)


    Lot 496
    Estimate: $1,000

    World War II: Air Force P.O. comprehensive selection comprising '20' (7, three registered), '21' (8, five registered), '22' (9, five registered), '23' (8, four registered), '24' (4, two registered), and '28' (5, three registered), good variety of registration details/labels and censor markings, generally very good strikes (41)


    Lot 497
    Estimate: $600

    World War II: Navy selection with a number of desirable items including 'NAVY POST OFFICE No. 1' datestamp (10) with reg'd (2), applied in black, violet and blue inks, 1942 (Dec) reg'd cover with stamps unusually cancelled by 'NAVAL/SERVICE' handstamp, straight-line 'NAVY P.O.DARWIN', 'NAVY POST OFFICE' and 'NAVY P.O. No. 1', variety of censor and 'SHIP' handstamps, generally good strikes (14), also 1950s covers from Darwin with differing types of 'H.M.A. SHIP' (one 'H.M.A.S.') handstamps (4)


    Lot 498
    Estimate: $200

    World War II: 1942 (21 Feb) cover (small faults) to Private J. Manser, 2/20th Battalion at Singapore, showing fine 'ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/DELIVERY IMPRACTICABLE/RETURN TO SENDER' and D.L.O. Examiner handstamps on front, D.L.O. label and datestamp on reverse, censored at Sydney. [The Japanese attacked Singapore 8 March 1942. Manser was captured and became P.O.W. in Thailand]


    Lot 499
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    World War II: 1942 (16 Mar) cover to Capt John Champion de Crespigny, then stationed with 2/1 Australian Guard Battalion at Java, fine handstamped 'ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/DELIVERY IMPRACTICABLE/RETURN TO SENDER' on front, DLO label and datestamp on reverse, cover (with handling faults) includes original letters. [The Japanese invaded Java at the end of February 1942 and de Crespigny became a P.O.W.]


    Lot 500
    Estimate: $200

    World War II: 1944 (30 Sep) airmail cover from Australian Serviceman to Tasmania bearing 1d (3) tied by 'AIR FORCE POST OFFICE/No. 254' cds, RAAF Censor 711


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