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    General Sale No. 43

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    Lot 468
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $290

    Canada: 1935 (25 Nov) cover (opened at left) bearing KGV 1d, 2d Air (2) and 1/6d Hermes flown N.S.W. to Ontario via U.K. and U.S., minor blemishes. Scarce example of full airmail service


    Lot 469
    Estimate: $150

    Egypt: 1935 (20 Aug) cover Melbourne to Egypt at uncommon 1/7d Żoz airmail rate, backstamped Alexandria, Port Said


    Lot 470
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $300

    Germany: 1934 (24 Jan) real photo postcard (Botanical Gardens, Brisbane) to Germany bearing 2d + 6d tied by Brisbane slogan, 8d postcard rate via Karachi-Italy (where air service concluded). Rare rate


    Lot 471
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $150

    Germany: 1935 (23 Jul) real-photo postcard of QANTAS plane bearing 9d Kangaroo + 2d Jubilee flown from Sydney to UK then by surface mail to Germany


    Lot 472
    Estimate: $300

    Germany: 1937 (12 Feb) airmail cover to Germany endorsed 'Via Italy' bearing Kangaroo CofA Wmk 5/-, 9d, KGV 1d and 1/6d Hermes pair tied by Melbourne Ship Mail Room datestamps, etiquette handstamped with black cross


    Lot 473
    Estimate: $200

    Germany: 1937 covers (2) from same correspondence Melbourne to Germany at via Italy airmail rates of 1/9d (Żoz) and 3/5d (Ż-1oz), latter particularly scarce, attractive frankings


    Lot 474
    Estimate: $100

    Great Britain: 1937 (18 Mar) PPC to England bearing KGV 1Żd pair + 6d Kookaburra tied by Caloundra datestamps


    Lot 475
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    Great Britain: 1937 (5 Jun) 'BRICO' piston rings advertising cover flown Sydney to Coventry bearing 1/6d Hermes + 1d QE paying Żoz airmail rate + 1d Late Fee. Attractive


    Lot 476
    Estimate: $100

    Great Britain: 1938 (30 Jul) attractive illustrated cover Jamberoo to U.K. at 5d Żoz all-up airmail rate


    Lot 477
    Estimate: $300

    Great Britain: 1941 OHMS printed cover (245x150mm) Sydney to London, bearing Robes 10/- (3) + 5/-, endorsed 'Via New Zealand/& USA', diamond censor cachet and 'CALIFORNIA/ CLIPPER' in violet. Remarkable example of 5/10d sextuple rate, adhesives faulty due to machine cancelling. Interesting


    Lot 478
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    Great Britain: 1941 (9 Dec) cover flown Melbourne to Scotland bearing 2/- Maroon (2) + KGVI 1/4d + 6d Kookaburra, endorsed 'Clipper Mail', censor tape and diamond cachet


    Lot 479
    Estimate: $100

    Great Britain: 1960 (17 Nov) large cover (360x240mm) centrally folded bearing 5/- Arms (5), QEII 1d and 5d, 1/- Platypus (2), 2/- Flower (2), paying the 2/3d per Żoz rate x 14 times


    Lot 480
    Estimate: $350

    Holland: 1935 (28 Mar) advertising cover for 'Chanticleer Roller Flour' used to Holland bearing ANZAC 1/- pair and KGV 1d tied by Air Mail Sydney datestamp, Paris and Rotterdam backstamps. Attractive and scarce franking for 2/1d Żoz airmail rate via France


    Lot 481
    Estimate: $400

    India: 1935 (17 Sep) cover to India bearing KGV 1/4d turquoise and 1/- Lyrebird tied by Brisbane datestamp, Simla and Calcutta backstamps. Lovely example


    Lot 482
    Estimate: $100

    India: 1939 (12 Apr) cover Melbourne to India at 5d Żoz all-up airmail rate which is scarce to destinations other than U.K., Calcutta backstamp


    Lot 483
    Estimate: $125

    Java: 1935 (12 Nov) airmail cover for Brown & Dureau Ltd, Melbourne to Java, franked at 1/7d for 1/6d Ż-1oz airmail plus 1d Late fee


    Lot 484
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $140

    Saudi Arabia: 1954 (23 Apr) OHMS airmail cover A.C.T. to Saudi Arabia bearing 1/6d + 1/- + 9d (2). Unusual


    Lot 485
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $105

    Sweden: 1960 (29 Feb) PPC airmailed from Newcastle bearing AAT 2/3d paying full Żoz letter rate instead of 1/2d postcard rate and 1961 cover with mixed franking of Australia 6d and 1d + AAT 8d and 1/3d paying 2/3d rate. Scarce commercial use


    Lot 486
    Estimate: $250

    U.S.A.: 1937 (28 Jun) airmail cover Newcastle to U.S. endorsed 'Australia/Hong Kong/& U.S.A./Air Mail' bearing 2/- Kangaroo (2), KGV 2d and 6d Kookaburra paying the scarce 4/8d Żoz rate, backstamped Sydney, Hong Kong, tape at base


    Lot 487
    Estimate: $150

    U.S.A.: 1938 (25 Nov) cover Cunnamulla to New York with attractive franking for 1/7d Żoz airmail rate via U.K. where airmail service concluded


    Lot 488
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $60

    U.S.A.: 1945 (2 Oct) underpaid airmail cover Melbourne to New York bearing 1/6d Hermes, framed 'Insufficiently Paid for/Transmission by Air Mail.' in red


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