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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 9

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    Lot 671
    Estimate: $800 Realised Price : $400

    Meters: The 'Bruce Tanner' collection/accumulation, assembled over 30 years, including many crammed albums of cut-outs meticulously arranged in meter code order from 1930s onwards (in what must have been a labour of love involving thousands of hours), cartons of full covers and cover-fronts, unsorted cut-outs galore, 'Specimen' strikes in box and sprinkled throughout, Reliefs, advertising, thousands of thematic items, (100,000's). Deceased estate with weight of 250kg. Buyer to collect

    Lot 672
    Estimate: $450T Realised Price : $500

    1915 (13th Feb) registered OHMS cover for Naval Staff Office used at Sydney bearing 4d orange perf large OS with black and red registration label. [Most 4d perf OS covers are used from Perth and covers from other cities are seldom seen]


    Lot 673
    Estimate: $100T

    c.1916 coloured patriotic cards, Christmas Greetings from the War Contingent Assoc. depicting koala climbing pole with Australia flag unsed; other two used to Scotland with verse on titled 'With Fond Love' by Leuname. Clean group


    Lot 674
    Estimate: $150

    1916 (19th Jan) OHMS registered cover bearing Kangaroo 4d Orange perf large OS used locally at Perth, large red registration label, various instructional markings due to insufficiently addressing. Attractive


    Lot 675
    Estimate: $250

    1921 (24th Feb) registered OHMS cover (230x98mm) printed for Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission bearing Kangaroo Third Wmk 3d and KGV 4d Orange both perf 'OS/NSW' used Sydney to Leeton and re-addressed to Griffith, minor blemishes.


    Lot 676
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $50

    1932 and 1948 covers used locally at Sydney bearing NSW 2d orange Stamp Duty, the latter correctly charged deficient postage with 4d and 1d Postage Dues affixed and tied by cds.


    Lot 677
    Estimate: $100T

    1935 (2nd Jan) registered cover to Grafton bearing KGV 5d tied by 'CASCADE/N.S.W.' datestamp, blank provisional registration label, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 678
    Estimate: $250T

    1935 (10th Apr) cover to England bearing 1d Canberra tied by rhombus obliterator with Ceuta (Spanish Morocco) datestamp alongside, double-oval cachet on reverse in violet 'S.S. "ATLANTIS"/ POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS'. Scarce


    Lot 679
    Estimate: $100T

    1937 (27th Nov) registered cover to Malabar bearing KGV 1d + 2d pair tied by 'COLDSTREAM/N.S.W.' datestamps, mss. 'COLDSTREAM 13' details on cover in lieu of registration label, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 680
    Estimate: $250T

    1939 (8th Mar) registered cover bearing KGV 5d tied by 'WESLEY CHURCH' datestamp, another alongside, with 'N19' provisional registration label.


    Lot 681
    Estimate: $200T

    1945 cover to Victoria bearing KGVI 3d tied by 'TOKYO BAY/JAPAN' cds, with cachets 'H.M.A.S. "SHROPSHIRE"/Official Signing Of/ Japanese Surrender.' and 'H.M.A./SHIPS' in black


    Lot 682
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $65

    1979 (28th Aug) APO FDC with framed cachet in green 'CARRIED IN PARMELIA YACHT RACE' and in violet 'DAMAGED/BY SEA WATER', together with form letter from Australia Post explaining details


    Lot 683
    Estimate: $600

    Tasmania: Carton containing pieces from Telegram forms, predominantly with KGVI issues and some QE2, totally unchecked by us and probably contains some useful pickings (10,000's pieces)

    Lot 684
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $220

    Cancellations: Queensland, S.A., Tasmania and W.A. accumulation apparently mostly 1960s/1970s, sprinkling of earlier, many 100's of first two (more modest numbers for others), also some Northern Territory (noted Cyclone Tracy items) arranged in alphabetical order in bundles, mostly regular and paid cds's and slogans, etc, largely cover-fronts and pieces, offered intact and likely to contain scarcer items (1000's)

    Lot 685
    Estimate: $200

    Military: AUSTAIR UNEF 1976 commercial use of U.N. Aerogramme from Ismailia, Egypt, to Australia, very fine strike of 'UNITED NATIONS/SEP 25 1976/EMERGENCY FORCE' datestamp, accompanied by authoritative article. Very rare - only 45 Australians served


    Lot 686
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $85

    Inwards Surface Mail: 1939 (25th Aug) commercial cover bearing 25c (5) carried by surface mail from 'CALINO/EGEO' in the Aegean Islands to Perth. Rare origin


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