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    General Sale No. 24

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    Lot 612
    Estimate: $200

    Bermuda: 1932 (28 Apr) registered cover East Geelong to Bermuda via San Francisco to New York, bearing 1d (2) + 2d + 5d on 4d paying 2d per oz British Empire rate, 3d registration and 4d internal US airmail as this now could only be paid with Australian adhesives, various transit and arrival (6.6.32) backstamps


    Lot 613
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    Estonia: 1939 (10 Jan) PPC to Estonia at scarce 11d airmail postcard rate via Italy (where air service was terminated), franked 6d Kookaburra and KGV 5d tied by Air Mail Sydney cds. Extraordinary origin/destination


    Lot 614
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    France: 1938 (8 Apr) use to France of KGVI 2d Red Lettercard uprated with 1/6d Hermes + 1d QE, transit and arrival backstamps. Attractive example of 1/9d oz rate


    Lot 615
    Estimate: $250T

    Germany: 1930 (19 Sep) registered cover Melbourne to Germany bearing 9d Kangaroo (S.M. wmk), endorsed 'Australian' below Air Mail etiquette indicating for airmail service within Australia. Neat example of tri-3d rates (3d Foreign letter + 3d Internal airmail + 3d registration)


    Lot 616
    Estimate: $250T

    Germany: 1937 covers (2) from same correspondence Melbourne to Germany at via Italy airmail rates of 1/9d (oz) and 3/5d (-1oz), latter particularly scarce, attractive frankings


    Lot 617
    Estimate: $200T

    Great Britain: 1937 (18 Mar) PPC ('CALOUNDRA') at scarce 9d airmail postcard rate to U.K., attractive franking of 6d Kookaburra and KGV 1d pair tied by Caloundra cds


    Lot 618
    Estimate: $700T

    Japan: 1935 (3 Dec) cover (flap roughly opened) by airmail Sydney to Japan, typewritten 'Passenger - "President Wilson" ['Lincoln'mss above]/from Hong Kong - December 18th.', Shipping Line datestamp and Japanese handstruck and mss. markings on front, backstamped Yokohama. Rare 10d per oz airmail Australia-Singapore


    Lot 619
    Estimate: $200

    Japan: 1941 (20 Jun) registered airmail Australia to Japan, addressed 'Jewish Community of Kobe' bearing 5d + 2/- paying 1oz rate, 3d registration and 3d acknowledgement, censor tape on reverse and cachet, roughly opened. Scarce


    Lot 620
    Estimate: $100

    Trinidad & Tobago: 1946 (7 Jan) airmail cover to Trinidad bearing 3d, 1/- and 2d tied by Launceston machine-cancel, addressed, 'His Excellency/Sir Harry Luke...', endorsed 'No Longer at Address/ 11.2.46/(initials)', Curacao transit (8.2.46) and Port-of-Spain arrival 10.2.46 backstamps


    Lot 621
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $650

    U.S.A.: 1930 (30 Jun) combination franked airmail cover to USA bearing Australia 3d Air pair + U.S. 5c tied by Perth slogan cancel and airmail adhesive additionally by Reading duplex, backstamped, minor blemishes. Attractive example of 6d internal Australia airmail + 5c surface rate


    Lot 622
    Estimate: $300T

    U.S.A.: 1935 (22 Jan) cover to U.S. at 1/7d oz rate for airmail to U.K. only (where air service was terminated), attractive and unusual franking of 3d Macarthur and KGV 1/4d tied by Broome (W.A.) cds


    Lot 623
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    U.S.A.: 1950 (29 Mar) underpaid airmail cover Los Angeles to Sydney bearing US 25c, 'T/(mss.150)/CENTIMES' within circle and framed 'T/(mss.4/2)/No.1' both in violet, 1946 Redrawn 1d (50) in multiples affixed and tied on arrival, some faults/creasing to be expected on such a large multiple, but a remarkable franking


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