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Sale No. 65

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    General Sale No. 13

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    Lot 620
    Estimate: $200T

    1913 (27 Oct) 4d Orange Registered Envelope (filing crease) to London uprated with 1d Red, tied by Brisbane cds's in violet, red/black label, arrival backstamp, paying double oz 1d British Empire 1d + 3d registration rate


    Lot 621
    Estimate: $60

    1929 (15 Nov) registered cover Melbourne to Mortlake bearing Kangaroo 6d Chestnut punctured 'OS' + KGV SM Wmk 1d Red


    Lot 622
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $180

    1930 (29 Nov) registered airmail cover to Perth bearing KGV SM Wmk 4d Olive pair tied by Onslow cds, black and blue registration label, arrival backstamp. Attractive oz 5d airmail + 3d registration rate


    Lot 623
    Estimate: $200

    1932 (19 Mar) registered cover used at Sydney with Bridge illustrated in brown, bearing 2d and 3d tied by 'SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE/N.E. PYLON' cds, with black and blue/white registration label, minor toning though scarce


    Lot 624
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $60

    1935 (2 Jan) registered cover to Grafton bearing KGV 5d tied by 'CASCADE/N.S.W.' datestamp, blank provisional registration label, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 625
    Estimate: $300

    1935 (25 Oct) registered airmail cover from Sydney, endorsed at top 'Sydney-Cooktown/Return Flight' bearing KGV 4d Pale Blue pair + 6d Kingsford Smith + 2d Anzac, correctly paying the oz registered airmail rate both ways


    Lot 626
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $60

    1937 (27 Nov) registered cover to Malabar bearing KGV 1d + 2d pair tied by 'COLDSTREAM/N.S.W.' datestamps, mss. 'COLDSTREAM 13' details on cover in lieu of registration label, transit and arrival backstamps


    Lot 627
    Estimate: $125

    Tasmania: 1921 (1 Jul) OHMS Registered Envelope for Treasury bearing KGV 5d Single Wmk punctured 'T', used Hobart to Ulverstone, arrival backstamp, minor blemishes. Scarce

    Lot 628
    Estimate: $300

    Tasmania: 1939-73 selection comprising covers (22) and Registered Envelopes (10), all different labels, Moonah cds in red, etc (32 items). Useful lot


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