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Sale No. 65

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    The 2009 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 813
    Estimate: $40,000

    The exceptional collection housed in cover albums (22) and offered intact on instructions from vendor, arranged on Australasian Stamp Catalogue listings basis where relevant, comprising Postal cards unused (48), including P16 with albino Tasmania machine cancel (?Proof status), and used (71, four CTO), Letter cards unused (96, one ‘SPECIMEN ONLY’ handstamp) and used (128, one registered, eight CTO) with L59a, Envelopes (Post Office) unused (99, one ‘CANCELLED’ handstamp, another ‘albino’ impression) and used (249, six CTO), degree of original research into settings of flap types and inscriptions, Envelopes (PTPO) unused (55) and used (266, four CTO), includes KGV 1d Sideface Die II, Oval 2d on 1½d (2), many attractive illustrated/inscribed types, Envelopes (Local Govt, Victoria) (139, one rare unused), excellent selection, mostly KGV from Shire of Rochester inwards find, other PTPO including Postal cards unused (13) and used (18, ten CTO), and Wrappers (17, one rare unused), Wartime issues unused (7) and used (28), latter including rare KGVI 1d Defence Canteens map of Australia omitted, also unlisted formular Air Mail Letter Cards (16, six unused) and envelopes (23, mostly unused), and others (7) including scarce unused Airgraph Service form, Reg’d envelopes unused (33) and used (60, one CTO), with scarcer printings of QEII 2/5d inscriptions and Helecon ink (R44), Letter sheets unused (5, one ‘SPECIMEN’ opt) and used (8, two CTO, and rare Official usages - one obliterated), Wrappers unused (27) and used (53, one registered, four CTO), Aerogrammes (Post Office) unused (54, one Official, common issues largely excluded), including ‘SPECIMEN’ (3, two Officials), ‘CANCELLED’ and ‘TEST MAIL’ handstamps, 1952 10d on 7d Surcharge omitted (used but uncancelled - listed Higgins & Gage), CTO (91) and used (145, one registered, one Official), rare A36 (3) comprised of unused (uprated to 12c) and used (2, one uprate), also scarce parcel packing labels (4), Aerogrammes (Permit), exceptional group unused (96, one ‘SPECIMEN’ opt) and used (50, one registered, four CTO), includes attractive pictorial types, ‘illegal’ overweight issues (with unfolded pack of six designs), Officials with Envelopes unused (5, two ‘OS’ in die) and used (63, 21 ‘OS’ in die), latter with 1918 ½d + 1d Die I (Menuz PE24A), ‘Penalty’ envelopes (5, two unused), ‘Returned Letter’ (9), 1942 5d Registered envelope uprated ½d in cash, Postal cards with ‘OS’ in die unused (2), various used (4), and punctured ‘OS/NSW’ used (2, one rare KGVI 1½d), and Letter cards (3, one unused), the CTO mostly First Day cancels, amongst features are the many uprated items, to recognize a rate rise, or reflect additional service provided (eg. airmail, registration), and items which are seldom encountered postally used (though may be common unused).

    Little if any duplication in the arrangement, generally very good exhibition quality throughout, (approx 2000 items). A wonderful opportunity to acquire a strategic collection ahead of the soon to be published ACSC Postal Stationery catalogue


    Lot 814
    Estimate: $325

    Range of unused items, few CTO from UPU sets, comprising Postal Cards (14), Lettercards (10, incl L4 CTO with portion of selvedge missing), Envelopes (9), Registered Envelope 8½d and Wrappers (13), variable condition, poor/superb (47 items)


    Lot 815
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $420

    Range of commercially used items, mostly KGV period, some Kangaroos and KGVI comprising Postal Cards (18), Lettercards (17), Envelopes (22 incl ½d+ 1d - two), Registered Envelopes (13), Wrappers (8), some uprating to overseas destinations, mixed condition, poor/fine (78)


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