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    The 2006 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 644
    Estimate: $20,000 Realised Price : $28,000

    1850 Original state of dies 1d Orange-Brown pair [29-30], SG 1a, margins touched at top, tied to 1850 (12 Mar) cover Melbourne to Geelong. Five covers are recorded. Ex Macartney Correspondence, Purves, Perry. 2006 RPSV Certificate


    Lot 645
    Estimate: $17,500 Realised Price : $13,500

    The amazing group of Intermediate Stone reconstructions comprising Original state of dies 3d Blue shades, SG4a, [1-15, ex 11, incl 6-7 in pair], Second state of dies 2d Grey-Lilac shades, SG 6, [1-30, excl 17], 3d Blue shades, SG 7 [1-10]; Third state of dies 1d shades - SG 8a-9b group [1-30, excl 6 and 18/24/30], also [1-12] from transfer group, also single [9] with 'cut transfer', 3d Blue shades, SG 11 [1-12] and 11a/b [1-12, incl four pairs] 'White Veils' 1d shades SG 12,a [1-12], 'Vertical Drapes' 2d shades SG 13-b [1-12], 3d Blue shades SG 14 [1-12, incl strip of four]; Fourth state of dies 2d Red-Lilac [1-30], Grey [2-30, excl 20 and 29]; 'Vertical Drapes' 7th printing 2d Brown-Lilac shades [1-30], 8th printing 2d shades [1-30]; Campbell printing 1d Orange-Red, SG 23 [1-24], 3d Blue shades SG 24, [1-24]; Campbell & Fergusson 1d shades including Orange-Brown SG 26-28a, Stones 2, 3, 4/5 [1-24] of each, 3d Greenish Blue shades SG 29a, 31a (heavier impressions) and Indigo, SG 31d, from Stones B and D [1-24] of each. Mixed condition to be expected, though many fine. Catalogue value more than £50,000. A once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain such a comprehensive reconstruction group


    Lot 646
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $1,600

    Third State of dies ‘White Veils': 1d Bright Pinky-Red unused strip of three [7-8-9], SG 12a, minor blemishes including horizontal crease, still of fine appearance. A rare unused multiple. 2006 RPSV Certificate


    Lot 647
    Estimate: $15,000 Realised Price : $13,000

    Fourth state of dies: 2d Lilac [26] variety 'Retouched lower label - 'value omitted' ', SG 15ad. An outstanding example of this rarity and finer than the example recently sold by us for AU$18400. 2006 RPSV Certificate


    Lot 648
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $5,500

    Fourth state of dies 'Vertical Drapes': 2d Drab unused block of four [8-9/14-15], SG 17d, creased, blemishes and thin spots. Perhaps the record unused multiple in this shade. 2006 RPSV Certificate


    Lot 649
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $1,600

    Campbell & Co.: 1d Orange-Red [12], SG 23, very fine unused example, just touching to huge margins


    Lot 650
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $440

    Campbell & Co.: 3d Blue shades, SG 24, complete reconstruction of 24 in pairs, mixed condition


    Lot 651
    Estimate: $5,000 Realised Price : $5,500

    Campbell & Fergusson: 1d Brick-Red shade, unused lower right corner block of four [13-14/19-20], SG 26a, the unique Stone 2 transfer cut from the lower pane, creased, thinned and pin-holes. The largest recorded unused multiple in this shade. 2006 RPSV Certificate. Ex Ferrary


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