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    Australasia 2009

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    Lot 327
    Estimate: $150

    Australian Territories with Norfolk from 1958-80 with values to 10/- or $1 and P.N.G. 1952-70s with sets to 1 or $2, few decimal Nauru, etc, toning in places, though many fine, mixed condition (few 100)


    Lot 328
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $210

    Advertising: Miscellaneous range illustrating various forms of philatelic advertising including G.B. 'Collars' (2 cut outs), 1d red (2), Victoria envelope with collared rectangle with 2d violet, Fosters-Havelock unused card, 10 pack cigarette cards with ads on back of stamps, hinges, N.Z. types, France, Italy, South Africa selvedge adverts, Australia KGV 1d covers (2), etc. Fascinating lot (approx 50 items)


    Lot 329
    Estimate: $350

    Africa: Cover group comprising Kenya 1933 registered air mail Naivasha to Canada bearing 5c, 20c pair and 50c; Mozambique 1933 Beira to London franked with seven adhesives and bilingual air mail vignette; Senegal 1905 registered Dakar to France bearing 25c and 15c, 'R' with octagon; Togo 1898 PPC Lome to Germany bearing 10pf 'Togo' on German adhesive, 1915 registered Lome to Grand Popo bearing KGV 1/-, 6d and 3d, censored; Zanzibar 1937 to N.Z. bearing 6c solo franking (6). Interesting group with various transit and backstamps


    Lot 330
    Estimate: $250

    Air Mail covers: Interesting 1931-74 group including 1933 Singapore to UK by Imperial Airways, Sthn Rhodesia 1936 cover to NSW bearing Admiral 1d (2), 6d + Jubilee set, with red and blue on yellow 'FIRST SOUTHERN RHODESIAN AIR RALLY' vignette affixed to reverse and tied by arrival datestamp, few Australia, New Guinea FFC, etc, mixed condition (19 covers)


    Lot 331
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $1,000

    Asia: Large range in hagner binder with China from 1897 to 1985, useful provinces, People's Republic issues, with late 1970s sets unmounted, earlier issues mainly reprints, few Miniature Sheets, etc, also ranges of Taiwan, Japan, etc, mixed condition (few 1000)


    Lot 332
    Estimate: $175 Realised Price : $135

    British Antarctic Territory: Selection comprising 1966 Churchill to 1974 Churchill, 1977 Whales, Jubilee, CTO/fine used (40). Cat 215


    Lot 333
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $550

    British Commonwealth (non Australasia) range of Sperati reproductions of stamps and Die Proofs, some illustrated in the BPA handbook including G.B. 2/-, Hong Kong, Bahamas, British Honduras, Ceylon, Cyprus, Gibraltar, India, British East Africa, West Indies, Mauritius, etc (160+)


    Lot 334
    Estimate: $400

    British Commonwealth: Largely modern issues 1960-2000 collection in two stockbooks, majority being commemorative issues in several hundred sets, mixed condition, some used (100s)


    Lot 335
    Estimate: $200

    British North America: Photographic reproductions of Sperati forgeries for Vancouver Island Die Proofs of 5c and 10c, stamps 5c (8), 10c (5), Newfoundland 4d and 1/- unused pairs (enlarged), singles 4d (10), 6d (4), 6d (6), 1/- (5), some taken in composite


    Lot 336
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    Churchill: 1966 issues in blocks of four for British Solomon Islands, Fiji, Gilbert & Ellice, New Hebrides (British & French), Pitcairn Islands, unmounted (96). Retail approx AU$240


    Lot 337
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    Churchill: 1966 issues in blocks of four from various Crown Colonies including Ascension, Brunei, Falkland Islands, etc, plus inverted watermarks, few varieties, etc, also G.B. off-shore islands issues (few 100). Cat around 350 plus extras


    Lot 338
    Estimate: $100

    Cover selection 1917 to the one addressee in Sydney from Fiji bearing 1d 'WAR STAMP' pair, New Caledonia printed envelope from Noumea bearing 25c and New Zealand bearing d 'WAR STAMP' strip of three, minor staining


    Lot 339
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    Forgeries by Jean Sperati 1954 BPA Part IV folder containing photographic reproductions of stamps, proofs, postmarks, each handstamped on reverse 'SPERATI REPRODUCTIONS' including Australia Kangaroo, Great Britain 2/- (2), Hong Kong 96c, Papua 2/6d Lakatoi, Vancouver Island 5c and 10c, Western Australia 1, etc (133 items). Fascinating lot


    Lot 340
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $65

    French Colonies: 1937 Paris International Exposition Miniature Sheets for Dahomey, French Guiana including Inini, French Guinea, Indo-China, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Senegal, Togo, Wallis and Futuna, few unmounted, mostly fine (10)


    Lot 341
    Estimate: $150

    Germany (West Berlin): Selection comprising 1949-54 4pf and 20pf, 'BERLIN' Surcharges in green (the 1Dm used), 40pf Relief Fund, 1951 Lortzing, Stamp Day, 1952 Beethoven, Olympics, Famous Berliners, 1953 Church, Uprising, all but one mint. Cat 620+ (2002)


    Lot 342
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $80

    Germany (West Berlin): Selection comprising 1949-54 4pf and 20pf, 1951 Stamp Day, 1952 Beethoven, Olympics, Famous Berliners, 1953 Church, Uprising, all used. Cat 390+ (2002)


    Lot 343
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $300

    Hong Kong: 1937-94 selection including Coronation, 1941 Centenary, 1963 F.F.H., 1968 Seacraft, 1969 Satellite (3), 1970 and 1971 New Year, 1973 Festival, few high value definitives, M/Sheets including 1990 'NZ 90', etc, generally fine. Cat approx 525


    Lot 344
    Estimate: $75

    Israel: 1948-90s collection range in stockbook, colourful lot, mostly used (100s)


    Lot 345
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $110

    Literature: 'Ceylon' and 'New Zealand': The Joseph Hackmey Collections. The Part I hardbound catalogues for these outstanding sales held in Feb 2009 by Spink/Shreves in New York. Important references containing magnificent rarities throughout


    Lot 346
    Estimate: $100

    Literature: Robert A Siegel sales, largely U.S.A. with many of the important name sales from 1970s onwards, also few rarities sales (approx 50). Fantastic reading


    Lot 347
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $120

    Maritime: India 1899 cover Calcutta to London, British East Africa 1900 cover Kilindini to Dinga (India) and 1901 cover Nairobi to Dina, each with 'SEA POST OFFICE' datestamps (3 covers)


    Lot 348
    Estimate: $600

    New Zealand: Mainly used range in stockbook incl KEVII with values to 1/- (few multiples) 1d Universal (5 mint) and imperf varieties punctured at sides and indentations at sides, KGV Heads with values to 1/- inc few wmk varieties, a block of four of the d Green double perforations on three sides CP K13a(Y) slightly toned and two examples of the d on cut-out stationery showing the provisional 'HALFPENNY' overprint. Mixed condition but a good basis for study (Qty)


    Lot 349
    Estimate: $100

    Postcards: 'Valentine & Son' small group of cards with blue borders, ornate in gold with colour views of Melbourne (7) and N.S.W. (6), 'Fauna' group by Novelty Co. (6), 'Flag' types by Aristophot for N.S.W. (3), Qld and S.A. with State flags inset (25 cards)


    Lot 350
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    Vanuatu: Modern range of commercial mail gathered by Charity, appear mostly 35v rate with occasional higher values to 100v, good range of stamp issues from various origins, generally average commercial quality (700 approx), also quantity on piece including few from other countries (700+ items)


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