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Sale No. 66

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    Lot 4
    Estimate: $20 Realised Price : $36

    'King George VI Collectors Society Study Paper No. 7 - Antigua 1938' ed. by F.R. Saunders (1975), 28pp


    Lot 5
    Estimate: $60

    'Australia - The 1927 Canberra Commemorative' by Geoffrey Kellow (20121), 72 A4 pages in colour


    Lot 6
    Estimate: $30 Realised Price : $22

    'Pierron's Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors 1952 to date' (2008), perfect bound, 796 pages in colour (weighs 1.7kg), the only complete reference work for modern British Commonwealth errors, in 'as new' condition


    Lot 7
    Estimate: $20

    'The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks' by T.P.G. Shaw (1963), 197 pages, plus Supplement (1970), and 'A History of Canadian R.P.O.'s' by L.F. Gillam (1979), 179 pages


    Lot 8
    Estimate: $25 Realised Price : $18

    'George V and the G.P.O.: Stamps, Conflict & Creativity', by Douglas Muir (2010), perfect bound, 275 pages, British Postal Museum & Archive publication of the history of George V stamps of Great Britain, based on the archival records, profusely illustrated


    Lot 9
    Estimate: $25 Realised Price : $32

    'The Alexander Collection: Milestones in the Postal History of the Holy Land' (2008), a record of the highlights of the Zvi Alexander collection in the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, hardbound, 185 pages


    Lot 10
    Estimate: $120

    'The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume V' by R.J.G. Collins (1967), 818 pages, hardbound with dustjacket. Still the key reference on N.Z. Pacific Islands, some foxing on edges of pages, and a few tears in the dustjacket, but generally very fine


    Lot 11
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $190

    'The Stamps and Postal History of Nineteenth Century Samoa', by Robert P. Odenweller (2004), hardbound with dustjacket, 392 pages, in 'as new' condition. Out of print and in demand


    Lot 12
    Estimate: $90 Realised Price : $70

    'Catalogue and Handbook of Tattersall's Covers' by David McNamee (2006), 208 A4 pages, the history of the accommodation addresses used by Tattersall's lotteries in Tasmania


    Lot 13
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $80

    'Resimli Osmanli-Turk Posta Damgalari - Illustrated Ottoman-Turkish Postmarks, 1840-1929' by M. Ziya Agaogullari and M. Bulent Papuccuoglu (2003), bilingual in Turkish and English, 153 pages, hardbound with dustjacket, an excellent reference


    Lot 14
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $60

    'U.S. International Postal Rates, 1872-1996', by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz and Henry W. Beecher (1996), 402 pages, perfect bound


    Lot 15
    Estimate: $40

    'Victoria - The Havelock-Foster's Postcard' by Ray Kelly (2007), 34 pages in colour, the fascinating story of the Victoria's 1895 advertising postcard


    Lot 16
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    Auction Catalogues: Large quantity of sales, mostly British, European and American, from the period 1980s and 2000s, many name sales. Approx 200 catalogues, very heavy lot


    Lot 17
    Estimate: $40 Realised Price : $30

    Auction Catalogues: Australian States, with the E.R. Slade Slade Collections of Tasmania (18/5/1979), Victoria and Queensland (1/11/1979), and South Australia and Western Australia (29/11/1979), and 'Hamilton' Australian States (6/10/1980) (all Harmers of Sydney), plus the John R. Boker Jr Australian States (Harmers of London, 14/4/1981) (5)


    Lot 18
    Estimate: $20 Realised Price : $22

    Auction Catalogues: The 'Espana' New South Wales (Harmers of London, 23/3/1984), and The 'V.P. Manwood' Collection of New South Wales (Robert Siegel, 8/11/1995), both with prices realised, two of the finest collections of New South Wales ever formed, also Brian Peace New South Wales Pre-stamp Postal History (Prestige, 27/7/2009) (3)


    Lot 19
    Estimate: $40 Realised Price : $120

    Group of named Australian Commonwealth auctions, with the H.F. McNess collection (Harmers of Sydney, 21/6/1979), two parts of the Jill Nette collection (Harmers of Sydney, 27/8/1971 and 12/10/1972), Colonel Harrie Evans (Premier, 9/5/2001), 'Anglo-Saxon' KGV Heads (Prestige, 16/8/2008), Kevin Nelson Postal History (Prestige, 27/11/2010 hardbound), Sybrand Bakker BCOF (Prestige, 2/8/2013), Stuart Hardy Kangaroos (Phoenix, 9/5/2013), and Arthur Gray KGV Part 2 (Mossgreen, 23/5/2016) (9)


    Lot 20
    Estimate: $30

    Auction Catalogues: Small group of New Guinea and Papua auctions, with Colonel Harry Evans Pacific Islands (Premier, 6/10/2001), Tim Ryback (Prestige, 26/4/2008), Peter Troy Papua (Prestige, 28/7/2009, hardbound), and 'Ello' New Guinea (Prestige, 14/3/2009) (4)


    Lot 21
    Estimate: $20

    Auction Catalogues: The Sir Henry Tucker Collection of Bermuda, Part 1 (Harmers of London, 17/10/1978), and Part II (Harmers of New York, 24/4/1979), both with prices realised (2)


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